12 Tricks: How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

Stay motivated to workout at home

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

It’s not always easy keep fitness motivation levels high. From time to time, we all need to remember how to stay motivated to workout. Home exercise might be more convenient than traveling to the gym, but you will also be surrounded by the usual daily life distractions. These 12 tricks will help keep you focussed, allowing you to achieve killer workouts.

12 Tricks: How To Stay Motivated To Workout:

  1. Prepare a space to exercise
  2. Schedule a time to workout
  3. Dress for success!
  4. Move the alarm clock so you cannot press snooze
  5. Purchase a pedometer
  6. Create a music playlist
  7. Workout with your friends
  8. Follow a fitness app
  9. Reward yourself for exercising
  10. Switch up your workout!
  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself
  12. Create goals
12 Motivation Tips and Tricks
12 Motivation Tips and Tricks

How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

1. Prepare A Space To Exercise

Realistically speaking, most of us just aren’t lucky enough to have a spare room sat idle in our homes that can be conveniently transformed into a home gym (though wouldn’t that be amazing?!). Instead, home workouts often involve fitting exercise equipment around household furniture, and kid toys!

Don’t let this demotivate you! In our home I actually restructured the living room so that I can quickly move our giant bean bag out the way when I want to workout. Previously the sofa had to be moved, and quite frankly that killed my willingness to exercise on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a dedicated space to workout, you are less likely to feel motivated to exercise. Look around your home and find a space that you can make ‘yours’. As long as there’s enough room for an exercise mat, and any other fitness equipment that you wish to use then you’re sorted. The space doesn’t have to be massive, just big enough that you can physically move around.

Stay motivated by creating a space to exercise
Stay motivated by creating a space to exercise

2. Schedule A Time To Workout

Set An Alert!

Set an alert on your mobile that reminds you when to workout. Or, write your workout days into your calendar. We all know how easy it is to miss a day or two of exercise when life gets busy, so in times such as this your simple alert will acts as a great reminder.

Be Consistent With Your Workouts

Pick a time that suits you best. Commit to how many times you will workout each week. Then, STICK TO IT!

Setting a specific time to exercise during the day is a great way to keep your motivation levels up because consistently exercising at the same time each day develops healthy fitness habits that are easily remembered.

Maybe you need to set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier each morning to fit your session in. Or, maybe you could exercise whilst watching your favourite tv programmes. Either way, you are more likely to exercise if it is part of your routine.

Schedule a time to exercise
Schedule a time to exercise

3. Dress For Success!

Before every workout, make sure you are dressed in comfortable fitness clothing. This will help motivate you to exercise, because looking like you are ready for fitness will help you mentally commit to completing your workout.

If you don’t believe me, think of it another way. When you head to ‘your space’ for a fitness workout in your pj’s, do you ready, motivated and committed to completing that killer workout! No? … I didn’t think you would!

I’m a little obsessed with buying fitness gear. Amazon makes it super easy (possibly a little too easy) for me to purchase my favourite fitness brand in one click though! haha.

Dress in comfortable fitness clothes
Dress in comfortable fitness clothes

4. Move The Alarm Clock So You Cannot Press Snooze

Have you scheduled your workouts for first thing in the morning, or before heading out to work each day? If you are like me you may need to set an alarm clock to make sure you definitely get up. I personally found pressing the ‘snooze’ button was becoming a bit of a habit though, making me miss workouts as a result. My solution was to physically move my alarm to the other side of our bedroom…. arrrgghhh, not nice!! Consequently, I am now forced to get out of bed to turn the buzzer off before it wakes my husband!

Set your alarm clock!
Set your alarm clock!

5. Purchase A Pedometer

Latest Fitness Trend

The latest trend in the keep fit world seems to be that of counting our daily steps. I hear endless people talking about whether they’ve achieved their 10k steps today, or not. In fact, my dad’s almost 70, and even he seems to have jumped onto the counting steps band wagon! Was I seriously the last person on earth to join this craze?!!

If You Can’t Be Them, Join Them!

