Squat Rack Vs Power Rack – Scegliete Quello Giusto Per Voi!

Squat Rack vs Power Rack – What is the Dseference? Choosing the Right One For You!

Cerchiamo di essere realisti.

There is often a lot of confusion when we talk about squat scaffale vs power scaffale and squat stand vs power scaffale.

Some guys use the terms interchangeably, and that is where the confusion stems from.

Also, two pieces of equipment that have the SAME name, such as squat stand, may function very dseferently. Eg. Stand accovacciato vs Stand accovacciato .

Capite cosa intendo?

Here I will discuss the dseference between the squat scaffale vs power scaffale and how the squat stand fits into the picture too.

man lifting heavy barbell on squat rackman lifting heavy barbell on squat rack

Cos’è un Power Rack, esattamente?

Di solito hanno un’impronta quadrata.

Questo TITAN T-2 Rack is an example of a classic, simple, power scaffale.

A power scaffale almost always has built-in safety bars to catch a heavy barbell. The safety bars prevent you from dropping a loaded barbell on yourself and being crushed.

You can also use safety straps instead of safety bars on a power scaffale.

Also, you can use a power scaffale for squats, and a gang of other exercises, including the bench press, pull-ups and way too much to list here.

In other words, they are multipurpose. More on that in a minute.

In conclusione: Un scaffale ha 4 piedi e ha le barre di sicurezza.

Cos’è uno Squat Rack, esattamente?

È complicato.

Nella mia mente, se è un scaffale , it has 4 feet, and se it has 4 feet, it is a power cage or power scaffale, but alcuni I ragazzi lo chiamano squat scaffale a 4 piedi.

Nella mia mente, un portapacchi e uno squat scaffale sono le stesse cose!

Now… a squat STAND is alcunithing dseferent, but I will get to that in a minute.

Just for fun, I searched Rogue fitness for the search term “squat scaffale”.

Cosa è tornato indietro?

Avete indovinato: POWER RACKS! Il tipo a 4 piedi.

The search also returned Squat STANDS, which are dseferent from scaffales. Even Rogue calls the two-footed guys stands, so I feel vindicated.


Just so you know, alcuni guys call squat stands, squat scaffales, there really is no solid consensus.

Detto questo, parliamo degli squat stand.

Cos’è uno Stand accovacciato, esattamente?

man work out using barbell and weight bench in garage gymman work out using barbell and weight bench in garage gym

OK, this too is complicated, but squat stands have 2 feet and are designed for squatting, hence the use of the word SQUAT in the name.

Attenzione! There are really good squat stands, and alcuni absolutely horrible squat stands.

Come si fa a capire se uno squat stand è uno schseo o no?

Good squat stands have safety arms. Good squat stands are connected at the top by a sturdy bar, probably one that is strong and stable enough for pull-ups. Good squat stands have wide stable, non-tipping bases.

Questo è un BUONO Stand accovacciato: rogue sm-2 monster squat stand 2.0

Rogue SM-2 Monster Squat Stand 2.0Rogue SM-2 Monster Squat Stand 2.0

rogue large buttonrogue large button

Notate la barra di trazione in alto?

Notate le barre di sicurezza installate?

Questo squat stand also has a stabilizing bar across the bottom. OK, MOST Rogue squat stands offer safety arms as an added options.

There are less expensive options that also have arms and an overhead/stability/pull up bar. I chose this one as my example because the picture demonstrates what I am trying to explain.

Ok, allora, com’è fatto uno squat stand squat di merda?

Questo Stand squat di Yaheetech e tutti gli altri come questo, dovrebbero essere evitati.

Sorry, it needs to be said. Yes, it’s cheap, or affordable, or whatever. But it’s not safe nor stable, IMO.

The bases are not wide, it may tip, there are no safety arms in the event you fail your lset, and yeah… Just say no.

women doing squat workout with power rackwomen doing squat workout with power rack

Cos’è meglio, uno squat scaffale contro il Power Rack?

Come ho detto, uno squat scaffale e un potere scaffale are the same thing, IMO. What alcuni people mean when they say squat scaffale is actually “what is better, a squat stand vs a power scaffale.

In questo caso, la maggior parte delle persone dice che un power scaffale è meglio.

Ma… a good squat stand vs power scaffale does have alcuni benefits, so keep reading.

Professionisti del Power Rack

  • Un scaffale è versatile. It is not just for squats. You can do pull-ups, use accessories like a landmine, and most importantly, use a bench! Racks are just way more versatile.
  • Un power scaffale ha le barre di sicurezza incluse. You can also use safety straps with a scaffale. With a squat stand, the safety arms are usually an add-on feature. Crappy squat stands do not usually have an option for safety spotter arms.

Cons Cons di potenza a scaffale

Let’s look at the other side of the story too, just to be fair.

  • Un power scaffale costa più di uno squat stand.
  • Un power scaffale occupa più spazio e ha un’impronta più grande.

Pro Stand accovacciato

  • Gli squat stand occupano meno spazio. Questo è il loro MIGLIORE vantaggio.
  • Not only do they have a smaller footprint, but se you have a really limited ceiling height, you can get a short stand to fit the space. Questo Stand accovacciato Squat Rogue Echo 2.0 is a little over 70 inches tall. It does not have a pull-up bar, but it does have the stabilizer bar down below.
  • Un supporto squat è di solito meno costoso di un power scaffale se si confrontano marchi di qualità simile.

Contro gli squat stand

  • There are a lot of poor quality squat stands out there which can be unstable and have no safety spotter arms.
  • Stand accovacciatos are not as versatile and scaffales. You can do way more with a scaffale, plain and simple.

Quindi, spero che questo chiarisca un po’ le cose.

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