Secret Fitness Tips And Tricks Exposed!

Fitness Tips and Tricks Exposed

Fitness seems to come so easy to some people. They look healthy, eat healthy, and exercise on a regular basis. You probably often wonder what their secret is, or what fitness tips and tricks they are following to help them stay motivated to workout, and ultimately so fit and healthy.

What if I were to tell you that you could be just like them? They probably even started from the same place as you, but just discovered these quick and easy fitness tips earlier, so have had a head start on getting their health and fitness journey established in their busy lives.

Take a look at these 18 simple fitness tips and consider how easy they are to apply to your life too.

Easy fitness tips and tricks that will change your healthy living goals forever:

  1. Be specific about your goals
  2. Set a schedule
  3. Don’t give up
  4. Use the correct fitness equipment
  5. Be realistic
  6. Select exercise routines your enjoy
  7. Eat healthy nutritious food
  8. Workout with a buddy
  9. Invest in your mental health
  10. Give yourself adequate rest
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Reward yourself
  13. Never give yourself a hard time
  14. Look like a pro!
  15. Stay positive
  16. You are worth it
  17. Life will throw you some curveballs. Be ready!
  18. Measure your progress
Read positive workout motivation quotes
Read positive workout motivation quotes

Fitness Tips And Tricks

1. Be Specific About Your Goals

Many people dream of getting fit and healthy, but fall at the first hurdle. Why? Because they make broad statements like “I’m going to get fit”, or “I will live a healthy life”, or, “I’m going to lose weight”.

Don’t get me wrong, these statements are great goals (they really are). However, the issue is that the focus is just too general because no specific targets have been set. Setting specific goals, such as aiming to complete 10 burpee push-ups within 1 minute, or being able to jog continuously for 30 minutes straight without stopping, are crucial.

Being specific about your targets helps to keep your self motivation levels high, and your long term fitness success more likely. This is because when you ultimately achieve that specific goal you feel a sense of pride and satisfaction which motivates you to work towards your next tailored goal.

A risk of making broad fitness goals is that you may never feel you actually reach your target, even if you have been successful! You might see an improvement in your fitness levels, but have no marker point that shows a clear target has been achieved. No making specific target points is a massive error that countless women all over the world make when starting their home workouts. Don’t let this be you, too.

2. Set A Schedule

Life’s busy, and fitting exercise into your daily life can often feel like a challenge because there will always be other competing priorities that also need your attention. In order to help keep yourself motivated to workout, why not set a fitness schedule to keep your mind focused on achieving your overall fitness goals?

Planning your fitness schedule around daily life is immensely important because you have to realistically think about what days and times you are actually free to exercise during a normal working week. You cannot just blankly state that you will exercise 3-4 days a week, and hope to find time during each week to achieve this number of workouts. Instead, you must specifically identify times when you are available to workout. Once the details are decided, you increase your chances of success because you are psychologically make a commitment to yourself to workout at a specified date and time. This decision making process keeps you motivated to workout because it makes you responsible for your fitness sessions. No one wants to feel like they have failed themselves, so are less inclined to skip a workout session if they are feeling tired after a long day at work, etc.

3. Don’t Give Up

When life gets tough, giving up will always feel like the easier option. Make sure you never give up! Giving up doesn’t give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. In fact, I would argue that giving up is more harmful to your health and wellbeing than making constant effort every week towards achieving your ultimate health and fitness goals.

One of the most important fitness tips and tricks that regular fitness goers make, is that they never give up on their healthy living goals. Instead, they understand that every step they make counts and has a positive impact on their physical and mental welfare. Even if you miss one of two workout sessions in a week because things got too manic in your life, remember that this is ok, as long as you don’t give up completely.

4. Use The Correct Fitness Equipment

If you’re going to start something, always make sure you do it right!

Buying cheaper low quality fitness equipment might feel like a bargain at the time of purchase, but will ultimately prove to be more expensive than it’s worth in the long run when you have to renew the equipment far than you have needed too, if you bought great quality home fitness equipment from day one.

