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Do you crave having a washboard stomach, or an amazingly flat stomach like all the celebs on social media seem to have? It’s easier than you think! Follow this simple 2 minute secret that they use to tone their stomach muscles everyday. Here are the easy ways to get a flat stomach at home in just 2 minutes!

How Can I Get My Stomach Flat Fast

There’s no full proof way to get a flat stomach, but a healthy diet and regular exercise routine will certainly help you get there faster, than doing nothing at all! Check out our exercise routines to learn how to start burning those calories away.

Getting rid of belly fat is particularly difficult, and it only gets harder the older you become. This is because the hormones in our bodies change, making us have to work harder to maintain a slim figure. Hence the common phrase “middle-aged spread”.

Although this isn’t great to hear, there are a wide variety of things you can do to lessen the impact of your increasing belly fat.

What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat At Home?

One of my easy ways to get a flat stomach at home, is the plank exercise!

The plank exercise is a great way to burn stubborn belly fat away. It engages multiple body muscles, giving your entire body an all round workout. It is far more successful at strengthening core body muscles and developing visible abs, than crunches.

Although a simple exercise to do, it is commonly done incorrectly. Watch our short video showing you the correct form for performing a full body plank, and a half body plank.

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How Can I Get A Flat Stomach In 10 Minutes?

There’s no quick fix to burn away every excess calories you have in just 10 minutes. However, if you are happy to focus on improving the appearance of your stomach, rather than achieving a washboard stomach in 10 minutes, then check out my 2 Minute Exercise Routine.

The video shows how to perform a plank, which is considered the best way to burn stubborn belly fat fast. I show you the correct plank form to practise in the comfort of your own home, rather than in front of everyone at the gym!

The plank is a great exercise routine to help you lose weight and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Do Planks Cut Belly Fat?

Our exercise routine will not remove excess skin from the belly region. It will however, help to burn belly fat if used in tandem with a healthy diet.


Disclaimer: Before starting any form of exercise, please make sure you warm up beforehand, to avoid injury. Read out full terms and conditions.

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