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Best Gymnastics MatsBest Gymnastics Mats
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Whether you looking to practice tumbling, gymnastics, martial arts or cheer leading you’re going to need the right equipment.

Aside from the right clothing, a gymnastics mat is going to be the most important purchase you make for these sports.

They provide comfort, stability and most importantly safety for the tumbling and moves you need to practice.

However, there are countless options to choose from and we’ve done the research on the top gymnastics mats available so you don’t have to. Let’s get started!

Les meilleurs tapis de gymnastique

  Tapis gonflable EZ GLAM Air Track tapis de gymnastique gymmatsdirect Équilibre entre les tapis polyvalents
Type : Gonflable Mousse Mousse
La taille : 3,3′ x 10′ à
6.6′ x 27′
2′ x 6′ à
5′ x 10′
4′ x 10′
Rembourrage : 4″ à 8″ d’épaisseur 2″ – 4″ d’épaisseur 2″ Épais
Construction : Bâche en PVC Cuir PU Vinyle

Réponse rapide : Les 7 tapis de gymnastique les mieux notés pour 2020

  1. Tapis de gymnastique gonflable EZ GLAM Air Track
  2. tapis de gymnastique gymmatsdirect Folding Tumbling Exercise Mat
  3. Solde du tapis polyvalent BFGR-01PP
  4. AKSPORT Air Track Gymnastique sur piste d’atterrissage Tapis de tumbling
  5. Tumbl Trak Jr. tapis d’entraînement de gymnastique Crash Pad
  6. Gymnastique gonflable Happybuy Air Track Mad
  7. aurores polaires multiples couleurs épaisses gymnastique de pliage

Nos commentaires sur les tapis de gymnastique les mieux notés avec notre tableau comparatif and guide des acheteurs vous aidera à choisir celui qui vous convient le mieux.

Critiques des tapis de gymnastique

#1 EZ GLAM Tapis de gymnastique sur piste d’athlétisme

Regularly considered to be one of the best gymnastics mats in the world, the EZ Glam Air Track looks and feels great.

This mat is such a high performer that it’s ideal for gymnastics, cheer, beach use, park, or even at home! Needless to say, your possibilities are endless here.

You’ll get to choose from dozens of different color schemes, with each one bright and easy to work on while remaining fun and playful.

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Setting it up is also very easy. As it’s inflatable it’s very easy to transport and even comes with a convenient carry bag for the mat and the included air pump.

The air pump quickly fills it up, all the way to 5psi and you’ll be ready to go in just 30 seconds!

If you’d like a more permanent solution, then you should know once you inflate it, it will stay at that pressure for days on end which makes it even more convenient!

As it’s so light, you can easily move it exactly where you need it to be. Despite being inflatable, it’s actually very durable.

Made of double-wall, drop stitch PVC laminated fabric, the 1.2mm thickness is great for high-performance training and can support quite a bit of weight.


Tapis de gymnastique gonflable EZ GLAM Air Track at a Glance :

  • Type :  Gonflable
  • Taille :  3.3′ x 10′ à 6.6′ x 27′
  • Rembourrage :  4″ à 8″ Épais
  • Matériel de couverture :  Bâche en PVC

#2 gymmatsdirect Tapis de gymnastique pliable

Next, is the best folding gymnastics mat: the gymmatsdirect Mat. Coming in various types of fun colors, you can select between Royal Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, and more.

As it’s foldable, you can quickly just pick it up with the carry handle and pack it up in the car or in a closet when it’s not going to be in use.

Made with your choice of either 2 or 4-inch-thick high-density EPE foam, it’s safe to be used around children and even babies.

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Not only that, but it’s thick and firm enough that your children can tumble and flip without any worry of getting injured due to hard surfaces.

For extra grip and security, the pad is covered in a sturdy leather PU, making for a lower chance of slipping or losing balance.

As it’s non-absorbent it won’t take in foul odors. It’s also tear-resistant so you can count on in being in great condition for many years of use.

The 5-part mat comes with Velcro on each side so you can connect side to side and end to end to add even more mats if you’d like to practice tumbling runs or other routines that require more space.


Gymmmatsdirect : le tapis de gymnastique pliable en un coup d’œil :

  • Type : Mousse
  • Taille :  2′ x 6′ à 5′ x 10′
  • Rembourrage : 2 – 4″ épais
  • Matériel de couverture :  Cuir PU

#3 Solde du tapis polyvalent BFGR-01PP

The best tumbling mats need to be thick and reliable, which is exactly what the BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose Anti-Tear Folding Mat is.

If you’re looking for a kids gymnastics mat at a low price, then this is a great selection. Looking sleek and coming in an array of cool colors, they’re sure to be put to good use.

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Just like the previous design, this one is made with high-density EPE foam perfect for things like gymnastics, aerobics, Pilates, martial arts and more.

The surface is covered with a non-toxic, lead-free vinyl.

The vinyl is a bit sticky at times, but it is puncture-resistant for great durability and non-absorbent so you won’t have to worry about it smelling foul.

As it’s also moisture-resistant, you can easily wash it down with a spray bottle and soap.

If you need to cover more area, the Velcro on each side makes it easy to connect various mats together securely.

With a 2-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can purchase with complete confidence and at literally no risk.


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