To save you some time, I wrote an awesome article called “10 Essential Home Gym Products“. This home gym essential checklist is a great place to start, if you are a home fitness beginner. Everything you need to know, listed in one short article.

If you are looking for more specific home fitness information, check out my article: “Fitness Freaks Always Buy This Home Gym Equipment“. In this post I discuss the home fitness equipment particularly suited specifically to cardio workouts and small exercise equipment.

5. Be Realistic

One of the biggest reasons people give up on their fitness journeys is because they just aren’t realistic. They dream of achieving the body of their favourite celebrity, but are not realistic about the following three main things:

a) Timescales

b) Amount of exercise

c) Sacrifices required

a) Timescales

The first common mistake made is that people are not realistic about how long it actually takes to achieve their desired body. They set unrealistic timescales on themselves, assuming that within just a few months of workouts they will have the same body shape as their favourite celebrity. After a few months of dedicated effort, they feel deflated because despite having seen their fitness levels soar, and their waistline inches drop, they don’t see the body they dreamt of. 

Fitness beginners must always be realistic when they set their goals. Depending upon the targets you set yourself, it is important to understand that certain fitness goal can actually take years to achieve, rather than months. 

Set Time Period
Set Time Period

b) Amount Of Exercise

Keeping fit and healthy takes time and dedication. When setting your fitness targets, consider how much exercise you have time to complete each week.

One thing regular fitness goers have in common, is that they are realistic about how much exercise they have to do to each week to achieve their body goals.

c) Sacrifices Required

Whilst we all enjoy having treats from time to time, living a healthy lifestyle means that some sacrifices do need to be made. To become fit and healthy, you need to achieve a happy balance between the amount of regular exercise you complete, versus the food and drink consumed. 

One of the best fitness tips and tricks, is to be realistic about the sacrifices required. For instance, you are less likely to achieve your fitness goals if you are not willing to follow a more healthy nutritious diet.

6. Select Exercise Routines You Enjoy

One of the most important fitness tips and tricks that regular fitness goers will tell you, is to find an exercise that you enjoy. This could be anything you like, from walking or running, to HiiT workouts or swimming. It really doesn’t matter what exercise you complete, just as long as you enjoy doing it. If you enjoy exercising, you have a greater chance of committing to regular workouts, because you are less likely to regard exercise as a chore or uphill struggle.

7. Eat Healthy Nutritious Food

Eating a healthy nutritious diet is extremely important, whether you enjoy exercising or not. Too much unhealthy food can often result in us feeling sluggish and worn down, whereas healthy nutritious food has the opposite effect. Scientists have proven that healthy food is beneficial to our bodies because it helps to give us a continual slow release energy, rather than large spikes and falls that unhealthy snack food often causes.

Eat healthy nutritious food after every workout
Eat healthy nutritious food after every workout

8. Workout With A Buddy

One of the fitness tips and tricks that you are likely to have heard of, is to workout with a buddy. This is an ideal solution for individuals who need a little extra support and motivation with their workouts.

Exercising with a buddy increases your chances of committing to a workout schedule. Joint workouts are a great way to spend time with your friends, and increase the chance that you will not skip a workout, because feel less inclined to let your friend down.

Find a workout buddy
Find a workout buddy

9. Invest In Your Mental Health

Another good reason to keep fit and active, is because it is great for your mental health. Exercising releases happy endorphins within the brain, that help to make you feel good. It can help calm an anxious mind, and has been proven to be just as effective (if not more) than treating depression symptoms, than depression medication itself!

This might not be regarded as an actual ‘fitness tips and tricks’ idea, but it definitely explains why so many of us are keen to keep exercising.

10. Give Yourself Adequate Rest

So you’ve committed to regular exercise, but not given great thought as to how often you should rest in between each workout session? Instead, you’ve decided that more is better, so keep forcing yourself to keep working out even if your body is screaming for you to rest. If this sounds like you, please STOP!!!!

One of the most important things that I can emphasise to you in relation to fitness, is that you should never underestimate the amount of time the body requires to rest, recover and relax from intensive workouts. It is extremely important to make adequate rest one of the most important fitness tips and tricks that you follow, because failure to give your body adequate time to recover from regular exercise will increase your chances of injury. Overtraining is also thought to result in mental fatigue.

