Why Doing The Same Workout Everyday Is A Mistake

Why Doing The Same Workout Everyday Is A Mistake

Keeping active is one of the best things you can every do for yourself. Regular exercise will keep your body physically healthy, and your head will be buzzing with non-stop endorphins that put you in a great mood. Is it bad to do the same workout everyday though? The simply answer is yes. Although regular exercise might sound like a winning combination to you, it is extremely important that you do switch up your routine, to avoid the following issues.

Here are four reasons why doing the same workout everyday is bad for you:

  1. Increased risk of injury
  2. Boredom leads to failure
  3. Muscles stop growing bigger
  4. Overtraining Can Disrupt Sleep Patterns and lower your immunity

Is It Bad To Workout The Same Muscles Everyday?

What happens when your workout the same muscles everyday? Take a look at these 4 examples of things to watch out for.

1. Increased Risk Of Injury

If you exercise certain muscles every single day, you are literally asking to develop an injury. As admirable as it might be that you’ve dedicated yourself to improving your body, completing the same workouts everyday just isn’t advisable. This is why you hear many fitness folk talking about “leg day”, “arm day”, “ab day” etc. They are specifically targeting different muscle groups within their bodies, allowing each area of their body enough time to heal before being worked again.

Fitness fanatics target different areas of their bodies during consecutive workouts, because each time you workout you place strain on certain muscle groups. This results in tiny microscopic tears within the muscles that need time to recover, heal and grow bigger and stronger. Why is it bad to do the same workout everyday? Quite simply, if you do not let your muscles heal then additional workout strain on the same muscle will increase your chances of injury, because the muscle will be weak and unable to achieve maximum potential without suffering damage.

Avoid overtraining because you increase your risk of injury
Avoid overtraining because you increase your risk of injury

2. Boredom Leads To Failure

When you complete an exercise over and over it becomes easier, because the muscles activated get stronger from repetitive use. However, repetitively completing the same workout everyday just isn’t fun, and can quickly lead to boredom.

Boredom is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve their fitness goals. Despite starting out with good intentions, people often give up on their targets because the monotonous routine of the same daily exercises sets in. This is why it is massively important to switch up your workouts, and target different areas of your body each day to ensure that you don’t suffer from boredom.

3. Muscles Stop Growing Bigger

Exercising the same muscles every single day will not achieve the results that you expect. The natural assumption is that your muscles will get bigger, from continually pushing them, however, this is not the case.

Firstly, if you work the same muscle day after day, you are not allowing it to heal, and grow. Muscles needs 24-72 hours to recover from each killer workout. This rest period allows them to heal, whilst also growing bigger and stronger.

Secondly, the muscle group will not grow bigger because the body quickly adapts to the same repetitive workout. Example: In order to grow at this point you will need to increase the weights you are lifting, to achieve the same calorie burn and muscle growth as you did when you first started weightlifting.

4. Overtraining Can Disrupt Sleep Patterns And Lower Your Immunity

Overtraining is when you train too many times, without allowing your body to rest and recover. Whilst those individuals hitting the gym or their home workouts hard might feel righteous doing so, they are damaging their health in the process. Unfortunately, they are likely to discover this too late.

Firstly, aim to train for 3-5 days a week. Leave a 1-2 day gap between workouts focused on a certain muscle group, because overtraining leaves your body no time to heal itself.

Secondly, if your body is continually focused on healing and rebuilding its muscles, then it is more susceptible to bugs and illness because your immunity is lowered.

Thirdly, overtraining can lead to an increase in your cortisol and epinephrine levels, aka your stress hormones. The unwanted side effects of this are an inability to concentrate, mood swings, and irritability (source). You sleep pattern can also be impacted by these changes.

Is Exercising Everyday Too Much?

Keeping active is great for your body, and mental health. You’d be hard pushed to find someone who disagreed that an active life was bad for you. In fact, scientists all over the world have listed countless health benefits of living a healthy life, for instance cardio exercises help to improve the health of your heart, whilst exercise in general can reduce your risk of developing certain diseases.

