HiiT Cardio Home Workout: 17-Minute Fat Burning Exercises

HiiT Cardio - Fat Burning Workouts

HiiT Training Program – Online Fitness Coach Explains …

You’ve probably heard of HiiT, because it’s the biggest craze in the fitness world at the moment. HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HiiT Cardio Workouts are incredible fat burners, find out why below.

I’ve been an online fitness coach for 1.5 years now, and I want to emphasise how important the HiiT workout is. It’s a complete no brainer in my view. It burns fat faster than any other exercise, and takes a fraction of the time to complete. What are you waiting for? Check out my video now!

Our fat burning HiiT Cardio 17 Minute workout will get results quicker than most other forms of exercise. Aim to complete our HiiT workout 2-3 times per week. Don’t forget to take a days rest in between your HiiT sessions. And, most importantly, always listen to your body. If your body feels sore on the day or two after your HiiT workout, then rest. It is so important to let your body rest, and recover from high intensity workouts.


You will need: An exercise mat, and a skipping rope

HiiT Cardio Workout - Skipping Rope
HiiT Cardio Workout – Skipping Rope

How Do You Do A HiiT Cardio?

HiiT is a serious fat burning workout. It combines completing a range of high intensity exercises, for short bursts of time (anything from 20 seconds – 45 seconds), followed by short rest periods (usually between 10-30 seconds). The process is then repeated.

The purpose of the 17 Minute HiiT Cardio Workout, is to keep your heart rate high. You want to be pushing your body as much as you can, ideally to total exhaustion. Then use the rest periods to recover from your full powered bursts of energy, before repeating the next intensive burst of activity. If you do not feel exhausted by a HiiT workout, you are not pushing yourself hard enough!

If you are giving each activity your all, then the bursts of exercise will feel increasingly hard to complete, as the HiiT session goes on. This is normal, so don’t worry! Intensive exercises like this are not designed to be maintained for long periods of time, and require a lot of energy to complete. The more you complete, the more tired your body will become.

Lose Weight Fat With Fat Burning Workouts
Lose Weight Fat With Fat Burning Workouts

What is the best HIIT cardio?

If you are new to HiiT, watch our short video before starting. Gym lingo can be confusing. Remove that confusion, by watching real life examples of the exercise.

What Equipment Will You Need?

The beauty of HiiT workouts, is that they can be created WITH or WITHOUT equipment. In most cases, you simply just need a big enough space to roll out your mat, and complete your HiiT workout. This makes the HiiT Cardio workout particularly suitable for those with limited space.

In this particular routine you will need an exercise mat (which I’m pretty sure you already have at home!), and a skipping rope. If you don’t have a professional skipping rope, why not grab your kids one! Or, purchase the ASM Fitness Box, which is super value. I love this set, as it has pretty much everything you need, to shape up for the Summer, including a great quality ab roller and mat (which I use in my other fitness videos), a sturdy skipping rope, and press up and twist supports. 

Exercise Mat
Exercise Mat

Online Fitness Coach Shares 17 Minute HiiT Workout:

Good physical fitness is extremely important. Staying healthy, and following great fitness nutrition will do wonders for keeping your body in shape. Did you realise that you will actually have more energy if you get regular exercise?! You are also likely to sleep better, and if you suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, exercise can really work to calm you. What’s not to love?

KGS Health and Fitness HiiT Cardio Workouts focus on completing a specified circuit, 3 times. The aim is to complete each activity as many times as possible within the specified time. Give every exercise your full power, and don’t forget to warm up before starting this exercise routine.

HiiT ROUTINE – Below is ONE SET. Repeat 3 TIMES:

45 Seconds – Burpee with press up

30 Seconds – Rest

45 Seconds – Star Jumps

30 Seconds – Rest

45 Seconds – Jumping Squats

30 Second – Rest

45 Seconds – Skipping

30 Second – Rest


17 Minute HiiT Cardio Workout

Set Time Period
Set Time Period

How many calories are burned in 30 minutes of HIIT?

The HiiT workout is one of the quickest ways to get fit (inside and out). Whereas other workouts are proclaimed as being the miracle cure to simply all things health and fitness, the HiiT workout really is! You can expect to lose roughly the same amount of calories doing a HiiT workout, as you would lose if doing a medium effort exercise, over a longer period of time.

According to the website Fitness Blender, you can expect to lose “8-12 calories per minute giving you a total burn of 261-374 calories” during a 30 minute HiiT workout. Wow! A seriously impressive calorie burn rate.

HiiT Cardio Workout - Give It Your Maximum Effort
HiiT Cardio Workout – Give It Your Maximum Effort

Is cardio or HIIT better for weight loss?

If someone showed you how to exercise for less time, but still burn just as many calories as if you had exercised for far longer, wouldn’t you select the quicker option?

Millions of men and women around the world have jumped onto this fast paced HiiT Cardio bandwagon. Why? Because HiiT workouts really work. They are not just a gimmick, but instead a seriously effective, high calorie fat burner!

Another reason the HiiT workout has become so popular, is because your body takes a couple of hours to adjust back down to it’s normal metabolic rate. So, whilst you lounge on the sofa after your HiiT workout, you can feel smug in the knowledge that you body is still burning significantly more calories! Plus, according to the website Healthline “HIIT was also found to shift the body’s metabolism toward using fat for energy rather than carbs”.

Both HiiT and cardio have their place within the fitness world, so ultimately it is down to the individuals personal preference and time restraints. If you are a mum of young kids like me, you will probably be swayed by the quickness of completing a HiiT workout at home. Why? Because finding free time to yourself, without a kid jumping upon you can be hard!

HiiT workouts can vary in time. Anywhere between 10-30 minutes is usual. Energy bursts versus rest also vary between 10 seconds – 45 Seconds, depending upon the website you follow.

HiiT Cardio Workout - Running
HiiT Cardio Workout – Running

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