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Home Gym Equipment UK

Best Gym Equipment UK

Over the last few decades, society (fueled by the Government, Health Services, and scientific research) have been placing increasing emphasis on the need for individuals to keep fit. Sales of gym equipment in the UK have soared, as a result.

Scientists are producing worrying statistics, repeatedly showing how the world is getting larger and larger. As a result, the fitness arena’s seen a massive explosion in popularity, which also means that suppliers now want to sell us every miracle health cure, or fitness gadget in existence! With so many options, which are best home gym equipment, UK, to buy?

Gym Equipment - Strength Training
Gym Equipment – Strength Training

What Equipment Do You Need For A Home Gym?

Gym Equipment UK FAQ's
Gym Equipment UK FAQ’s

To answer this question correctly, you need to know exactly what your long term fitness goals are. Do you?

Anyone can write a long list of popular home gym equipment UK onto a website, and tell you what to buy. But, ultimately, if the equipment does not match your fitness goals then you will just be wasting your hard earned money.

So, don’t waste your cash! Work out what you want to achieve. Then, and only then, make the purchase.

Make sure you know the answers to these questions BEFORE making a purchase:

  1. Will your workouts be completed at home?
  2. How much space do you have, for your home gym equipment?
  3. Are you self motivated enough, to complete workouts at home?
  4. Which areas of your body, are you hoping to improve?
  5. Are you interested in purchasing cardio/aerobic equipment?
  6. Is strength training a.k.a. weightlifting your thing?
  7. Do you have any physical injuries, that you need to take into consideration?
  8. What is your budget?

Don’t use these questions to criticise your body, and drag down your inner self-worth. Respect the body you have now, and only consider purchasing home gym equipment that will empower you to succeed, and boost your self confidence.


What Is The Best Gym Equipment?

Below are our top picks of home gym equipment to buy in 2019. We’ve focused our summary on the most commonly used free weights, and cardio fitness gear. 

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Cardio Gym Equipment

The following home gym equipment is suited to those looking to improve their cardio stamina:

  1. Treadmill
  2. Exercise Bike
  3. Cross Trainer

1. Treadmill

Gym Equipment - Treadmill
Gym Equipment – Treadmill

Buying a decent treadmill is a large expense. Many people will tell you it’s a waste of money, and seem to think running outside for free is a far more sensible solution. In some ways it is, but what these critics always seem to forget is that Winter comes around EVERY YEAR. Running in the dismal cold, rain, and snow are not much fun! 

If you are a runner (or want to become a runner) you should definitely consider purchasing a treadmill for your home. Owning your own treadmill gives you freedom to exercise whenever you like, in the comfort and warmth of your own home. You don’t have to wait for the gym to open, nor waste time commuting to your local gym. Furthermore, you no longer waste your hard earned cash on massive monthly gym memberships!


Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill

We recommend purchasing the Branx Fitness treadmill, because it is suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginner through to advanced. The treadmill has a cushioned platform, to help limit the shock on your body. It has a maximum speed of 13mph, and a perfectly sized running platform. It can also be folded up when not in use, making it very space efficient.


2. Exercise Bike

Gym Equipment: Exercise Bike
Gym Equipment: Exercise Bike

Are you a fan of cycling? Do you spend a fortune attending your local gyms spinning sessions each month? If so, you should consider buying a home exercise bike.

Home exercise bikes are great because you get the best of both worlds! You can sit down and watch tv, whilst also cycling!


Ultrasport F-Bike Home Bike Trainer

At under £100, the Ultrasport home bike trainer is very affordable. It is collapsable, and comes with 8 resistance levels supporting a range of workout levels.


3. Cross Trainer

Gym Equipment - Cross Trainer
Gym Equipment – Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is a cardio fitness machine that provides full body workouts, from legs and arms, to your core. It burns considerably more calories than other cardio exercises, and will put your body through its paces!


Pro XS Sports 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Here’s another great bargain, for less than £100. This total body, low impact cross trainer is particularly special, because not only is it a cross trainer, it’s also a exercise bike! 2 in 1! It has handy pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate, and a multifunction LCD display.


Small Exercise Equipment

Haven’t got room for the big home gym equipment, but still want to improve your overall fitness levels. No problem!

If you are looking to start a home fitness regime, here is a list of the basic core gym equipment you will need:

  1. Workout Mat
  2. Fitness Deck
  3. Resistance Bands
  4. Resistance Tubes
  5. Dumbbells
  6. Kettlebells


1. Workout Mat

Thick Yoga Mat
Thick Yoga Mat

We recommend using a thick yoga mat that will support your body during each workout.

The Maximo Exercise Mat is a great solid choice, that is tough and durable. I’ve been using mine most days for the last year, and haven’t needed to replace it. The extra thick material supports my body during all workouts.


