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Leg Master Elite Review

With Leg Master Elite Reviews flooding the internet, you might be wondering who you should trust? If you are looking for a straight up, honest opinion on Fiona Summer’s Leg Master, you’ve come to the right place. I will only ever recommend products that I’ve personally tried, because I do not agree that you can review gym products that you haven’t ever used! Find out why the Leg Master Elite was such a great buy.

You need to buy the Leg Master Elite because:

  • A workout burns your inner thigh muscles
  • Tones your inner thigh muscles, helping you achieve an inner thigh gap.
  • It is super compact
  • So simple to use
  • The workout only takes 1 minute
  • Great booty workout
  • Pelvic floor muscle workout
  • Easy to set up

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Leg Master – Get A Thigh Gap!

Would I Recommend The Leg Master Elite?

When I first saw the leg exerciser, I looked quizzically at it! I genuinely thought it must be yet another fitness gimmick. But, after giving it a go I concluded that my first impressions had been wrong.

I would definitely recommend the Leg Master Elite. I absolutely love mine, and now consider it a ‘must have’ piece of home gym equipment.

If I’m honest, I never actually planned to review the Leg Master Elite. However, after receiving one as a Christmas present from my parents, I actually felt compelled to write a product recommendation because I was so chuffed with it! 

This home gym equipment makes the following bold statement: “60 seconds a day will transform my inner thigh muscles”. That’s a pretty confident comment to make in the paperwork, and I really couldn’t resist testing the products claims out! I was also pretty keen to build some sexy legs too!

I recommend the Leg Master Elite
I recommend the Leg Master Elite

What Makes The Leg Master Elite Awesome?

The Leg Master Elite is an awesome piece of home fitness equipment, for the following reasons:

1. The workout burns your inner thigh muscles

The Leg Master Elite is every bit as good as it claims to be. The device gives you a serious inner thigh workout, in an area of your body that is not reached by most home gym equipment. It is ideal for both beginners, and more serious fitness addicts. My inner thigh muscles hurt for days after the first workout!

2. Tones your inner thigh muscles

If you have always dreamed of having an inner thigh gap, this is the product for you. You won’t find a fitness product that gives your inner thighs a better workout. After using the Leg Master for just a couple of weeks, my inner thighs felt incredibly firm and toned.

The only downside to this home gym equipment, was that I might have walked a little unusual for the first week or so, because my inner thigh muscles were not used to being worked hard. In fact, I cannot actually think of a particular exercise that targets this region of the body more!

How To Tone Your Inner Thigh Muscles
How To Tone Your Inner Thigh Muscles

3. It is super compact

This product is particularly suited to individuals who are short of space. It can be quickly folded up, and stored behind a door, or under the bed.

It can be used anywhere within your home, as long as you have roughly 4 foot of floor space, to allow the two arms of the equipment to lay flat on the floor.

4. So simple to use

If you are like me, you don’t like reading instruction manuals!

The Leg Master is seriously simple to use, and it won’t be testing your brain cells. All you need to do is carefully place your feet on the foot pads, hold onto the handles in front of you, then pull your feet and legs inwards, then outwards for just 1 minute a day. To achieve this, tighten your inner thighs, and glutes.

5. The workout only takes 1 minute

Do you hate exercising, but still want to feel like you’ve completed a workout? If so, you will love the Leg Master Elite because your workout only takes 1 minute each day to complete! Seriously, I’m not kidding!

If you’re a busy mum trying to work, look after children, whilst also managing a manically hectic household, the Leg Master is literally your life saver! So, whilst the dinner is cooking, why not jump onto your Leg Master for a quick 60 second daily workout?

6. Great booty workout

The Leg Masters sales pitch focuses on the benefit that it offers your inner thigh muscles. Having experienced this piece of home gym equipment personally, I can honestly tell you that my glutes (butt muscles) got a great workout too!

So, if you fancy building a great booty, don’t forget to consider using a Leg Master.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises - Leg Master
Best Inner Thigh Exercises – Leg Master

7. Leg Master Pelvic Floor Muscles

If you suffer from weak pelvic muscles, the Leg Master Elite might be the solution you have been looking for. This product has been specifically designed to strengthen an individual’s pelvic floor muscles, and core. 

8. Easy To Assemble

The Leg Master Elite is so easy to set up. Even I can do it!

All you need is roughly four foot of space, then turn the block knob at the front of the Leg Master to loosen the two foot platform arms. Once loosened, carefully lower these to the ground. Voila!

How To Use The Leg Master Elite

Instructions For Use

This article would be one of the worst leg master elite reviews ever, if I didn’t spend some time explaining how to actually use this piece of fitness equipment!

So, here are some easy instructions …

  1. Place your hands on the handlebars, then carefully step onto the foot platforms.
  2. Make sure the foot platforms are in the centre of the tracks before starting to exercise.
  3. Draw your feet together, using your leg muscles. Then, open your legs (otherwise known as an outward sweep) until they reach the outside stoppers. Repeat process for 60 seconds.
  4. Make sure you do not hit the stoppers on either side. All movements should be smooth and controlled.
  5. You will know the machine is working, within 20 seconds. This is because you will start to experience muscle fatigue!

For more information on the benefits of the Leg Master Elite, read my article ‘Best Inner Thigh Exercises’.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises - Inner Thigh Gap
Best Inner Thigh Exercises – Inner Thigh Gap

Leg Master Elite Amazon

If you are interested in purchasing the Leg Master Elite, I recommend that you purchase it from Amazon. To save you time searching, here’s the Amazon link.

Amazon are the trusted supplier, for pretty much everything these days. I’ve always found their customer service to be the best, should you have any issues.

Leg Master Elite Reviews - Amazon
Leg Master Elite Reviews – Amazon

Leg Master Elite Ebay

You can probably find the Leg Master sold on eBay, it might even save you a couple of pounds! Personally, I would rather buy the Leg Master Elite from Amazon because I’ve always loved their customer service. Customers rate the Leg Master highly on Amazon – click here to read the Amazon product reviews for yourself. 

Further Information

For specific information regarding the Leg Master Elite, please contact Leg Master directly.

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