11. Learn From Your Mistakes

When you first start exercising, you are likely to get things wrong from time to time. Maybe you end up pushing your body more than it is capable of, and feel muscle soreness for the next few days, or maybe you jump straight into lifting weights that are too heavy for you before mastering correct exercise form. Whatever the mistake is that you make, make sure that you take note of your error, and consciously ensure that you do not make the same mistake again.

12. Reward Yourself

When you first start out on your fitness journey, it is crucial to feel that you are continually improving. One way to keep track of your weekly progress is by setting yourself realistic targets that you can measure yourself against. With every target achieved, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement that helps to keep your self motivation levels high.

A great way to motivate yourself further is by rewarding yourself when you achieve certain milestones that are important to you. These rewards will signify a sense of accomplishment and achievement on your fitness journey.

13. Never Give Yourself A Hard Time

If you look in a mirror you will see your biggest critic, yourself. Wrongly, or rightly, we often give ourselves a hard time if we fail to reach the standards we hoped to achieve. We set expectations on ourselves that are unfair, and never treat our inner selves like we treat our friends around us.

It is important that we never give ourselves a hard time, because life’s hard enough as it is, without our own mind attacking us! Always be realistic and reasonable, and accept that sometimes life just gets in the way. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve had to miss a workout one week, as long you keep going. There’s no need to squish a replacement workout into the remaining week, unless you want to. Be kind to yourself, always.

14. Look Like A Pro!

Dressing like a regular fitness goer can improve your workouts because it allows you to move more freely during each exercise, whilst also keeping your body feeling cool.

Always make sure that you dress in suitable fitness gear for every workout, because wearing the correct clothing improves your performance, whilst also boosting your confidence levels. It is also thought that certain types of compression clothing can aid in recovery, after exercise (source).

Here’s a link to the best fitness clothing available online, at Amazon. I love the large range of women’s exercise clothing available. Looking great really is only just a few clicks away! I also find that Amazon offers a larger range of clothing for my smaller body frame, which visiting the highstreet does not usually offer.

15. Stay Positive

One of the secret fitness tips and tricks that regular fitness enthusiasts all have in common, is their ability to stay positive and mentally strong even in times of adversity. A positive mind is a powerful one, because it does not allow you to be dragged downwards if you experience a small setback on your fitness journey i.e. an injury. Instead, the positive mind sees past the initial set back, and focuses on the future goodness that regular fitness can offer.

Stay Positive
Stay Positive

16. You Are Worth It

Always remember that you are worth it, and you do deserve time to yourself to exercise. Recognising your own value is a crucial tip practised by fitness individuals. They understand the importance of putting themselves first, and don’t feel guilty for wanting to take time out to keep fit.

17. Life Will Throw You Some Curveballs. Be Ready!

One of life’s real beauties is its unpredictable nature. Unfortunately this can be both a blessing and a curse, depending upon whether you experience unexpected good news, or disappointing bad news.

Be realistic and accept that life might throw you a few curveballs now and then. You cannot help this, and it’s totally ok to step away from your fitness schedule to deal with whatever life is currently throwing you. Don’t force yourself to keep working out, when life wants you to deal with some other more important priority. Fitness shouldn’t be a chore to complete, but instead an enjoyable journey that can flex whenever required.

18. Measure Your Progress

A great way to keep track of your progress, is by using a fitness journal.

This is the fitness jotter I use, and I absolutely love using it because it helps me remember all my important fitness information i.e. what my body measurements were, which exercises I completed, and the nutritional foods I consumed. I enjoy comparing my old data with my new figures, particularly if I have inputted the extra body measurements show by my clever fitness scales i.e. visceral fat, subcutaneous fat percentage, etc.

Measuring your progress is easy if you use a fitness journal because you can track how particular workouts impact your body over a few weeks, or months. I love my journal because I’m always so busy that I don’t always even notice how much my body shape has changed from different strength training workouts (even if my husbands noticed!).

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