How To Get In Shape Fast: 2 Week Tone Up Challenge

Get fit in 2 weeks at home

Can You Get Fit In 2 Weeks?

Learning how to get fit in two weeks at home will change your life in so many ways. Get started today with our 2 week tone up challenge home workout plan for women. And remember, you can do this!

If you’re determined to get fit but only have 2 weeks to get in shape, I’m here to show you how to succeed in achieving this goal. Two weeks isn’t a long amount of time, but it definitely is enough time to kickstart your new healthy living lifestyle, and learn new good habits for the future. Follow our 2 week tone up challenge, and be amazed how quickly your boy transforms.

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Achieve Your Body Goals

You might not be able to achieve the final body goals you dream of, but you can definitely learn a lot of different home workouts that will put your body through its paces! The exercises I teach you to practice over the next 2 weeks will be working many muscles groups that have either never been used, or not been exercised in some time. Don’t despair! You can totally do this, just believe in yourself. You will succeed.

Will Getting Fit Hurt?

My home workout plan will definitely make your muscles sore for a few weeks (i’m not going to lie!), however, look at this as a good thing. You are toning your muscles with every exercise you do. You will also be getting stronger and stronger everyday, and the exercises will ultimately become easier over time as your muscles strengthen.

Get Fit By Changing Your Mindset

My 2 week tone up challenge details the exercises to follow to get in shape, and keep fit for years to come. I truly believe that you only need 2 weeks to change your mindset towards getting fit and healthy. Are you ready for the challenge?

Commit to getting fit, and fitness will become more like a habit than a chore. The overall benefits are worth every minute of sweat and determination you put in to getting fit. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

2 Week Home Workout Plan
2 Week Home Workout Plan

How Much Can I Lose In 2 Weeks?

Research suggests that losing 1-2lbs a week is healthy. Anything more is considered unhealthy (source). Always remember that getting fit isn’t a race. Fitness is a lifetime journey. It may take time to lose weight healthily, but ultimately you can and will achieve your desired goals if you commit to my home workout plans, alongside a healthy calorie controlled diet.

Why Did My Friend Lose More Weight Than Me?

Everyone’s bodies are different. We all start from a different place, and have different fitness goals in mind. And you know what, that is totally ok. Never let anyone undermine your personal health and fitness goals. No goal should be considered too small, or too big. Make the choices that suit your lifestyle and body goals, and don’t feel disheartened if your friends are achieving their fitness goals sooner than you. Be happy in yourself because only you can live your life, no one else can.

Discover how to get fit in 2 weeks at home. Follow my 2 week tone up challenge now!

Weight loss - 2 week tone up challenge
Weight loss – 2 week tone up challenge

BMI Statistics

If weight loss is your goal, make sure you calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) first, before starting your fitness journey. You might be surprised to find that scientifically you are actually a healthy weight, but didn’t realise it! Or, maybe you are technically an unhealthy weight, and should be eating more. Whatever the answer, make sure you know the facts before you start your fitness routines.

Ideally your BMI should be between 18.5 – 24.9, as this is defined as a healthy weight. To ensure that you are working towards a healthy weight goal, make sure you use this BMI calculator to establish your ideal weight (approximates only).

Your weight goals will always be personal choice, however being aware of your BMI calculations is a great way to ensure you are working towards fit and healthy choices. A great benefit of this BMI calculator is also that it will advise you on the recommended number of calories that you should be consuming each day. Anything that makes life a little bit simpler will always be a good thing in my view.

How much weight can you lose in 2 weeks?
Check your BMI

2 Week Home Workout Plan

Give my two week tone up challenge home workout plan a go, and set yourself on the right healthy living path both mentally and physically.

Take a look at my home workout routines and healthy recipes for inspiration. Or, get fit in 2 weeks at home with my 2 week tone up challenge home workout plan shown below. Click here to jump to it now!

My home workout plan is designed to introduce you to the world of fitness. It’s not going to be easy, but it will help kick start your new healthy living lifestyle. 

