10 Essential Home Gym Products

10 Home Gym Must Haves

With gym membership costs stripping your wallet each month like clockwork, and time to exercise at a premium it’s no wonder you’ve starting investigating home gym ideas. Stop paying for someone else to own their fitness equipment, and start investing in our home gym essentials checklist instead.

Our Home Gym Essentials Checklist Includes These 10 High Quality, Budget Friendly Items:

  • Fitness Starter Box
  • Resistance Bands
  • Fitness Deck
  • Medicine Ball
  • Kettlebell
  • Weighted Ankle Bands
  • Exercise Mat
  • Dumbbells
  • Swiss Ball
  • Inner Thigh Fat Blaster!

Home Gym Essentials Checklist

As a home fitness enthusiast, I think I’ve tried most types of home gym equipment being sold in the shops. Years of exercising at home has shown me the plus and negatives of the home fitness products market, which puts me in a great position to be able to advise other people on what to buy.

Like most people, I don’t have a spare room to store all my fitness gear in (wouldn’t that be nice!). Consequently, I like to buy home gym equipment that doesn’t take up a great deal of space. It must also be easily stored in a cupboard, under the bed, behind the door, or neatly on display in my living room!

Fitness Gear Checklist
Fitness Gear Checklist

10 Home Gym Must Haves

Here is my home gym essentials checklist. There are 10 home gym must have items, that I recommend you purchase for your home gym. They are all both cost effective, and space efficient.

1. Fitness Starter Box

This amazing fitness box pretty much does what it says on the tin! It’s packed full of some great quality home gym equipment, and I wish I had discovered it sooner along my fitness journey.

Included in the box are: 

  • Jump Rope (Skipping Rope)
  • Ab Wheel Roller With Knee Pad
  • Rotational Push Up Bar / Push Up Stand

I just took a look over on Amazon, and this fitness starter box is currently selling at an incredible discount. Here’s a link to the fitness starter box so that you don’t miss the bargain!

If you are not too sure how to use the ab roller, take a look at my article (including video) “Tips On How to Use An Ab Roller For Beginners“.

This Fitness Box Is Amazing!
This Fitness Box Is Amazing!

2. Resistance Bands

I love resistance bands because they offer so many different workout options, for your arms, legs and glutes. You can complete an entire exercise routine around these bands, knowing your muscles are getting a super workout in the comfort of your own home.

This handy bag of resistance bands is incredibly compact, and offers a range of different resistance levels that help you tailor your workouts accordingly. As you get stronger, simply increase the resistance band level.

3. Fitness Deck

The fitness deck is a great addition for any home fitness lover, offering you great cardio and strength training workouts in the comfort of your own home. The deck can be raised and lowered, according to your fitness levels. I purchased this deck because it could be folded up into a compact unit that can be hidden under the bed, sofa, or in a cupboard etc. However, if you have a family like mine then you might notice your little darlings using it as a picnic bench, or your husband using it as a step to change the light bulb! How much more multipurpose could this fitness deck get?!

Buying a fitness deck was one of my larger home gym equipment purchases, but I can honestly say that it has been worth every single penny.  To date I’ve only ever had to buy one set of steps, and that’s because I bought this high quality, multipurpose fitness deck from the start.

You definitely get what you pay for, so make sure you don’t purchase the cheap imitations because they will cost you more in the long run. I’ve taken a look on Amazon and they are currently discounting my deck at a serious bargain. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

My Favourite Fitness Deck
My Favourite Fitness Deck

4. Medicine Ball

If you want to develop your explosive power, muscle strength, and all round fitness, start using a medicine ball. These weighted balls come in various weights, and are a great all round fitness buddy.

I recommend you purchase this range of medicine balls because their heavy duty rubber exterior makes them extra tough, if you are completing a killer home workout. The textured surface also helps you to grip the medicine ball better, reducing chances of an injury.

Not sure what medicine ball workouts to try? Take a look at this video for guidance.

Medicine Ball Full Body Workouts
Medicine Ball Full Body Workouts

5. Kettlebell

Out of all these 10 home gym must haves, the kettlebell is yet another item that you shouldn’t ignore when setting up your home gym. This piece of fitness gear is so flexible, that you can plan an entire workout around one kettlebell!

Kettlebells can be purchased in various weights. The extra weight forces your bodies muscles to work harder, than standard bodyweight exercises.

