How Many Days a Week Should I Work out to Lose Weight?


According to one government study in the United States, 66.3% of adults are overweight or obese. That means 2 out of every three adults could stand to shed a few pounds.

If You are asking yourself or others this question: “how many days a week should I work out to lose weight?”


measuring bellymeasuring belly


You see I could give you a number, even try and back it up with scientific evidence, but what I have learned is this:

運動して 一人で は有意な体重減少を引き起こすことは証明されていません。言い換えれば あなたはあなたのフォークを追い抜くことはできません。




ほとんどの人が「痩せたい」とは思わない 彼らは体重計で特定の数字、または特定のパーセントのBMIを望んでいるからです。

What do most people who “want to lose weight” REALLY want? They want to LOOK good and FEEL good, and usually both. And this is why exercise is a MUST.


  • 精神的な健康状態を改善し、鬱を持ち上げる、不安を解消するなど
  • 運動して releases feel-good chemicals that, frankly, make you happy. Runner’s high, anyone?
  • Gives your body a great shape. No matter how thin you are, no one looks hot with a flat butt. Just saying. Come hither sexy lean muscle!
  • サポート 良い食事と組み合わせることで、体重の減少とその維持に役立ちます。



pants too bigpants too big


OK, off the top of my head, I am going to say one hour, 3 to 5 days a week. Since this answer is neither scientific, 否 backed by any health organization, I decided some research was in order.


The ACSMまたはアメリカン・カウンシル・オン・スポーツ・メディシン は、あなたの目標に応じて、3つの推奨事項を持っています。

  • 体重増加を防ぐために。 150 to 250 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. If your workouts are 50 minutes long, that is between 3 to 5 days a week, about what I thought.
  • 減量のために 150 to 250 for minor weight loss but more than 250 minuets per week for significant weight loss. So, for significant weight loss you need to have either 6 days a week of 50 minutes each, or 只 have longer workouts and less days. 注意してください。 The ACSM states that calorie restriction increases weight loss, so you can combine calorie restriction with a moderate exercise time, and lose a good amount of weight.
  • 減量を維持するために。 Some number less than 250 minutes per week. This makes sense to me because I workout between 3 to 5 days a week for 1 hour and have had no problem maintaining my weight loss.


One of my favorite bloggers or vloggers Jessica Smith TV says that we need to listen to our body and take our queue from there. We need to find what works for us.

scale with applescale with apple


何が “運動 “を構成していますか?

For example, if I commit to 3 to 5 days a week, do all those days need to be in the gym or working out at home for those abs?

Does a ½ day forest hike count? What if I spend an hour chopping wood and piling it on the side of the house? Is that a workout? What if I go to the water park with my boys, or spend the day swimming in the ocean?



Personally, I still try to get to the gym a MINIMUM of 3 days a week to get specific, instructor guided strength training, which is invaluable to me.


正直に言うと、それは a good idea. Our bodies need rest time. Rest is when our bodies build muscle and regenerate other tissue such as ligaments and tendons.


オーバートレーニングとは? Overtraining happens from working out too much and 否 giving your body a chance to recover.

body injurybody injury


  • 目覚めの疲れ
  • 月経が止まった
  • 性欲の問題
  • うつ病、イライラ
  • 集中できない

While these can be signs of other health problems, if you are training frequently with very high intensity, you may want to consider your training regimen.

留意事項 : Calorie restriction and lack of sleep contribute to the effects of overtraining and you will arrive at the state much faster if you are eating and /or sleeping less too.



One of my favorite sources for all fitness related topics r/fitness has this article pinned in their wiki, and the article is worth the time it takes to read and then some.

Mother#&@! インターネット

FWIW they do offer a link to a child-friendly version of the article, so you can read it sans the bad words.

The article is empowering because it helps you realize that the ability to change lies within you and discourages excuses.

scale on floorscale on floor

Excuses are disempowering and only thwart change. Avoid them! The article busts some diet myths apart and does so in a hilarious manner.

The article lays out the basics in a way that is straightforward, logical, and 只 funny. I can 否 recommend the article highly enough if fat loss is your goal.

Let us know what you think in the comments! How many days a week are you working out, and how has your weight loss journey been? We would love to hear from you.

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