Here’s what you need to know, before starting your fitness journey …

1. Mentally Commit To Getting Fit

Once you have mentally committed to changing your health and fitness for the better, getting fit will be in your power to achieve. Believe in yourself, keep focussed, and never give up.

2. Losing Weight Quickly Is Unhealthy

Before you click away to another website because I haven’t promised to turn you into a fitness goddess within just 2 weeks, remember that losing weight quickly isn’t a healthy lifestyle option. Nor is it a long term solution either, as it will likely not be sustainable in the long term due to the strain it puts on your body and mind.

I would personally never recommend any crazy weight loss schemes that encourage you to lose weight quickly. Weight loss must always be at a slow and steady pace, and achieved via regular exercise and a healthy well balanced diet.

2 week home workout plan
2 week home workout plan

3. I Follow My Own Workouts … Fact!

My amazing home workout plan will get you fit in no time at all. How do I know this? Because that’s how I got in shape myself. I have always 100% followed my own fitness advice, so don’t ever assume that I’m doing different workouts to you. I’m simply not!

The only difference between my workouts and yours, is that I work with heavier weights than I would recommend any beginner start with. As my fitness levels and stamina grew over the years, I have worked hard to push myself more. In fact, I now push myself more than I ever thought possible! 

4. Who Is This Home Workout Plan For?

I have designed this home workout for EVERYONE!!!

Ultimately, we all start at different fitness levels. Maybe you used to workout and now want to get back into fitness after having kids? Or, maybe you are a complete newbie to the fitness world?

Wherever you start from, my philosophy is that Everyone is WELCOME!

Get Fit In 2 Weeks At Home: Here’s How To Succeed

This 2 Week Home Workout Plan Works!

As with any good home workout plan, I have incorporated the five most important aspects of fitness:

You may have a preference for one type of exercise over another, which is totally fine (and normal). However, as tempting as it might be you should never skip a type of workout just because you are not a fan of it. Each aspect is important in its own right, and plays a crucial role in your overall fitness levels and stamina.

So if you don’t cardio exercises because you find running is boring, make sure you swap it with another form of cardio workout that you do like.

Let’s look at these 5 different aspects in greater detail.

1. Warm Up

The most important part of your workout will always be the warm-up. When I was a fitness newbie, I always found this bizarre. Now I completely get it. Basically, if you warm up your body before the workout then you will not be shocking your body when the actual workout begins. You are less likely to injure yourself too, because your muscles will be warm and ready for action.

Make sure you warm up before every single workout. Aim to make your warm up last for roughly 5-10 minutes.

The purpose of each warm up is to gradually increase your heart rate so that your body is ready for the killer workout that will follow. Warm ups are also important for warming the muscles in your body, prior to starting your main workout. Warming up prior to a workout makes your body less susceptible to injury.

Start Your 2 Week Tone Up Challenge

To start your 2 week tone up challenge workout, select one of the following warm up options:

Warm Up Routine

There are various different warm ups that you can complete, so if these are not your thing, try something different.

Complete both the ‘cardio‘ and ‘dynamic stretching‘ sections of the warm up (sections A and B):

a) Cardio: 15 Seconds Each

Aim to complete each exercise without resting. Take a 15 second rest at the end of the sequence, then repeat.

  • Jog on the spot
  • Jumping Jacks (Star Jumps)
  • Butt kicks
  • Skip on the spot (Jumping Rope)
  • Rest

Number of sets: 3

b) Dynamic Stretching
  • 10-15 Lunges 
  • Stretch left arm across your body for 5 seconds.
  • Stretch right arm across your body for 5 seconds.
  • Stretch both your arms out behind you so they are parallel with the floor. Then, hold your hands together and stretch and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  • Stand with your feet together. Bend over at the hips, and stretch your hands to the floor. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.
Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic Stretching
Alternative Warm Ups:

If you don’t fancy the warm up shown above, why not make your own personal warm up from the exercises listed below. Your warm up should be between 5-10 minutes.

