10 Tips That Keep You Motivated To Workout In Winter

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How To Stay Motivated To Workout At Home

Don’t let the Winter chills win. Follow our 10 ways on how to stay motivated to workout at home in Winter. Discover what keeps personal trainers exercising!

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As the dark nights set in, it can feel increasingly hard to stay motivated to workout. No one wants to exercise in the dark! And, if you do well you are simply amazing in my opinion!

10 Motivation Tips

Staying fit and healthy during the Winter months takes more effort and dedication. If you want to keep a regular workout routine going, follow my tips on how to stay motivated.

1. Set yourself new goals

A great way to kick start your Winter fitness motivation, is to set yourself some brand new targets. To do this, you should think about what you want to achieve i.e. do you want to develop your overall fitness levels? core muscles? booty?

Once you’ve worked out what your new goals are, you should write your fitness goals down in your Fitbook Fitness and Nutrition Journal. Writing your goals down is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve a target. As the Winter weeks go by, your Fitness Journal will help keep your new goals alive, and, at the top of your to-do list. Writing your goals down ensures you do not forget your targets too!

One of the many benefits of using a Fitbook is that you are encouraged to track your fitness progress on a regular basis, over a 12 week goal setting period. This tiny non descript little book can literally change your life! I’ve tried one myself, and absolutely love how I get to track my goals on a daily basis, whilst also being able to plan my healthy meals in advance.

2. Track your progress

What is the point of setting yourself fitness goals, if you don’t track your progress?

Tracking your progress is a great way to keep your motivation levels high, as seeing and feeling success on a daily basis is a great motivator in itself, and helps you stay on track for achieving your main fitness targets. One really popular fitness tracker is the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband.

The Fitbit Charge 2 can be purchased in two different sizes (small or large), so is suitable for male or females. It comes in a range of colours, but black is obviously far more easy to coordinate with various different clothing. The Fitbit will track your steps, distance walked or run, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity, and floors climbed. That’s quite impressive tracking!

There is also a great inbuilt reminder to encourage users to take 250 steps every hour. This is a really useful addition, as it’s too easy to sit down at work and forget to move around.

This particular Fitbit has been particularly popular due to the addition of a heart rate tracker. Plus, the ability of the Fitbit to monitor your sleep habits!

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3. Buddy Up

If you are lacking the motivation to exercise on a regular basis, why not “buddy up” with someone? Working out with other people can be a great way to maintain your motivation levels as it generates team spirit. As a team you can emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even physically support each other throughout the exercise process.

It is always better to workout with someone else, as when you exercise on your own, you are only accountable to yourself. However, if you exercise with another person you are also accountable to them. If you have a workout buddy, then choosing to not workout one day actually means you are letting both yourself AND your fitness buddy down. No one wants to let their friends down, which helps to encourage you to get up and be active, even if you do not want to be!

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4. Track your vital statistics

Monitoring your body’s vital statistics over the weeks and months you exercise can be a great source of motivation. Personally, I have found using a set of these Bluetooth Body Fat Scales to be amazingly inspiring. The scales track my stats via a mobile app. The app helps me visually see, week by week, how my workouts are impacting my body. The closer I get to my target goals, the more motivated I feel to reach my ultimate fitness goals!

The scales can track metrics over time, including body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. It may sound silly, but you end up competing with yourself each week, to see how much you can improve your body statistics!

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5. Wear comfortable workout clothes

Let’s face it. If you workout kit doesn’t feel comfortable, you are never going to want to learn how stay motivated to workout at home! It is important to feel comfortable whilst exercising. Your workout kit should never be a distraction, nor annoyance. So, remember to opt for comfortable sports clothing that supports your body correctly, and makes you feel confident.

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Sportswear Recommendations

I’ve personally used the following products, so can vouch that they are great for comfort factor:

Sports Bra

If you like to feel supported when you complete a high impact workout, then this Compression Pro Bra is the sports bra for you. I’ve purchased this item repeatedly, in different colours as I love the look and comfort factor given.