Incorporate kettlebells into the following exercises:

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Sumo Squats
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Glute Bridge
  • Russian Twist

My favourite kettlebells come in weights ranging from 4kg-40kg, so pick whichever weight you feel comfortable starting with. They kettlebells are great because they are covered in rubber, which helps improve your grip during each workout. And the best part of all, is that these kettlebells are brightly coloured! They look so much fun! Just don’t ask me if I considered the funky colours “fun” after I completed the workout! haha.

Complete a full body workout with your kettlebell
Complete a full body workout with your kettlebell

6. Weighted Ankle Bands

Burn a few extra calories by doing absolutely no exercise at all! Yes, that really is the benefit of wearing weighted ankle bands. I’ve recently started trying these weights, and in such a short time I already feel my leg muscles getting stronger.

I use these really comfortable ankle bands, which weigh just 1kg each. That might not sound much, but each extra pound added to your weight makes your muscles work harder. All you need to do is pop them onto your ankles, then go about your day as normal. It really couldn’t be more simple. Without even thinking about it, you are completing strength training, and toning exercises.

7. Exercise Mat

Before you start completing a workout at home, make sure you purchase a yoga mat. Not only are they great for defining your exercise space, they also lessen the impact on your bodies joints. I find the anti slip material of the yoga mat pretty useful too, because I feel safer when I exercise.

I love this yoga mat because it is super thick, and comes with carry handles that help me keep it tightly rolled up when not in use. It’s available to buy from Amazon in 5 different colours, and is super easy to clean after a workout. Keep it away from your cat though, because my cat likes to use it as a scratching post if he gets the chance!

10 Home Gym Must Haves: Exercise With A Yoga Mat
Exercise With A Yoga Mat

8. Dumbbells

Whether you love them, or hate them, it’s undeniable that dumbbells are great for strength training and cardio health. They are great for building muscle, and can be integrated into many home workouts to increase the intensity and calorie burn achieved. Take at look at my home workout page for exercise ideas.

I’m a big fan of dumbbells these days, although if i’m completely honest this wasn’t always the case. Most of my initial negatively towards dumbbells revolved around me thinking dumbbells were “manly”. I find this old thought of mine funny, because if I were talking to my former self now, I would tell myself that idea “was a load of rubbish!”.

Today, I find weightlifting empowers me both mentally and physically. It calms my frantic mind, whilst also making me feel strong and more confident in my own body. If you hadn’t already guessed from my earlier comments, I use these brightly coloured dumbbells which are covered in neoprene (from Amazon). They are fun, and feminine looking, and the covering helps me grip them firmly.

10 Home Gym Must Haves: Neoprene Lined Dumbbells and Kettlebell
Neoprene Lined Dumbbells and Kettlebell

9. Swiss / Stability Ball

The swiss ball is great for improving your posture, and balance. They also give your core body muscles a great workout, because the instability of the ball means that you have to continually adjust your bodyweight to maintain balance whilst you exercise.

Swiss balls are usually available in three different sizes, so make sure you check the details and only buy the size appropriate to your height and weight.

I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, so with much of my fitness gear I have stuck with the same few high quality brands. I bought this swiss ball because it is available in six different colours, the pink being my favourite. This 55-85cm anti burst gym ball is really comfortable, and comes with a handy little pump to add extra air when required. I have found my ball particularly good for improving my posture, because it has helped strengthen my core significantly. I spend a lot of time at my desk, so often swap the computer chair for the ball, to help maintain my posture whilst working.

Exercise balls are great for improving your core body muscles
Exercise balls are great for improving your core body muscles

10. Inner Thigh Fat Blaster!

My parents bought me the inner thigh fat blaster for Christmas last year, and it’s literally one of the best fitness products I have ever owned! It takes just one minute to complete a workout each day, and blasts your inner thigh fat away by toning and strengthening your muscles in that region. It’s a complete miracle, so much so that I wrote a product review on it: view my review here.

If you want to develop an inner thigh gap, and get a great butt workout at the same time, you need to buy this fitness product from Amazon. 

Home Gym Essentials Checklist: Leg Master Elite
Home Gym Essentials Checklist: Leg Master Elite

Let me know if any other home gym fitness products that are worth adding to my home gym essentials checklist.

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