  • Walking briskly on a treadmill
  • Gently jogging on a treadmill (or in the garden)
  • Jogging on the spot
  • Jumping Jacks (star jumps)
  • Butt Kicks
  • Walking lunges
  • High Knees
  • Skipping

2. Cardio

Pace Yourself

If you want to get fit in two weeks at home, but are new to fitness then one of the most important things to learn quickly is to pace yourself. You might feel bursting with energy and enthusiasm now that you’ve decided to start your health and fitness journey, but it is important that you take things slowly.

Don’t get me wrong, I seriously love that you feel so eager to workout 7 days a week (a common feeling at the beginning of January, after a Christmas of over indulgence!!). But, intensively exercising is unlikely to be sustainable in the long term, as the odds are that you will literally burn yourself out after a few weeks of full on workouts. If you don’t wipe yourself out both mentally and physically, then you still risk the chance that you will get bored of your new continual workouts that consume so much of your time. It is also possible you will lose your motivation to stay fit too.

So How Often Should You Workout?

If you are a beginner to fitness, aim to complete three workouts each week. These workouts should consist of 30 minutes cardio, each. Should you want to do more, that’s totally fine. However, before you rush off you must remember that your muscles are likely to feel very sore during the first couple of weeks because your body is not used to exercising. Don’t overdo it. Rest days are just as important as workout days, because it is important to give your body time to recover.

According to WebMD, you should also do “20 to 30 minutes of strength work three times a week” (source). Building up your muscles is a great feeling, I fully recommend it. An added bonus is that muscles burn more calories, by just existing. So, without even exercising your body is likely to be burning extra calories just to keep your existing muscles in shape!

Cardio Home Workout Routine

There are a massive range of cardiovascular exercises that you can do each week, to get fit in two weeks at home. Remember, it is absolutely fine to mix and match your workouts i.e. you can do more than just jogging/running, instead, why not try a HiiT workout instead! Variety is the spice of life.

Aim to complete 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3 days a week. Each exercise listed below does not need to take the entire 30 minutes. Instead, you can complete a range of cardio exercises that total 30 minutes. 

Cardiovascular Exercise List

Here are a range of cardio exercise options for you to try:

a) Jogging/Running

Go for a run outdoors. It’s free, it’s refreshing, it helps to clear your mind. Aim to jog consistently for 30 minutes, to keep your heart rate up. If 30 minutes is too hard in the beginning, try running for 10 minutes, then gradually work up to 30 minutes.

If you own a treadmill, run on your treadmill for 30 minutes instead.

b) HiiT Workout

HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

Aim to complete a workout between 10-25 minutes.

If you are new to fitness, you may prefer to start with a 10 minute HiiT Workout. Here is a great article I wrote called “HiiT Cardio Home Workout: 17-Minute Fat Burning Exercises“. It explains everything you need to know about HiiT home workouts, whilst also giving you workouts to try at home.

Does HiiT sound like your thing? Yes? … fab! All you need to do is select the exercises that you think you would enjoy, then off you go! The length of time that you exercise is completely up to you. You are 100% in control of your workout, so make it work the way you want it to.

Example 17 minute HiiT workout:

HiiT ROUTINE – Below is ONE SET. Repeat this 3 TIMES:

45 Seconds – Burpee with press up (exercise)

30 Seconds – Rest

45 Seconds – Star Jumps (exercise)

30 Seconds – Rest

45 Seconds – Jumping Squats (exercise)

30 Second – Rest

45 Seconds – Skipping (exercise)

30 Second – Rest

In this example you can see the exercises are: Burpee, Star Jumps, Jumping Squats and Skipping. If you wish to complete a shorter workout then you have three options:

  1. Reduce number of exercises i.e. complete 3 different exercises, 3 sets.
  2. Reduce the exercise time from 45 seconds to 30 seconds
  3. Complete 2 sets rather than 3.
c) Tabata Workouts

Tabata workouts are super short, and seriously effective. Read my in depth article on tabata for beginners, to find out more:

Home Workouts: Tabata Workouts For Beginners

d) Leg Day Workout

Leg workouts are more brutal than you might first think! If you keep up the pace and don’t permit yourselves many rest periods however, then leg workouts might be the right cardio workout for you.