Is exercising everyday too much though? The answer really depends on the type of exercises you are doing, the impact on your body, and your physical health at the time.

Before you start your fitness journey, read my article ‘5 Things You Need To Know When Exercising For The First Time‘. 

Recommended Number Weekly Workouts

Aim to workout 3-5 days a week, allowing 1-2 days of rest inbetween. If you exercise more than this, over long periods of time, you run the risk of overtraining. Overtraining is known to place great physical stress on your body, whilst also resulting in many other unwanted consequences, such as a disrupting your sleep patterns, overall health, and bodies ability to recover and heal.

If you are determined to exercise 6+ days a week, try to mix up your workout schedule with LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) so that your body is placed under less stress. An ideal low intensity, low impact exercise is walking.

Changing Workout Routine Every Day

Switching Workout Routine

To keep yourself motivated, make sure you switch up your fitness regime on a regular basis. As with any form of exercise, your body will quickly adapt to the exercises it is doing, so it is important to swap your routine to shock your body into working harder at burning excess calories and fat. 

But I like My Routine!

Some people enjoy sticking with the same fitness routine, not realising that their body is no longer benefiting as much from the workout. The reason for this is that the body quickly adapts to new routines targeting particular muscle groups, and therefore does not have to work as hard to complete the workout.

It is easy to avoid falling into this particular fitness rut, because you can easily swap your routines on a regular basis. This is beneficial because it shocks your body into constantly having to make effort. If you are keen to lose weight, switching your fitness regime regularly helps your body burn a greater number of calories. You also increase your chances of seeing additional weight loss, rather than a weight loss plateau, despite regular exercise.

How Long Should You Do The Same Workout Routine?

Since every women is different, you can expect their bodies to react differently as well. Thus, although some women’s bodies adapt quickly to an exercise, others don’t. This makes it difficult to determine an exact time period for when you should change your routine to keep your body performing at optimum levels.

I recommend you swap your routines every 3-5 weeks, and aim to not complete the same workout every single day. Instead, divide your week into separate workouts that focus on particular muscle groups: ‘leg day’, ‘arm day’, ‘abs day’, ‘chest day’ etc. This will prevent your body getting too used to a particular exercise, whilst also giving all areas of your body that necessary time to rest and recover.

General Cardio Home Workout
General Cardio Home Workout

How Long Should A Workout Routine Last?

Cardio Workouts

The American Heart Association recommends that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. If you are keen to get going, give my 15 minute workout routine a go. It’s not as intense as my HiiT workouts, but will still get you blast excess calories.

Hiit Workouts

Alternatively, if you prefer vigorous aerobic activity, such as HiiT then you only need to exercise for 75 minutes per week. Take a look at my favourite HiiT cardio workout at home. I designed this home workout to take just 17 minutes of high intensity exercise. It’s fat burning potential is amazing, and the workout will definitely get your heart rate pumping. Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Cardio And HiiT Workouts

Want to mix it up so that you do a range of general cardio workouts, alongside high intensity interval training (HiiT)? No problem. The American Heart Association states that you can do a “combination of both, preferably spread throughout the week” (source).

Strength Training

The American Heart Association recommends that individuals also practise moderate to high intensity muscle strengthening activities i.e. weight lifting, or resistance workouts, for a minimum of 2 days a week.

Take a look at my home workout “Best Dumbbell Workouts For Beginners“. This is a great place to get you started on your weight lifting journey.

All you need is a set of good quality dumbbells, plus a kettlebell, then off you go! My favourite dumbbells are covered in neoprene for added comfort. Here’s a quick link to the ones I bought from Amazon, I personally think these are great, and they’ve stood the test of time! 

Regards kettlebells, this manufacturer makes high quality cast iron kettlebells at great value. They are easy to grip when doing kettlebell swings, and are available in a range of different weights according to your level. Here’s the Amazon link, if you want to take a look.

Kettlebell Swing Exercise
Kettlebell Swing Exercise

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