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Anxiety Self Help Tips

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Anxiety is an ever increasing threat to our world. This mental health condition is often unseen, and commonly misunderstood. It used to be a socially taboo subject, that no one talked about. Thankfully, today it is not. The subject of anxiety is now discussed more freely, without fear of reproach. Follow our anxiety self help tips, to set you on your path to recovery.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - Don't Give Up
Anxiety Self Help Tips – Don’t Give Up

Can Anxiety Be Cured Completely?

The simple answer is no, anxiety cannot be cured completely. It is a lifelong condition (if you want to call it a “condition”), that should be managed. However, if you follow the coping strategies presented below, there is no reason you cannot minimise your anxiety symptoms, and live a completely normal life.

This obviously isn’t the answer you were hoping for. Don’t despair though! Follow our anxiety management tips below, as these will change the hidden world of anxiety sufferers, for the better.

How do I know they work? … Because I’ve been there.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - Hope

What Helps Severe Anxiety?

Anxiety Self Help Tips: Self Improvement

1. Exercise

Keeping fit is important in everyday life. However, it takes on a whole new meaning when you suffer from anxiety. Nothing can totally eradicate your anxiety, but exercise can significantly help reduce those unwanted intoxicating emotions that seem to control your body, and mind.

Exercise has a positive impact upon your mental health, whether you exercise everyday, or even just a little bit. Scientists have researched the subject in depth, and can prove that exercise helps to fight depression. It is considered to be as effective at stabilising your mood as antidepressants!

One reason exercise is so effective, is because it releases endorphins within your body. These mood boosters help to lift your mood, and make you feel good about yourself. Endorphins are released when new activity patterns are created in the brain, and help to counteract feelings of helplessness and anxiety. They act as a calming influence, and help to stabilise your mind.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - Exercise Is Key!
Anxiety Self Help Tips – Exercise Is Key!

Start An Exercise Routine

Start fighting back against your anxiety today, by following our recommended exercise routines. I get it’s probably the last thing you want to do right now, and you feel physically and emotionally exhausted even by the thought of it! But, it will be so good for you if you just START. Hopefully, you will even look back upon the day you read this, after just a few weeks of exercise, and wish you had started the process of fixing your mental health, sooner!

Aim to exercise once or twice a week, then increase it to 3 times a week, if you can. You will almost instantly notice both physical and mental benefits, so don’t give up!

Home Gym Equipment

Not sure what home gym equipment you need? Look no further. We’ve scrutinised the fitness market, and tried and tested the following products so that you don’t have to. Check out our SHOP for further details.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

Urgh!! That’s the last thing you want to do!

Let’s set the record straight… I know you don’t want to keep busy. I also know that you really don’t feel like you can face anyone right now. You want to be on your own. Hiding away from the world seems like a great idea to you, right now. But, it’s not!

Spending time with other people (particularly young children if you have them) is a great way to ease your anxiety levels. I’m not going to lie, it will take a lot of effort (at first), to keep yourself around others demanding your attention. But, you need to force yourself to stick it out.

Why? Because when you engage in social conversation, and activities with other people, you get distracted from your anxiety ridden thoughts. Distraction is a great way to overcome moments filled with anxiety, because you have no time to focus on your internal feelings. The distraction calms your mind down, and gives you a rest.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - Keep Yourself Busy
Keep Yourself Busy

Spend Time With Your Children

I mentioned earlier how young children are particularly good company when you are anxious. This is because they don’t see the issues you face, and are not looking to judge, or criticise you. They have no idea how you are feeling inside. All they know is that they want every piece of their parents attention!!

Fulfilling continual requests to help them, play with them, make them food etc are great distractions. You simply don’t have time to focus internally.

Your mini humans will help draw you out of your anxiety in a flash!

Spend time with your kids
Spend time with your kids

3. Mind Over Matter

Knowing you suffer from anxiety is very different from understanding how to manage anxiety. Many people waste years of their lives suffering from anxiety, but feel helpless when it comes to managing it. Don’t let that happen to you as well.

Start following our anxiety self help tips right now!

Do you understand anxiety?
Do you understand anxiety?

Research Subject Matter: Focus On Self Improvement

If you want to understand a subject better, you need to be prepared to read and learn more about it. This process of self improvement is massively important, yet often ignored. Why? Because when you know more, you are then equipped to rationalise your thoughts and feelings, and apply the different mental coping techniques that cognitive behavioural therapy offers (CBT).

I recommend you read the following amazing books to gain a better understanding of the subject of anxiety, and how to overcome it:

These two books are a great read. They have both been extremely popular, and look at anxiety from two different angles.

Understand the subject
Understand the subject

4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (otherwise known as CBT), is defined by the NHS UK as “a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave“.

CBT does not research your past, to establish why you think a certain way. Insead, it focuses on reprogramming your mind to view things that make you feel anxious, in a completely different way. It aims to take the negativity out of a situation.

Rather than wasting hundreds of pounds on CBT counsellor treatments, buy a few books on the subject, to get a better understanding of the techniques you need to practice. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been successful for many people. Give it try!

CBT Recommended Reading

These books are a great starting point, to understanding the techniques you need to apply:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies

Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel By Changing The Way You Think

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

5. Mindfulness – Anxiety Self Help Tips

Do you ever feel like you aren’t living in the moment, or completely involved in an activity despite physically being there?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. In this modern fast paced life, humans are easily distracted from the activity or task they are actually doing. This is because we often feel bombarded by a multitude of different thoughts, and pressures at the same time. For instance, stresses from work can overspill into your personal life, and distract your mind from what you are actually doing at that particular moment.

Unwelcome distracting thoughts can lessen the pleasure you feel from being involved in an activity, e.g. spending time with your children. It is important to not let these thoughts take control, and distract you from the present moment.

Anxiety Self Help Tips - Spending Time With Your Children
Anxiety Self Help Tips – Spending Time With Your Children

Be More Mindful: Important For Self Improvement

In order to calm feelings of anxiety you must take back control of your mind. Although keeping your mind clear of distractions can be difficult, it is important to practice the art of mindfulness.

Mindful.Org defines mindfulness as “the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”.    

Practising mindfulness has gained considerable traction over the recent years. This is because, learning the techniques of mindfulness can help to calm an anxious mind

If you are interested in learning how to be more mindful, I would recommend you read the following books. These books have been extremely successful, as they explain the subject of mindfulness in great detail, and teach you various techniques to practise on a daily basis:

Practise Mindfulness
Practise Mindfulness

6. Herbal Remedies

It can be hard to find time to exercise, or practise calming mindful thoughts in today’s frantic world. If this is the case for you, consider taking herbal remedies that help calm your mind, on these busy days.

Herbal healing remedies have been around since the start of time. Whether you believe they work, or not, the fact is that they are still being practised across the world. This indicates that many people do take comfort from them, so give it a go!

Two popular herbal remedies that calm your mind, and help you to feel more relaxed, are:

1. Rescue Remedy Dropper, 20 ml

2. Zenphorol® for Relaxation, Mental and Physical Well-Being

Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies

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