Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat?

How To Increase Metabolism

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Or feel like you will never lose weight? Have you been blaming your metabolism for letting you down, the older you get? Do you want to know which foods increase metabolism and burn fat? Find out how to increase metabolic rates, whilst also discovering foods that burn stubborn fat faster.

Slow Metabolism
Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? – Slow Metabolism

What Is Metabolism Easy Definition?

Let’s start by establishing what “metabolism” actually means.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines metabolism as “all the chemical processes in your body, especially those that cause food to be used for energy and growth”.

Metabolism also relates to how quickly each individual burns fat, or energy. This chemical process is fundamental to maintain life. 

During metabolism, the human body breaks down certain substances to yield energy for vital processes. The remaining substances that are needed for life, are synthesized.

What is Metabolism?
What is Metabolism?

How can I boost my metabolism to lose weight?

So which foods increase metabolism and burn fat? Here are 5 easy ways to boost your metabolism:


1. Increase Metabolism By Eating Spicy Food

Spicy food contains metabolism boosting capsaicin. If combined with other metabolism boosting foods, this method will help you maintain a healthy weight.

For a quick spicy hit, why not grab a bag of cayenne pepper (known for its metabolism boosting properties). Sprinkle 1 or 2 tsp into your meals, and wham bam! you’ve got an instant metabolic boost for your body. 

Alternatively, you could take a look at these healthy recipes, to see if any take your fancy.

Health - Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? - Eat Spicy Food
Eat Spicy Food

2. Increase Metabolism By Drinking Coffee

Caffeine is great for boosting the metabolism. This is supported by a study showing caffeine may increase an individual’s resting metabolic rate by 3-4%. The study went on to show that increasing an individual’s caffeine intake, to the point where caffeine is drunk at regular 2 hour intervals during the day, may increase the resting metabolic rate to a whopping 11%.

Please note, that drinking too caffeine can have negative effects on the body, for instance increased anxiety, nausea, headaches, gittery sensations and insomnia.

So, whether you are into coffee beans (my personal favourites Lavazza – and apparently everyone else’s too! haha), ground coffee, or instant coffee, each option will all give you metabolic increases.

Health - Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? - Drink Coffee
Drink Coffee

3. Increase Metabolism By Eating Protein

Eating higher levels of protein has been proven to impact the metabolism in a positive way. Include protein in your daily meals to help you feel fuller, for longer, thus reducing the likelihood of overeating.

Whilst eating any food will increase your metabolism for a couple of hours, protein has been found to have the most impact in relation to the thermic effect of food. Healthline states that eating protein will see a 15-30% increase in an individual’s metabolic rate.

If you aren’t too keen on increasing the protein levels via your weekly diet, why not try tasting an Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake instead? In my opinion, there’s only so much meat and cheese you can eat, before it becomes sickly and boring. This shake is a great alternative that I discovered works for me.

Drinking protein shakes is an easy way to increase protein consumption. It’s also great if you are into strength training and building bigger muscles. This double rich chocolate drink is packed full of protein, and tastes amazingly yummy too. Buy here.

Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? - Eat more protein
Eat more protein

4. Get More Sleep

Various studies have proven that the amount of sleep you get, can have a positive/negative impact on the individuals hormones and metabolic rate. Sleep is considered “important in maintaining metabolic homeostasis“.

Healthline states that blood sugar level increases, and insulin resistance increases are linked to sleep deprivation.

One study also discovered that you are likely to feel more hungry if you have not had enough sleep because the hormone leptin (responsible for feelings of fullness), decreases when you are sleep deprived. It was also found that the hunger hormone ghrelin increased in the human body, when there was a lack of sleep.

Best Sleep Mask 2019

If you struggle sleeping, or get woken by the sunrise like I do, you need to try a Hommini sleep mask. This has been a total life saver for me, as I literally used to wake up at the crack of dawn throughout the Summer months.

I didn’t like the cheaper flat face masks, because I could feel them on my eyes. It sadly turned out to be complete false economy purchasing those.

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Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? - Get more sleep
Get more sleep

5. Drink Green Tea

If you don’t already drink it, add some green tea to your diet! Green tea can raise your metabolic rate by a massive 4-5%! So, go grab a cuppa now!

Drinking green tea has also been shown to reduce obesity.  