I thought counting steps would not stay popular for long, but in fact it seems to be gaining in popularity. So, I decided that if you can’t beat them, I should join them! I took a good look around on the internet (I love a bargain), and bought this fitness tracker from Amazon. Not only is it great value, it has also got me obsessed with tracking the number of steps I take each day. I’m seriously competing against myself each day – maybe I need to get out more!

Purchase a fitness tracker to count your daily steps
Purchase a fitness tracker to count your daily steps

6. Create A Music Playlist

It’s far easier to stay motivated to workout at home if you have a great soundtrack to workout to. Certain tracks will help you achieve the killer workout you desire, by helping you get into the ‘zone’ whilst exercising.

Listening to music whilst you workout helps pass the time more easily, than no music at all. A good beat can also help you regulate the pace of your workout.

Now, when I say create a music playlist I don’t mean create the playlist at the time you decide to go for your home workout. Nope! Instead, get prepared in advance by downloading and combining your favourite motivational tunes all into one playlist.

Create a music playlist
Create a music playlist

7. Workout With Your Friends

Exercise Can Be Fun

A great way to stay motivated to workout, is to regularly workout with your friends. Exercising with friends is a fun way to keep fit.

Motivational Pals

Friends will motivate each other to keep going, when the workout feels too tough.

Social Pressure

Exercising with your friends creates an unspoken pressure, and commitment to keep fit. If you don’t feel like exercising one day, you feel like you have to workout, because you do not let your friend down.

Social pressure can be beneficial because it helps keep you motivated!

Exercise With Your Friends
Exercise With Your Friends

8. Follow A Fitness App

Clear Workout Routine

Fitness apps are a great way to keep fit. They are super motivational, and help keep you on track by showing you the exact workout that you have to do and when.

The step by step process of the workout helps keep individuals motivated because they can tick the exercises off once completed, one by one.

Removes Decision Making Process

Fitness apps are beneficial for many people because they eliminate the decision making process of a workout. Not everyone wants to create their own workout routine, nor are they always sure if what they are doing is correct. Following a fitness app eliminates these issues immediately because the user simply has to follow the instructions in front of them.

When you do not follow a fitness app, you can skip the exercises that you dislike. Apps by contrast often encourage you to complete a wider range of exercises, whether you enjoy them or not. This makes you work harder, and build more muscle across your full body, because you cannot just ignore the app asking you to complete another 15 push ups! 

Stay motivated to workout at home by following a fitness app
Stay motivated to workout at home by following a fitness app

9. Reward Yourself For Exercising

Discover how to stay motivated to workout, by rewarding yourself for exercising. This will help you to keep your motivation levels high, because your brain will be making a subconscious (and positive) mental association between exercise and reward.

Now I’m not meaning you should go and eat a large chocolate bar the second you finish each workout. Instead, pick a reward that makes you want to achieve your target i.e. a maybe you buy the top you’ve wanted, after completing 10 workouts?

10. Switch Up Your Workout!

Not everyone enjoys completing the same workout routine over and over. Swapping the exercises within your workout helps to keep you motivated in the long term, because it prevents boredom of routine developing. 

Changing a workout routine is also extremely beneficial for your body, because it shocks the body into working harder, consequently burning extra calories. If you keep doing the same exercises over and over, your body gets used to this and becomes lazy. Swapping the exercises forces the body to keep working hard.

Switching up your workout makes your body burn more calories
Switching up your workout makes your body burn more calories

11. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. This can be one of the hardest things to do in the world if you are desperate to achieve your fitness goals, but the simple fact is that you do really need to listen to your body. If your body needs rest, then rest. If you didn’t feel strong enough to complete as many reps today, that’s fine. Some workouts will always feel harder than others, and that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s not a sign of failure.

We can all be our own worst enemy, but it is so important to go easy on ourselves so that you don’t create a negative mindset towards exercise.

12. Create Goals

Just because you are exercising at home, doesn’t mean that you cannot set your own personal fitness goals.

Setting goals might actually be more important for home workout goers than for gym fanatics! Why? Because goals help focus the mind, and keep people coming back for more exercise. Targets are a great way to stay motivated to workout at home because the individual have something to work towards.

Set your goals, work towards them each week, and succeed.

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