Le Crossfit Rend-Il Les Femmes Encombrantes ? Comment Ne Pas Gagner En Volume !

CrossFit rend-il les femmes encombrantes ? Comment gagner du volume et comment ne pas en gagner !

If you have ever watched the CrossFit games or seen any of the ladies of CrossFit featured on the SubReddit Les filles de CrossFit vous pouvez être intimidée, inspirée, envieuse ou amoureuse.

Tous sont des réactions communes à la vue de ces belles dames.

Ces images nous laissent perplexes, nous les simples mortels, et nous nous demandons si CrossFit me rendra encombrant.

CrossFit WomenCrossFit Women

C’est une question valable !

It is easy to find many female CrossFit athletes with a fair bit more muscle than a “ toned femme “.

Some of these ladies are straight up BUFF, ripped, butt kicking machines.

We assure you, by the end of ce short article, we will answer the question “CrossFit rend-il les femmes encombrantes ?”

Ce article will not only answer that controversial question, but provide guidance on how to, and how NONT to gain bulk, and discuss how YOUR personal goals matter most in answering the question as it applies to you.

CrossFit rend-il les femmes encombrantes ?

OUI ! ! ( Bien qu’il soit difficile pour une femme d’accomplir )

And NON Pas nécessairement. CrossFit ne automatiquement Faites grossir chaque femme instantanément, contre son gré (ou plus avec précision les choix qu’ils font).

Vous n’avez pas encore compris ?

The truth is, CrossFit can make women bulk up, if they allow it. There are also ways to avoid bulking, if that is not your goal.

Women naturally carry more fat, and have significantly less testosterone than men, so it is harder for a woman to gain big, bulky muscles, but it is not impossible.

Before we get into the specifics of what causes bulk, I want you to pause and reflect on your own goals.

Quels sont vos objectifs personnels

plank exerciseplank exercise

Qu’est-ce qui vous attire dans CrossFit ?

What benefits are you hoping for by engaging in the sport? If you do not want to gain any muscle at all, I have some sad news.

CrossFit is probably not the sport for you. Every athlete who seriously pursues CrossFit will gain some muscle.

Quels sont vos objectifs pour votre corps ?

Les femmes ont plusieurs objectifs de remise en forme, sans ordre particulier :

  • Ajouter du volume, avoir des jambes, des épaules et des bras musclés
  • Réduire la graisse corporelle, se maigrir
  • Apparaître tonique tout en gardant des courbes
  • Being physically stronger and able to do things previously impossible (Like a pull-up)
  • Une vision claire et définie

Est-ce que l’un de ces objectifs vous correspond ?

Once you decide what you want, you will be in a better position to decide how to get there.

Conseil top secret :

It is ALL in the diet. Scouts honor. If you eat to bulk, you bulk, if not, then no.

Est-ce que CrossFit est une bonne façon de brûler les graisses ?


Yes, CrossFit will burn fat and you will lose body fat if you eat a calorie deficit.

A deficit means you eat slightly less calories than your body uses, causing your body to use fat as an energy source.

L’alimentation est le roi. C’est la clé pour perdre de la graisse.

Étapes pour perdre de la graisse

  • Find your Maintenance level calorie needs, or how many calories you need to stay at the same weight. Ce Le lien propose plusieurs méthodes de calcul pour le trouver.
  • Mangez 20 % de moins que le niveau d’entretien, et vous commencerez à perdre.
  • Ne mangez jamais moins que votre taux métabolique de base ( la quantité minimale de calories dont votre corps a besoin ) Utilisation ce pour trouver votre BMR.

Avertissement :

N’essayez pas de perdre du poids trop rapide , you will lose muscle and it is counter productive if you are losing more that 1 to 1.5 lbs every week.

If you have gone several weeks where weight loss is more than 1.5 lbs, and you are not significantly overweight, ce level of weight loss is excessive. Eat a little more, while maintaining a smaller deficit.

Women doing abs exerciseWomen doing abs exercise

Comment le “vrac” est-il créé ?

Bulk has several definitions, so I will describe two that occur most often with CrossFit.

Définition 1 : Bulk can mean large muscles, covered with a layer of fat, making someone appear large and solid, but not defined. AKA: Gaining muscle without losing body fat.

Définition 2 : Large muscles on a person with low body fat, which some consider “cut” or “ripped”. Ce is where you are losing fat and gaining muscle and is the Unicorn of the fitness world according to those who can’t achieve it.

Either way, “bulk” is created by a calorie surplus, and many trainers recommend the extra calories be in the form of protein.

J’ai également entendu ( et expérimentés ) the phenomenon of low reps, combined with heavy weight, will help those muscles grow bigger.

Recommandations pour le regroupement

Mangez un surplus de 10 à 20 % de calories en plus sous forme de protéines.

If you want a number to shoot for, aim for 1.7 grams of protein for every kilo of weight you have, daily, as an ideal amount of protein for bulking.

Comment devenir maigre au lieu d’être encombrant


To get lean you need to eat at a deficit, as we stated in the area above, regarding losing fat.

Those who have a lean, toned, muscular look, but without large muscles, are usually those that:

  • Manger pour maintenir son poids ou manger légèrement en déficit
  • Incluez autant de cardio ( alias MetCon ) dans leur entraînement comme ils le font pour la musculation.
  • Lift weights that are challenging, while not trying to lift the absolute most they can every single session.

The muscles will develop as you continue your CrossFit journey, as long as the weight you use is moderately challenging.

The fatness or leanness your body has is a function of diet, protein ration of the diet and whether you are in a calorie deficit or surplus

Essayez d’échanger quelques glucides contre des protéines dans votre alimentation. Surveillez vos macros !

Record what you eat so you are not deceiving yourself. Record the workouts and weight used too. Your box probably already has you doing ce, but if not, start.

Une note rapide

Give us your thoughts. What have you done that helped you bulk up or lean out?

Faites-le nous savoir dans les commentaires ci-dessous et partagez vos conseils pour que tout le monde puisse les voir.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, nous vous verrons à la boîte.



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