The two best green teas to start with, are:

  1. Mighty Matcha Green Tea
  2. PureChimp Matcha Green Tea
Drink Green Tea
Drink Green Tea

Metabolism Boosting Diet

Are you looking to speed up your metabolism? Do you want to get your metabolic rate moving faster, so that it can burn excess fat quicker? Give your body a gentle nudge, by feeding it with food known to increase the metabolic rate. Find out which foods increase metabolism and burn fat, below.

Even small changes to your weekly diet can have a massive impact upon your weight levels, and overall health. A healthy diet, in partnership with regular exercise will also help to boost self esteem and feelings of wellness.

10 Foods That Are Great For Increasing Metabolism, And Burning Fat

Eating the following foods, may help you burn fat faster:

1. Cayenne Pepper

This spicy little number is a great addition to many meals, and gives an amazing kick of heat. The benefits of cayenne pepper have been known for years, yet so many people just don’t realise it’s super metabolism boosting powers!

2. Avocados

This yummy fruit is one of the superheroes of the food industry. Almost every food photo on Instagram seems to include it these days! The reason it has become so popular, is because it’s both high in fiber, but also a great source of Vitamins K, B6, B3 and C.

Give it ago by trying this Protein Salad or this Avocado and Poached Egg Toasted Sandwich. You’re going to wish you tried it sooner!

3. Broccoli

Low calorie cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are highly nutritious vegetables. They are packed full of fiber and water, which help to keep you feeling fuller for longer. This is highly beneficial it you are trying to increase your metabolism (otherwise known as the Thermic Effect Of Food – TEF).

The high water and high fiber content combined within broccoli enable the body to blast fat away by as much as 30%!

A further bonus of broccoli, is that it is an easier vegetable to get your kids to eat. Parents all over the world resort to calling this calcium and vitamin C packed vegetable as “A TREE“!! Kids seem to love calling it that!

Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? - Broccoli
Which Foods Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat? – Broccoli

4. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein (which has metabolism boosting properties), and keep you feeling satiated for longer.

2008 Scientific Study

In a 2008 study scientists researched the health benefits of including eggs within your breakfast, everyday. They discovered that eggs have amazing health benefits.

Scientists completed a study whereby there were two main sample group. One group of people were asked to include an egg at each breakfast meal (as part of an overall energy deficient diet). The second group were asked to eat a bagel for each breakfast.


The results showed that participants who ate the egg breakfast as part of a healthy weight-loss diet, lost more weight. They concluded that the “egg breakfast enhances weight loss, when combined with an energy-deficit diet“. 

5. Salmon

Salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids.

One study reports that eating salmon (or tuna) increases a person’s resting metabolic rate (RMR), and reliance on fat oxidation. This study concluded that there was an increase in the RMR, but this increase was considered of a small and variable manner in young healthy men. 

In a 2015 study, the results were more pronounced. The study found that consuming omega-3-rich fish oil increased the resting metabolic rate by a whopping 14%! It was also discovered that an additional 10% calories were burned during exercise. 


Try to include salmon within your diet, twice a week.

Buy fresh salmon here, and team it up with regular exercise. Start reaping the benefits today!

If you don’t really like fish, that’s ok. Consider purchasing Seven Seas Omega-3 fish oil supplements (also includes cod liver oil) instead to greatly increase your resting metabolic rate.

I’m not a massive lover of fish, so I purchased a years supply of Nu U fish oil supplements. It’s been far easier to include omega-3 into my diet with these supplements, so I no longer feel I am missing out on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

Recipe Recommendation: Why not try our easy to cook salmon recipe

How To Lose Weight

People often assume that the easiest way to lose weight is by eating less food. Although technically correct, this is not generally advocated as the best weight loss strategy available, unless it is part of a calorie controlled diet.

Starvation Mode

Starving your body of food might achieve short term weight loss, but often leads to weight increases in the long term since it is harder to maintain.

When you starve yourself, you shock your body. This might not result in as much weight loss at you would expect. The reason for this, is that the bodies first reaction if it feels under threat of starvation, will be to go into starvation mode (“metabolic damage”).

During starvation mode, the body actively holds onto as much fat as possible. It focuses on trying to conserve energy, so it is likely you will lack normal energy levels. You may notice that you feel more hungry than usual too, and crave high-fat foods. This is basically the human brain trying to protect you from starvation.

Crash Diets

Crash diets often lack the important nutrients that your body needs to function at optimal levels.

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