Quick Tabata Home Workouts For Beginners

Tabata Workouts For Beginners

Home Workout: Tabata Workouts For Beginners

These calorie scorching tabata workouts for beginners will help you burn fat, lose weight, and build strength in just 4 minutes. That’s right – ONLY 4 MINUTES!! Tabata workouts are great for increasing overall fitness levels. They can be completed at home or a gym. Don’t be fooled into thinking these short 4 minute exercises will be easy though, they’re not!

Tabata Workouts For Beginners: 4 Minute Workout
Tabata: 4 Minute Workout

Is Tabata Good For Beginners?

Tabata is an intensive four minute workout that gets your body burning fat. It is classed as a High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) workout. Tabata is known to increase your overall fitness levels, whilst also improving your cardiovascular capacity.

The tabata workout differs from other HiiT workouts because it is broken into the following time periods: 20 seconds of maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest period. Repeat your workout sequence for a total of 4 minutes. This workout/rest ratio makes tabata super quick, yet a high intensity exercise regime.

Make sure to include tabata in your home workout plan.

Tabata Workout For Beginners: 4 Minute Workout: Mountain Climber
Tabata: 4 Minute Workout: Mountain Climber

You can vary the type of exercises included within your 4 minute tabata workouts, or stick to repeating 1 or 2 exercise types. Popular tabata exercises include kettlebell swings, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping squats, and push-ups.

The options are endless. Feel free to select any option of cardio workout at home, that you feel confident to perform at high intensity levels. You can even make your tabata sessions into full body workouts!

Home Workouts are limitless, so start creating your home workout plan today!

Best Kettlebells

If you don’t own a kettlebell, you can purchase a high quality 4 kg cast iron kettlebell from Amazon for no more than £12. If you’ve already outgrown the 4 kg weight I recommend these high quality heavier kettlebells – they go up to 40 kg! For other kettlebell exercises, check out the KGSHome Workout‘ page.

Tabata Workouts: Best Kettlebells
Best Kettlebells

Tabata Intensity Levels

Tabata workouts are great for beginners. Individuals can vary the intensity of their workout, to match their individual fitness levels. The ability to select a preferred exercise/s also encourages beginners to try the tabata workout. This is because beginners know they are not stuck doing exercises they dislike. Another win for the tabata movement is that you only need 4 minutes to complete a workout. This makes tabata ideal for people with limited time to exercise.

Tabata Visual Guide

If you’re a beginner to tabata workouts then you may wish to use a visual dvd guide to complete the tabata exercises. 4 minutes might not sound like a long time, but if you are exercising with the wrong physical form you are putting yourself at risk of injury. Ensure your form is right from the start. To help you with this, there’s a great tabata dvd on Amazon which is far cheaper than a monthly gym membership. 

Save money by not paying gym membership
Save money by not paying gym membership

Top 5 Tabata Workouts For Beginners

The beauty of tabata workouts is there are limitless variations you can try. So, if you get bored of one workout routine you can simply swap it for a different one.

Before starting any workout, please make sure you warm up first. I have a great article you could follow called: 4 Minute Warm Up!

Top 5 Tabata Workouts For Beginners:

WORKOUT 1 – Full body workouts

This exercise routine is great for engaging your legs, abs, core, arm, shoulder muscles.

  • 20 seconds: Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Seconds: Rest
  • 20 seconds: Push-Ups
  • 10 seconds: Rest

Repeat routine 4 times.

Total time: 4 Minutes

Tabata Workouts For Beginners: Press Ups
Press Ups

WORKOUT 2 – Lower Body Tabata Workout (Leg Workouts At Home)

This exercise routine is great for working your lower body muscles. Your abs and core will also get a killer workout from the mountain climbers.

  • 20 Seconds: Bodyweight Squats
  • 10 Seconds: Rest
  • 20 Seconds: Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Seconds: Rest

Repeat routine 4 times.

Total time: 4 Minutes

Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbers

WORKOUT 3 – Lower body tabata workout

A great lower body tabata workout. This cardio workout will improve your fitness levels, and get you sweating!