Another great sports bra option is this sports bra. You cannot go wrong with this fab sports bra, as it not only looks fab, but also comes in a multitude of different colours and sizes. I particularly like the sexy back straps on this sports bra.

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Capri Tights

My personal favourite capri tights are these ones, not only because they are great value for money, but also because they look great and are amazing quality. These tights are extremely fashionable, so grab your trendy bargain today!

6. Invest in home gym equipment

Forking out for monthly gym memberships can be expensive. Who actually wants to drag their exhausted self to the gym, on a cold Winter’s morning or evening, anyhow? I certainly don’t! So, save money by scrapping your gym membership during the Winter months, and instead, invest in some home workout equipment.

I used to always view home gym equipment as a pointless waste of money, until I bought this set of dumbbells! Since then, I’ve surprised myself by how motivated I feel to workout on a regular basis.

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With two young kids that keep me busy, time to keep fit was always my biggest hurdle to overcome. However, my newly developed passion for weightlifting at home has been so easy to integrate into my life, as I no longer need to trek out to the nearest gym to get a workout done. I also don’t need childcare cover for each time I have a workout anymore. For me, weightlifting has been extremely empowering and motivational. Literally everyday, I visually see how my body has physically developed more muscles!

So, if you fancy fitting in an exercise routine in the comfort of your own home, grab one of these exercise mats and maybe even some this loop resistance band. It’s time to start working out, and strengthening your legs and booty!

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7. Establish a consistent schedule

Having a routine is a great tip on how to stay motivated to workout at home, especially during the cold Winter months.

Plan your weekly fitness regime in advance, write it down if you need to! If you don’t have time to workout 6-7 days a week, don’t stress! Most people don’t! Aim for 30 minutes exercise 3-4 times a week.

Now the hard part, you need to commit to your weekly goals.

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If you are planning to wake up earlier, to fit your workout in before work/school run, then invest in a decent alarm clock. Using an alarm clock is important, as your body will prefer to sleep more during the Winter months, because the mornings are incredibly dark. This alarm is particularly clever, as it has a sunrise simulation that tricks your body into thinking the actual sun is rising, by recreating an early sunrise!

8. Grab a coffee

The thought of life without coffee is unbearable! Make sure you fuel yourself up with your favourite coffee, before commencing a workout. Caffeine helps to wake you up, which makes completing a workout, easier.

Did you know, that drinking caffeine before a workout, can actually increase the calories you burn during a workout? Coventry University’s research found that drinking caffeine before exercise can help you to lift heavier weights, and run faster!! WOW!! Drink up, drink up!!

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9. Change your routine

A workout will quickly become boring if you do the same routine each time. So, don’t be afraid to spice up your exercise routine by trying out different activities, you’ve never tried before. To increase your motivation levels, why not partake in a completely new sport during the Winter season? or find different ways to work your muscle groups whilst getting fit at home/gym.

Remember, variety is the spice of life!

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If you are looking for inspiration as to new fitness routines, why not check out my Fitness Routines page, and learn some healthy new fitness challenges.

10. Get plenty of sleep and treat yourself to the latest technology!

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that if you get a better nights sleep, then you will feel in a better mood, healthier and less stressed.

So, now you’re in a better mood, let’s get technical! A sports watch like this one is one of the latest ‘must have’ items. And it’s no wonder, as this stylish watch can be purchased in either silver or grey, and is a great way to monitor your fitness levels. The Apple iWatch has literally revolutionised the fitness world, as users can now fully monitor their health by tracking their workouts, calories burned each day, set fitness goals, monitor their heart rate, and stay connected to friends and family.


Exercising during the Winter months is never going to be fun, but if you follow my ways on how to stay motivated to workout at home you will have your best chance yet of achieving your overall fitness ambitions and goals.

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