Best Dumbbell Weights To Buy For Your Home Gym

Dumbbells At Home

The dumbbell market is pretty saturated. You should always consider the following things when purchasing a set of dumbbells. For instance, dumbbells at home are often very different to weights used in a gym. A good question to start with, when deciding what weights you should purchase, is do you really have room for a fixed weight machine in your living room?! If you don’t, then stick with the humble dumbbell.

Ultimately, it all depends on how you plan to use these weight in the future. Are they for the home environment, or in a gym? Do you prefer fixed weights, or studio dumbbells? Make sure you seriously consider all these aspects (plus the other factors listed below), before diving straight in and buying the first set of sparkly new dumbbells that catch your eye!

The best dumbbell weights to purchase for home workouts are:

  • Fixed Weight Dumbbells
  • Adjustable Dumbbells

These products are designed with the home gym, and studio workout environments in mind. They are easily stored, and come in a range of different weights, colours and linings.

Dumbbell Workouts At Home
Dumbbell Workouts At Home

Which Type Of Dumbbell Is Best?

If you are wondering which type of dumbbell is best for beginners, then you’ve come to the right place.

The market is flooded with various different fixed and free weight brands, offering different weights, colours and materials. It is highly likely that you will feel overloaded with too much choice within just seconds of clicking ‘search’ on Google. Don’t fall into the same trap as everyone else. Make sure you get the most up to date advice, by reading this informative article on which dumbbells at home are most suited to your needs.

Once you have decided which dumbbell to purchase, give our easy dumbbell workout for beginners a go.

Beginner Workout At Home - Equipment
Beginner Workout At Home – Equipment

Which Dumbbell Weights Should I Buy?

Are you new to the world of health and fitness, or do you just fancy building some toned muscle to make your shapely figure more defined and sexy? Either way, check out my recommendations below.

These are the exact products I started with, and still use to this day. I only recommend the best value products that I feel have stood the test of time, in terms of quality and usability.

In order to decide which dumbbell weights you should buy, let’s consider what your dumbbells at home options are.

1. Free Weights

Free weights can be moved in any direction. The main types are dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sandbells and medicine balls. The benefit of free weights is that the movement is not restricted, like is the case with fixed weights on machines. Consequently, the user needs to use their stabilizer muscles more to support the weights whilst lifting (source).

Free weights are the most popular form of weightlifting equipment for the home, because you can practise weight lifting in the comfort of your own home, rather than having to attend the gym. Personally, I wasn’t too sure about standing next to a line of beefed up muscle men, lifting my tiny beginner weights! I felt embarrassed by this ideas, so purchased these particular 2kg dumbbells from Amazon directly, and have never looked back. 

If you are a weight lifting beginner, stick to free weights because they are relatively cheap, small in size, and can be easily stored under the bed or in a cupboard. You definitely don’t need a separate fitness room to workout in.

If you prefer rubber lined dumbbells, then buy this pair from Amazon because they are from a quality named brand and designed not to roll around the floor should you be moving from one exercise to another in quick succession.

2. Fixed Weights

As the name suggests, fixed weights are fixed to a bar. Fixed weights offer a stable platform for you to build muscle strength, muscle tone, and muscle endurance. They are great for beginners because the weight is 100% secured to the bar, and you do not need to adjust the weight at anytime.

There are two main types of fixed weights:

A) Fixed Weight Machines

These machines are more commonly found within the commercial gym environment. Unlike fixed barbells, you cannot lift the weight in any direction. You will be constrained to fixed movements.

Fixed weight machines take up a large amount of space within your home, so only purchase these type of weights if you have plenty of room to store a large weight machine.

I would recommend you stick with the fixed barbell option below. These offer greater flexibility, and take up far less space!

B) Fixed Barbells

If you are looking for secure weights that never need to be adjusted, select a fixed barbell. This is my favourite one from Amazon because the weight has been deliberately shaped as a hexagon, so it doesn’t roll around the floor when you are quickly moving from one weight to the next. The cast iron weight is also encased in rubber, so doesn’t damage your floors during use. Additionally, the steel handles have been ergonomically designed, to make them safer and easier to use.

Weightlifting beginners should start with the 10kg fixed barbell weight. As your strength increases, and your muscles grow, gradually increase the weights you use.

What Weight Dumbbells Should I Use?

Before jumping in and purchasing any old dumbbells, consider what weight dumbbells you should use. Yes we might all like to look super strong and lift heavy weights immediately, however, our bodies just aren’t designed that way. It takes both time and dedication to build muscle strength, and muscle tone. This simply cannot be achieved overnight.

If you are new to fitness, I recommend you start with the smallest available weights. Yes, 1-2 kg weights might look crazily tiny and pathetic, but they are ideal for those new to weightlifting. Lifting small weights in the beginning allows the user to develop correct lifting technique, which helps to reduce injury. If they feel too easy, just increase your number of reps until you reach the point of physical exhaustion. The last two or three reps should feel difficult.

Deciding to purchase the heavier weights straight away is ill advised. Your body simply isn’t ready to jump straight into the deep end. You have to start from the beginner weights, and work upwards as and when you are ready. Buying the heaviest weights in the beginning will likely result in injury, because you will not have the physical strength to lift the heavier weights with the correct form (lifting technique).

The most common weight lifting exercise that beginners pick is the bicep curl. Aim to complete 12-15 reps (total of 3 sets). The last few reps of each set should feel difficult, but achievable. If you find the exercise becomes too easy, increase the weight of your dumbbell so that you are working your muscles more.

Can I Build Muscle With Just Dumbbells?

Yes, you can! 

I was surprised just how quickly my body toned up from following these weight lifting home workouts

All you ultimately need is a decent fitness deck, a couple of good quality dumbbells, and the determination to lift weights. 

Arm Strengthening Exercises For Women
Arm Strengthening Exercises For Women

Dumbbell Workout For Beginners

What are some good dumbbell workouts?

Now you are all set, why not try our easy dumbbell workout for beginners exercise routine? 

Exercise With Dumbbells At Home For Ladies

Are you looking for dumbbell exercises for arms?

Here’s a home workout that has been designed with the ladies specifically in mind, because it focus’ on arm toning exercises for women. Check it out now.

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