5 Reasons Why Workouts At Home Are More Effective

Is it effective to workout at home

Is It Effective To Workout At Home

Gone are the days when you have to commute to the local gym, and pay expensive monthly gym memberships, just to keep in shape. With time often at a premium in today’s fast paced world, home workouts really are the answer everyone has been looking for. So step off that treadmill where you are rushing to get to the gym after work each day, and find out how home workouts will transform your lives. Is it effective to workout at home? The simple answer is yes.

Here are 5 reasons why workouts at home are more effective:

  • Saves time i.e. no more commuting to the gym
  • No expensive monthly gym memberships
  • Privacy when you workout 
  • Home workouts are more flexible
  • No waiting to use equipment
Home workouts are more effective than the gym
Home workouts are more effective than the gym

My Story

When I started taking fitness seriously, I was in my early 20’s. I graduated from university, and immediately joined the world of work. Without realising it, I slotted straight into societies pre-set mould where I slogged my guts out at work during the day, then rushed to my local gym straight after work. This was my daily routine for years, and I literally never even thought to question it, until I had kids.

Having a kid at 30 years old changed my world. Time was literally at a premium, between breast feeding, weaning, baby groups, sleepless nights, colic and cleaning baby food off all my clothes! Finding time to exercise was hard with a little baby, and I would never tell anyone otherwise. I desperately wanted to exercise, to shift that baby bump, but I had no regular childcare because my husband often worked abroad. Did I also stubbornly refuse to allow anyone else to look after my precious first born? Yes! Life was made harder by my choices, for sure.

I started to look around for exercise alternatives that didn’t take me away from home, and that’s when I discovered the secret world of home workouts. I’d obviously heard of home exercise before, but never taken it seriously. Big mistake!

So in answer to my title question “is it effective to workout at home?” here are 5 simple reasons why you should scrap that gym membership right away. 

Bin that gym membership!
Bin that gym membership!

1. Saves Time

Commuting to and from the gym sucks up valuable time. Your local gym might only be 10 minutes drive away (which is great), but have you ever thought about making that 10 minutes more productive? In just 10 minutes you could have performed a HiiT Workout at home! If you fancy giving it a go, take a look at some of my home workouts now.

Do you even realise how many minutes you are spending each week, just driving to and from the gym? Take a step back right now, and work it out!

Time Saving Example


  • You workout at the gym 3 times a week
  • The gym is 10 minutes drive away (each way).
  • Each gym workout takes a total of 20 minutes driving time.


  • Your total commute time is 60 Minutes!

Wow! If this example is similar to your situation, you are literally spending 1 hour in the car each week, just commuting to the gym! No workouts are completed, you are simply DRIVING!

Everyone’s situation will be different, some people live far closer to their gym, and others might actually travel even further to attend their gym. Either way, this simple example is merely here to highlight the hidden time that the gym can suck up. These timings also do not account for the extra time packing your car, or waiting on gym equipment to be available once you are actually at the gym.

Is it effective to workout at home? Home workouts save time
Is it effective to workout at home? Home workouts save time

2. No Expensive Monthly Gym Memberships

Average Gym Membership Cost

With the average gym monthly membership costing £40 a month in the UK (source), and the job market feeling increasingly uncertain, is it any wonder that people are now looking for cheaper fitness alternatives?

There may have been a flood of budget gyms popping up across the country offering more competitively priced gyms in recent years, but even these are still going to set you back a small fortune. 

Gym Contracts

Most gyms require you to commit to a contract, whether it be for 3, 6, or 12 months. Shorter contracts are often hard to come by. Gyms also tend to make the annual 12 month price far more competitively priced, which encourages individuals to sign up for longer commitments.

Budget Gym Costs V Average UK Gym Costs

So how much would you save if you completed your workouts at home instead? Let’s take a quick look at two examples below:

1st Example: 

  • Monthly gym membership £25
  • 12 month contract

Answer: Save £300 each year

2nd Example:

  • Monthly gym membership cost £40
  • 12 month contract

Answer: Save £480 each year

Cancel your expensive gym contract now!
Cancel your expensive gym contract now!

Home Workouts Are Adaptable

Obviously your home workout routines will need to adapt to the home gym equipment that you have available. However, don’t let this stop you! There are so many workouts that can be completed with zero, to minimal equipment. Take a look at my home workout routines now, for some ideas.