Take a look at my leg workout routines.

Leg Workout Day
Leg Workout Day

3. Strength Training

I used to think weight lifting was just for boys! Then one day I saw this seriously toned woman on tv. Her arms, shoulders and back had clear defined muscles. She looked amazing! I wanted the same look. I asked my husband how she had achieved it (he’s been weight lifting for years) and he talked me through the different exercises he does to strengthen his arms, shoulders and back.

That very same day I bought my first set of girly looking dumbbells. I was determined that I didn’t want to look manly whilst I exercised, so only the brightly coloured dumbbells would do!! After a few short weightlifting sessions I was hooked. Within just a few weeks my muscles already looked more toned than usual, which encouraged me to work harder. 

Strength training will help you get fit in two weeks at home because whilst strengthening your muscles, it will also be encourage your bodies metabolism to increase. Muscles burn more calories to simply exist, so your body will continue burning calories even when you are not exercising! Result!

Strength Training Workout Routine

7 arm exercises you should start with, to build up your strength:

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Tricep Kickback
  4. Push Up / Press Up
  5. Tricep Dip
  6. Kettlebell Lift
  7. Commando

Check out my article on “Arm Exercises For Women At Home” for a detailed explanation of the different arm exercises listed above. 

Lifting weights - Kettlebell
Lifting weights – Kettlebell

4. Stretching and Flexing

If you want to get fit in two weeks at home, don’t forget to include stretching and flexing in your home workouts. 

One of the most overlooked aspects of exercise is stretching after a strenuous workout. Stretching tired and sore muscles is extremely important because it increases flexibility, whilst reducing muscle tension after your workout.

Complete a range of yoga poses after every workout. Click here for ideas.

5. Cool Down

If you are determined to get fit in 2 weeks at home, then you must complete a cool down after every workout. Your muscles are not used to exercising on a regular basis, so you will likely feel sore over the 2 week home workout plan. Don’t worry! This is totally normal. Help your body out by cooling down after every workout, as it is essential to speed up your recovery process.

3 Aspects Of A Cool Down

According to the Stretchcoach there are 3 key parts to a cool down, which must be incorporated into every cool down that you complete. These three factors make the cool down effective (source):

  1. Deep breathing and gentle movement
  2. Long-hold static stretching, that is low intensity
  3. Refuel and rehydrate your body
Make sure you stretch and flex your tired muscles
Make sure you stretch and flex your tired muscles

Cool Down Process

Aim to complete a 3-5 minute cool down. Your cool down should ideally resemble the cardio workout that you were completing. Check out these examples for guidance:

  • Running: If you went for a run, then jog slowly on the spot
  • Brisk walking: Walk slowly on the spot

After this, stretch your muscles using various yoga poses, for a further 5-10 minutes.

Finally, rehydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Then, refuel your body with healthy food choices. Check out my recipes for some yummy snack ideas

Eat healthy nutritious food after every workout
Eat healthy nutritious food after every workout

In A Rush?

If you are in a rush there sometimes just isn’t enough time left to complete an effective cool down routine. We are all guilty of this from time to time. Me included!

Cooling down after every single workout is important though, because it helps you avoid injury and recover faster. It is also designed to lower your heart rate gradually after an intense cardio workout, and slow your blood flow and nervous system activity (source).


It’s easy to get fit in two weeks at home with our simple 2 week tone up challenge home workout plan. However, it is important to remember that health and fitness is a lifelong journey, not just a two week sprint. Make fitness your priority, and you will feel fitter, calmer, and healthier in no time at all.

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