  • 20 Seconds: Jumping Lunges
  • 10 Seconds: Rest
  • 20 Seconds: Skipping
  • 10 Seconds: Rest

Repeat routine 4 times.

Total time: 4 Minutes

Tabata: Skipping
Tabata: Skipping

WORKOUT 4 – Full body tabata workout

This cardio workout will really test your overall fitness levels, and get your body burning fat!

As a beginner, you should stick to burpees not including press ups. However, if you feel confident to take your workout to the next level, try including a push up.

  • 20 Seconds: Burpees (without press up)
  • 10 Seconds: Rest
  • 20 Seconds: High knee running on the spot
  • 10 Seconds: Rest

Repeat routine 4 times.

Total time: 4 Minutes

Tabata: Burpee
Tabata: Burpee

How Do You Do Tabata At Home?

Tabata workouts can be completed at home, or in the gym. This type of workout is extremely flexible and can be performed either with, or without, equipment. All you need, is a mat, stopwatch, and the willpower to complete one of our fat burning tabata workouts!

Best Tabata Workout Mat For Home Workouts

Here are two popular workout mats (Maximo and Proworks) that can be purchased for under £15 from Amazon. These mats offer great value for money, and are excellent quality:

  1. Maximo exercise mat is non slip, moisture resistant and easy to clean. It is slightly thicker at 1.2cm. Range of colours available.
  2. Proworks exercise mat comes in a range of colours, and is 1.0cm thick. It is made from premium quality latex-free, phthalate-free NBR foam.

Each mat comes with a set of straps to enable the user to keep their mat rolled up, whilst not in use. This is useful for space efficiency, and when transporting your mat.

Tabata Workout Mat
Tabata Workout Mat

Tabata Stopwatch

The tabata workout requires you to give maximum effort for 20, followed by a 10 seconds rest. In order to keep to time on this workout, you will need to be measuring your exercise/rest periods closely.

The following items are available on Amazon, and currently on sale at great prices. These items will help you keep your workout to time.

  • Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch: I love the simplicity of this stopwatch. It has 3 easy to use buttons (stop, clear and go). Even non-techies like me can’t be scared of this gadget! Yes, it’s technically for kids! Why spend a fortune on a serious stopwatch though, when this gadget is perfect?!
  • Apple Watch Series 4: If you are looking to splash a bit more cash, then this Apple Watch (on Amazon) is a great allrounder. It comes in a range of colours with multiple functions, not just a stopwatch!

Is Tabata A Good Workout?

Tabata workouts were created by Dr. Izumi Tabata, and have been proven to significantly improve both the anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems of the human body (source).

The professor discovered that tabata workouts are far more effective than traditional longer forms of cardio workouts, completed at a less-intense rate.

Traditional Cardio versus Tabata
Traditional Cardio versus Tabata

Is Tabata Good For Fat Loss?

Tabata and HIIT are commonly mixed up. This is because they are both forms of interval training. If you are not sure what interval training is, then let me briefly explain. Interval training is designed to raise and lower your heart rate levels repeatedly. This cardiovascular exercise helps to burn more fat, because it boosts your metabolic rate.

One reason so many people love to complete a HiiT or Tabata workout, is because your body often continues to burn calories, even once the workout has been completed. This is known as the after-burn effect. This occurs because intense Tabata workouts increase the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption levels (EPOC).

What does this mean in English? Basically, the EPOC enables the human body to keep burning calories for up to a few hours after the workout has finished!

Combined with a healthy diet, the Tabata is considered a great method for reducing excess body fat.

Tabata - Great For Losing Fat
Tabata – Great For Losing Fat

Home Workout Plan: How Many Days A Week Should You Do Tabata?

Although you could technically complete a 4 minute Tabata workout everyday of the week, I do not recommend it.

Tabata workouts are an extremely intense form of cardiovascular exercise, which (if done correctly) put your body under a lot of physical stress and strain. The body needs time to rest and recover from such workouts, so aim to complete no more than 2-4 tabata workouts each week. Doing more than this, increases your risk of injury.

Too much Tabata = Risk of injury
Too much Tabata = Risk of injury

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