Easiest Home Workouts To Complete With Your Family, EVER!

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 4 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Kids!
Spice up your fitness workouts up by trying our home workouts with your family. You can do these exercises with your kids! Yes, you heard me right!! INCLUDE YOUR KIDS!As much as you may find this a crazy idea, give it a go. Your kids will oddly find the workout fun, and if you don’t believe me, take a quick peek at my video. You can hear my daughter giggling so much whilst taking part in my exercises.
Reasons I include our kids within my exercise routines:
  • First, and foremost, i’m a full-time mum. My kids come first over my needs, so finding a way of exercising AND looking after the kids is a real bonus for me.
  • The kids are always entertained throughout the workout. They fight over who Mummy will lift next! My son is 6 though, so he’s getting pretty heavy! Ouch! haha.
  • Children love being included within your exercise routines, because it’s fun!
  • It’s a great way to teach kids from a young age that exercise is important. Kids mimic their parents behaviour, so, what could be better for them than growing up, seeing that their parents exercise.

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 4 Easy exercises you can do with your kids!

How do you exercise with a toddler?

Life as a mum and dad is busy. It can often feel really hard to find time to fit exercise into your week.
Watch my fun ‘home workouts with your family video‘. So go on, grab your toddler and copy my 4 simple exercises right now!
Quick Workout Routine:
Before starting any fitness routine advertised by KGS Health and Fitness, please make sure you:
  • Review the KGS Terms of Service
  • Warm up before exercising – Follow our 4 minute warm up exercise routine.
  • Talk to your child about what you are going to do.
    • Make the fitness routine into a game for your child.
    • Explain to them what exercises you will be doing together.
    • Tell them what they need to do for each exercise.
    • Practice each exercise, so they understand what they have to do.
    • Repeat your explanations. Little people are not known for their listening skills!

4 Simple Home Workouts With Your Family

Sit Ups – 20 Reps, 3 Sets
  1. Lie flat down on the floor, on your Weider Abs Crunch Trainer. This abs crunch trainer is amazing, and designed to tone your abdomen area, safely. I personally find the integrated headrest pretty useful as it’s both comfortable, and also ensures my spine stays straight during training. The ergonomic design of this equipment ensures “effective abdominal workout, while protecting the back and neck”.
  2. Lift your legs towards you. Ask your toddler to hold onto your legs tightly.
  3. Raise your legs, and toddler into the air (your toddler will be parallel to the ground, once lifted)
  4. Keep telling your toddler to hold on tight! Do 20 sit-ups, with your legs in the air.

Leg Lifts – 20 Reps, 3 Sets

It’s time to work your legs using your kids weight. Do not underestimate how heavy your children are. In this exercise you will be lifting your child up and down, using only your legs.

  1. Lay flat on your back, on a comfortable yoga/fitness mat. I use an extra thick TechFit Yoga mat because it’s really comfortable. I’m not getting any younger, so appreciate the extra thick 15mm mat and cushioning it provides to my almost 40 year old body! haha. The high density foam mat is non slip, which is also important to me as I often workout on wooden floors. Finally, I like the carry case handles as I can roll the mat up quickly, and stash it away when not in use.
  2. Pull your legs up towards you, then ask your child to hold onto your calves/legs really tightly.
  3. Hold onto your child, to ensure they do not fall off your legs. Then, lift your legs up, so your child is parallel to the floor.
  4. Whilst holding onto your child lift your legs up and down 20 times. You will realise just how heavy your child is, when you do this exercise!

For further guidance on this leg exercise, make sure you watch my video to see how I complete this exercise.

Over the head leg lifts – 20 Reps, 3 Sets
This is probably the moment you start wishing you do not have a tall child!
  • Sit on your workout mat.
  • Ask your child to sit directly in front of you, very still!
  • Put your feet together, on one side of your child.
  • Place your hands behind you, then lean back on your two hands.
  • Whilst leaning back onto your hands, lift your legs over your child’s head completely until both of your feet are on the other side of your child. (Remember to keep your feet together during this exercise).
  • Repeat this movement, the other way, so your legs are back where you started.

30 Second Plank – 3 Sets
Planking is a great way to develop your core muscles. It not only helps improve your balance and posture, but also increases your flexibility. If you want to find out more information about the benefits of planking, click on this link to read my article.
KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - How to do a 30 second plank
KGS Health and Fitness – Fitness Routines – How to do a 30 second plank
During this exercise you will ask your child to sit on your back, whilst you perform a plank. The benefit of this exercise, is that your child’s weight makes the workout tougher. You have to work harder than in a normal plank, to maintain good form i.e. to stop your bottom and hips sinking towards the ground. This exercise is fab for strengthening your core body muscles, which help to give you a flatter stomach.
If you are not sure how to perform a plank, watch this short 30 second video for guidance.

Here are the Do’s and Don’t relating to exercising:
  1. DON’T GET STRESSED – It’s frustrating when we do not get chance to exercise, especially if you are committed to getting in shape, and living a healthier lifestyle. Missing even one workout time slot can feel upsetting, stressful, and like you’ve failed yourself. BUT, it is important to remember that you haven’t failed. You’ve simply had an uber busy week, and time for yourself hasn’t happened. Try not to stress out about it as stress can be harmful for your health, and cause weight gain. Solution: Don’t worry! Chalk it down as one massively busy week, then make sure you fit a workout into your next week.
  2. Don’t start starving yourself – So you missed your workout, and the little devil on your shoulder is giving you a hard time about it. Whatever you do, do not start missing meals as Maintain a healthy diet.


  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Stay hydrated: Make sure you drink plenty of water, to prevent dehydration.
  3. If you do not enjoy exercise routine, switch it up. Find an exercise that you enjoy.
Thankfully, it’s far more simple than you realise. Watch my video for 4 easy exercises that you can do with your kids. Then try these exercises with your kids.
Health and fitness is lifelong a journey, not a race. Don’t get stressed if you miss a workout. Do the best you can, and eat a healthy diet.
Love Katrina

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