12 Best Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

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Ever wondered which are the best fat burning foods for weight loss? Discover the top 12 healthy foods that will help you burn away unwanted excess fat.

Boosting your metabolic rate can help you lose body fat.

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What foods help burn belly fat?

Lets just set the record straight. There are no miracle foods in existence that will burn away excess fat, whilst you sit on the couch watching TV each night. If you want to achieve your dream body (whatever that might be), you need to get active and focus your efforts on getting fit and healthy.

Junk Food

Yes, you heard me! ….. if you want to burn excess fat away you need to quit eating that beige junk food every night, and swap it for a healthier diet, and exercise!

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Pizza versus Salad?

Don’t worry! I’m not saying you have to become a health and fitness guru, only eating green salad leaves for the rest of your life. Who on earth would want to eat like that, FOREVER? …not me. However, if you do want to shape up for the sunshine season then you will need to start making some lifestyle changes.

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Diet Vs Healthy Eating

The best way to start a healthy living diet is to not regard the changes you are making as a “diet“. Labelling your healthy living changes as a “diet” often results in a negative mindset, whereby you have psychologically set yourself up for failure, from the beginning.

Diet Plans

“Diets” tend to be viewed as temporary, or short term changes. Yes, you may have followed a diet and lost lots of fat and weight. What you have achieved in that instance is amazing. But, now you have lost that weight, are you planning to keep following the diet forevermore? I think this is where the issue lies. Who on earth wants to follow a diet for their entire life?

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So, what should you do?

Simple! Don’t restrict ANY foods from your diet, just make sure you eat everything in moderation. Moderation is the key word, here. This strategy is far more successful than following a fixed diet, because you are making lifestyle changes that do not make you feel guilty, or depressed that you ate a sneaky Big Mac from McDonalds!

Healthy And Unhealthy Food

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about the food you eat

The answer is, you should NEVER feel guilty. Life is for living! Unhealthy food is absolutely fine, as long as you make sure the majority of the food you are consuming is healthy. This approach will not achieve the solid ab muscles you see fitness freaks displaying, but making an overall lifestyle change like this WILL help you shape up, and lose excess pounds.

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If you are stuck for ideas, and motivation, follow my fitness routines to get you started on your health and fitness journey. Our healthy diet recipe ideas will also help you to stay on track, as you will be lost for which yummy recipe to cook up next!

What fruits and vegetables burn belly fat?

1. Chillies

If you are a fan of spicy food, then you’re in luck! Chilli’s contain capsaicin, which has been shown to increase levels of satiety (feelings of being full) .

Consuming spicy foods, such as chillies, black pepper and cayenne pepper, may help you lose body fat and prevent weight gain.

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2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best foods fat burning foods for weight loss that you can eat! They are both low in calories, yet also rich in high quality protein which helps to keep you feeling fuller, for longer.

In 2005, a study of 30 overweight women (BMI’s of 25 kg/M2) found that eating eggs for breakfast, compared to an equal weight bagel breakfast, resulted in increased feelings of fullness, and massively reduced the women’s short term food intake.

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3. Avocado

The avocado is an extremely nutritious fruit. They are high in calories, but also contain high levels of healthy unsaturated fats which help prevent higher cholesterol levels. Avocados are a “nutrient dense source of monounsaturated fatty acids”, which help to lower blood pressure, and protect against heart disease.

5 A Day

Just half an avocado counts towards one portion of your 5-a-day. One study indicates that the avocado can help increase feelings of fullness, when consumed during a lunchtime meal. The avocado is also known to contain soluble fibre and various minerals, including, potassium, copper and iron.

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4. Salmon

This oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may help you lose body fat.

Salmon contains high levels of protein, which aids weight loss. This is because protein helps to keep you feeling fuller, for longer. If you feel full, you are less likely to snack on other food. An individual’s calorie intake is consequently lowered, making salmon a great diet friendly food.

This lean protein food contains high levels of iodine, which the body needs to help maintain the thyroid. Maintaining our thyroids function “is important to keep the metabolism running optimally”.

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5. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have a low calorie count, and are another great fat burning food to include within your healthy eating meal plans. It’s high levels of dietary fiber fill your stomach up, making you feel fuller for longer. Fiber is also known to digest slower, helping individuals to not overeat.

This vegetable contains high levels of water, which help keep you feeling full. An added bonus of the high water content, is that your body loves being kept hydrated. Dehydration results in the metabolism slowing, so make sure you keep drinking water throughout the day.

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6. Spinach

Include spinach in your weekly diet, as this is one of the best green vegetables you can eat! The reason for this, is that spinach contains high levels of calcium which helps speed up the metabolism. It also contains fewer calories, yet is packed full of nutrients your body loves. Spinach is full of antioxidants that help to boost your immune system.

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7. Kiwi

This exotic looking fruit is often considered to be a weight loss superfood. This is mainly due to its high dietary fiber content, which may help to reduce the risk of both heart attacks, and heart disease. Eating high fibre foods is very beneficial for helping you lose weight, as consuming fiber helps to fill you up, which suppresses your appetite.

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8. Kale

This low calorie, dark leafy vegetable is another great source of fiber, and packed full of essential nutrients. Dietary fiber helps to reduce feelings of hunger.

Kale is rich in calcium. High calcium diets are beneficial for fat burning purposes, as they help to speed up the metabolism, which then burns fat, rather than storing it.

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9. Mushrooms

There are many different types of mushroom, some are edible, and some are not! Be careful which mushrooms you opt to eat. This low calorie food is great for burning fat, and has many nutritional benefits, including Vitamin B. Mushrooms are thought to be a fat burning food because they help to regulate the levels of glucose within the blood.

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10. Beans

Beans are a great fat burning food for weight loss because they are full of soluble fiber, which helps increase good bacteria within the gut. This is important when it comes to losing excess weight, as this bacteria helps lower inflammation, which is linked to belly fat.

Another great thing about beans, is that they contain a lot of protein. Eating protein fills you up, thus suppressing your appetite. Protein also helps to make you feel energised, whilst also boosting your metabolism.

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11. Quinoa

Quina is an amazing seed, including all nine essential amino acids. It is also rich in fiber and minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium.

This seed is very filling, because it is high in protein. Protein helps to stabilise your blood sugar.

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12. Full Fat Greek Yoghurt

Ditch the low fat Greek yoghurt in your fridge, and swap it for full fat Greek yoghurt.

Full Fat Greek Yoghurt

YES! You heard that right! As crazy as it sounds, it is actually better to eat full fat yoghurt. One study showed that eating high protein dairy food items can actually help to boost fat loss. Eating yoghurt was also deemed to promote weight stability, and regulate energy balance.

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There is no one fat burning foods for weight loss that you should pack your diet with. Different fruits and vegetables have different nutritional qualities. Just make sure, if you are trying to lose excess fat that you focus on foods with high protein and fiber content as these will help suppress feelings of hunger.

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