2. Fitness Deck

Investing in a fitness deck will prove one of the best investments you make. They are a great allrounder, and can be used in many different ways, supporting cardio, aerobic, and strength training workouts.

My particular favourite is the Escape V2.0 Fitness Deck, but the Reebok Adult’s Deck is also a great low budget unit, that is competitively priced.

For more information on the Escape V2.0 Fitness Deck, read my home gym equipment product review.


3. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands

Gritin Resistance Band Set

Always have a set of resistance bands handy when working out at home, or in the gym. You never know when they will prove useful! Most brands are small and portable, so you can literally complete a workout anywhere.

Resistance bands are ideal for leg, and booty exercises.

The Gritin Resistance Band Set (set of 5) offers a great range of different resistance levels, to cater to your ever growing strength and workout level requirements. Made from premium latex. 


If you are not sure what to do with your resistance bands, check out our  Exercise Routine Page for some fab ideas.

Topelek Resistance Fitness Tubes

If you prefer resistance fitness tubes for your strength training, grab a set of Topelek Fitness Tubes. These are ideal for full body workouts (arms, legs, booty), and come with soft cushioned handles that can be hooked up to different resistance fitness tubes.

Fitness Tubes are particularly useful if you own an Escape Fitness Deck V2.0, because the deck has premade slots in the top platform that are designed for the user to hook their resistance tube into. Once hooked up, off you go!


4. Weights

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 15 Minute Workout - Dumbbell Weightlifting
Dumbbell Weightlifting

If you want that beach body, you need to start lifting weights! I’m not kidding, either!

Scrap the image that lifting weights will turn you into some muscle bound scary lady. It simply isn’t true!

Weightlifting is great for developing muscles, and achieving a toned sexy body. But! The real benefit to weightlifting is that firstly (and most importantly) you are physically stronger, and more toned. Secondly, however, the muscle you build burns more calories. If you keep developing and maintaining your muscles, you will start to lose excess fat because muscles require more energy intake (calories), simply to exist.

Here’s what you will need:


The fitness market is flooded with various types dumbbells. You can get dumbbells covered in neoprene (my personal favourite, because they come in lots of different bright colours!) haha.

You can also get fab rubber Hexa dumbbells. These are great quality, and super easy to wipe clean if you get a touch sweaty! Yum! I’m not sure why, but if you are after heavier weights (above 10kg), you will be purchasing rubber dumbbells. I’ve purchased a few of these, and always feel like I’m some kind of weightlifting superhero when I use them, because they look more serious going than my neoprene colourful weights!

The most important advice I can give you is tp stick with the main brand names. Don’t risk saving a couple of quid on an unknown fitness brand. Buy quality tested brands only. My recommendations are Proiron and Hexa.

BUY NOW – Proiron Dumbbells

BUY NOW – Hexa Dumbbells



The kettlebell is a great all-rounder. It can be used to develop lean muscles, whilst also toning your abs, core, legs, and arms.

Kettlebell swings are particularly effective. Avoid injuries with this popular piece of gym equipment, by ensuring you maintain correct form throughout your workout. For further details on how, check out my Exercise Routine page.


Purchase your kettlebells safely, via Amazon. Approved links below:

We R Sports – Great neoprene lined Kettlebell

We R Sports – Cast Iron, solid kettlebell

How Much Does Gym Equipment Cost?

Exercise equipment varies in price, dramatically. You can literally spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds putting together an awe inspiring home gym setup. But, do you really need to spend every last penny? We don’t think you do …

Only you can decide how much you are prepared to pay for your fitness equipment. Ultimately, if you are after high quality, branded equipment, then you should expect to pay a premium for it. Yes, you can no doubt purchase a similar product for less money elsewhere. But, will it last as long? 

Check out the KGS Health and Fitness Shop. It’s packed full of amazing high quality fitness products, which we recommended you purchase, if you are looking to setup a home gym.

Don’t waste money. Buy the right fitness equipment.


Online Fitness Coach. Live Well.
Online Fitness Coach. Live Well.

Used Gym Equipment UK

Gym Equipment Ebay

Many people purchase home gym equipment, but never use it. They lack the self motivation to exercise at home on a regular basis. Consequently, you will find a lot of gym equipment on Ebay, at bargain basement prices.

Although it may look like a bargain, be extremely cautious when buying fitness equipment from websites such as this. You really need to know what you are looking for, and be certain that the equipment is in full working order.

Most people selling items will be honest, but, that doesn’t mean everyone is. You should always keep your guard up. It’s very easy to be scammed on purchasing platforms like this. I know, because it’s happened to me!

Work by the simple rule, that if the seller’s advertisement looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you can purchase via an online Ebay shop (even if it costs slightly more), you should, because it offers you buyer protection. Finally, make sure you pay via Paypal, not cash.

If in doubt, or it all seems too much hassle and stress, then check out our Fitness Shop. Click on our links, to safely purchase recommended, brand new fitness gear.

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