With an average saving of £480 a year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, you can afford to gradually build your own home gym equipment collection. This fitness equipment will be yours. You’ve given your local gym money towards buying their gym equipment for everyone to share, now why not put your hard earned cash towards buying your own?!

If you are new to fitness, or not too sure which is the best value fitness equipment to purchase, check out this article that I wrote for ideas: “Most Popular Home Gym Equipment 2019“.

Save cash by exercising at home
Save cash by exercising at home

3. Privacy When You Workout

No one walks away from the gym looking like a supermodel! Instead, you’re more likely to look sweaty, and red faced. In some cases, you might smell a bit too, if your sweat has mixed with bacteria on your body.

Maybe you are super confident, and don’t mind people seeing your post-gym workout look. Personally for me however, I would rather avoid the whole situation completely which is probably why I’m such an advocate of home workouts.

Home workouts can make people so much more effective. Within the privacy of your own home people are willing to workout harder than they may be willing to workout, at the gym. Why? Because at home you don’t get embarrassed for looking sweaty! No one, except your family will see you. If you are particularly shy, the gym might also just be too social and public, to even start a workout at all.

Home workouts are private
Home workouts are private

4. Home Workouts Are More Flexible

Is it more effective to workout at home?

Simply put, YES!!

Home workouts are extremely flexible. You can literally complete them whenever you like. So, if you get that sudden urge to get fit at midnight (seriously, are you crazy?!!) do a workout in the comfort of your own home. There’s no commuting to the local gym, which will be closed anyhow!

If you are a busy mum, then you know better than most that finding time to exercise is difficult. The beauty of home workouts is that you can work them around your little ones. For instance, maybe you can exercise at home before they wake up? Or whilst they are having a midday nap? My kids are no longer babies, so I fit in a shorter HiiT workout whilst they are having fun in the bath!

The flexibility of home workouts makes them massively efficient. Gym memberships by contrast require a massive time investment because they cannot usually be fit into a shorter 10-30 minute workout session. Driving to and from the gym on its own can suck up the 10 minute workout session, that a home workout could have provided you with.

Home workouts are flexible
Home workouts are flexible

5. No Waiting To Use Equipment

Have you ever finally got to the gym, yet found that it’s packed with people and you have to keep waiting to use equipment? This problem is more common than you realise, and it can really muck with your psyche and workout achievements.

If you workout regularly, you are likely to be aware that you need to feel ‘in the zone’, to have a killer workout. When you are mentally ready, and prepped for your workout the last thing you need is to keep having to stop your flow because the gym equipment you need next isn’t available. I personally find distractions like this really impact my overall performance levels, as I lose focus. My commitment to completing the full workout also gets shaken.

Is it effective to workout at home? Yes, because you do not need to wait to use home gym equipment. Instead, you can focus all your efforts on completing a home workout, without having to switch workout equipment midway.

Gyms are often too busy
Gyms are often too busy

Is It Best To Workout At Home Or Gym?

Whether you prefer to workout at home, or at the gym, the decision as to which is best will ultimately all come down to personal preference.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of both workout types. Below, I have summarised the main things to consider when answering this question.

Is it effective to workout at home, rather than the gym? You decide …

A. Home Workouts


  • More time efficient, as no commuting to the gym
  • Less daunting heavy duty gym equipment
  • Private workouts
  • Save on costly gym memberships
  • Very flexible workouts. Complete a workout at anytime.
  • No waiting to use gym equipment
  • You know how clean your home gym equipment is!
  • You only need space for an exercise mat


  • You will need self motivation, to workout at home
  • Large home gym equipment requires space
  • Less sociable environment
  • Outright purchase cost of home gym equipment
  • Less access to a wide range of gym equipment
Is it effective to workout at home?
Is it effective to workout at home?

B. Gym Workouts


  • Access to wide range of gym equipment
  • Avoid expensive home gym equipment purchases
  • More sociable environment
  • Equipment will be replaced on a more regular basis.
  • You can hire a personal fitness instructor, to help you
  • Certain people workout better in a gym environment


  • Costly monthly gym membership
  • You have to travel to and from the gym
  • Time investment
  • Very public workout – everyone will see you looking sweaty!
  • May have to wait to use certain gym equipment
  • Workout times are less flexible
  • Gym equipment may not be clean
Is it effective to workout at home? or the gym?
Is it effective to workout at home? or the gym?

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