8 Sous-Rubriques À Suivre Pour Obtenir Les Meilleurs Résultats En Matière De Fitness En 2021

8 sous-rubriques à suivre pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats en matière de condition physique en 2020

Doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, there are always questions to be answered, a need for motivational boost and other worries.

Certains trouvent toutes les réponses en recherchant la paix intérieure par la méditation.

D’autres préfèrent utiliser toutes les ressources possibles d’une information fiable.

Et puis il y a ceux qui vont à Reddit. Et vous devriez en faire autant !

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Unique et réellement utile

The thing with Reddit is that quality matters. Give someone shit advice and you’ll be ignored at best.

Give reasonable, actually helpful advice or information on any topic and what you say reaches thousands of people.

One more thing, you will quickly realize that there are others dealing with the exact same problems you are. All of whom have been able to find the right answers.

8 meilleurs sous-titres à suivre

Different subreddits will give you insights on specific topics that make it easier to find the answers you are looking for.

But because there are countless subreddits on all kinds of topics, you have to first find the ones to follow in order to get what you need.

So here are some of the best subreddits you should follow all related to fitness, motivation and personal growth.

Perdre le contrôle

One of the most common reasons for people to start working out is simple. Losing that extra body weight!

Some say this is the most positive subreddit you can find. People share their experiences and knowledge on losing weight and everything that relates to this topic.


fitness is one of the most popular subreddits related to working out, getting fit and all of the kind. A place of positioning thinking for those who are looking to get fit.

This is where different topics related to fitness are being discussed and questions answered.


You are what you eat! And when it comes to working out and making a difference, the things you eat play a huge role in getting to those desired results.

nutrition advicenutrition advice

Follow the nutrition subreddit to get to know more about healthy eating habits, best diet advice and more.

Faites preuve de discipline

Motivation is there to get you started and give you extra strength when you are down. To be truly effective, you need to get disciplined.

And this applies to more than just fitness and workouts. Whatever it is in life you want to achieve, you have to be willing to live a certain lifestyle to achieve it. This subreddit will give you great examples and advice on what is the foundation of discipline.


If you are more into weights and everything about building more strength, this is the subreddit for you to follow.

Everyone from beginners to more experienced workout freaks will be able to find answers to different questions and share their personal experience with those who are looking for advice.

En cours d’exécution

Those who run, know very well, that running is itself a lifestyle. And this subreddit is all about running.

running in cityrunning in city

How to start, where to run, what to wear and what more questions are getting answered every day. Even if you think you know everything you have to know, following this subreddit is a must-do, fo those, who run. It’s a community!

Photos des progrès

Looking at already fit and well-trained bodies to get inspiration does not work for everyone. And I can agree that it is a lot more inspiring to look at how people have managed to change to hey are and how they look.

This is exactly what Photos des progrès is all about. People who have changed their life and appearance share their progress to inspire others and check into the group, that gives motivation to themselves.

Décider d’être meilleur

At the end of the day, whatever your goal is, it is all about being a better version of yourself. This is where you will find answers to all kinds of questions on doing better in life.

happy womenhappy women

Sometimes you have to start with something little, to make a bigger difference over time. And this is where you can find the right answers and motivation to get moving.

Surtout si vous savez que ces conseils viennent de personnes qui ne sont pas différentes de vous.

If there are any other subreddits you find to be worth following for those, who are into fitness and healthy lifestyle, let us know. But for some pure motivation make sure to suivez-nous sur Instagram .

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