Qué Es El Bodyblade Y Cómo Funciona Con Los Ejercicios Comunes

¿Qué es el Bodyblade y cómo funciona con los ejercicios comunes?

Every once in a while a new piece of workout equipment is introduced to the world of fitness. Some get picked up and stick around while others are forgotten in a couple of months.

Ahora es el momento de que Bodyblade acepte este desafío y por eso le ha ido muy bien.

Taking the fitness world by a storm this simple piece of equipment has been changing how simple how workouts and group exercises are done for all age groups. And it looks like, it could be one of those things that becomes a part of every gym may it be a public or home gym.

Entonces, ¿qué es exactamente el Bodyblade, cómo funciona y cómo podría ayudarle a alcanzar sus objetivos de fitness?

¿Qué es Bodyblade?

From the first look, it really looks like a blade with a handgrip in the middle. A simple piece of equipment that might cause some confusion regarding its use and effectivity.

¡Pero funciona!

And it works because of RCT which is the key to success of Bodyblade. RCT stands for rapid contraction technology which can be described as rapid contraction of your muscles. In case of Bodyblade exercises, your muscles are contracted up to 270 times per minute.

The flexible blade adjusts to your fitness level which means the muscle contractions vary along providing for best exercise insanity for different users.

Bodyblade se utiliza conduciéndolo hacia adelante y hacia atrás creando resistencia por la flexibilidad de la hoja.

Los mejores ejercicios de Bodyblade para principiantes

Una de las mejores cosas de Bodyblade es que viene junto con un DVD y una tabla de ejercicios con ejercicios para diferentes usuarios.

If you are a beginner and new to fitness, it’s best to start off slowly and let your muscles get used to the rapid contractions to avoid any injuries. This also means that you are sticking to relatively simple moves and positions.

About 10 minutes a day is all it takes for a good all body workout. Of course, if you feel comfortable, you can go further and try to build up the speed of contraction as well as the resistance.

Take a look at the video below to see how you can effectively start off with the Bodyblade and how you should use it for the best results even if you are just a beginner.

Ejercicios de cuerpo entero con Bodyblade

Just how all around your Bodyblade exercises are depends on you. Its all about how active you are with the movement of the blade and what are the positions you feel comfortable taking while exercising with the Bodyblade.

If you follow the exercise charts and DVD instructions included with the blade, you’ll soon find out that a full body workout with the blade is not that hard to get thru. This is also because the resistance adjusts to your fitness level.

Esto significa que incluso los atletas profesionales pueden usarlo y aún así sentir la suficiente resistencia para un buen entrenamiento general del cuerpo.

Vea el video a continuación para comprender mejor lo que la hoja puede proporcionarle si está buscando un buen entrenamiento para todo el cuerpo.

¿Qué Bodyblade elegir

Hay tres tipos de Bodyblade, cada uno diseñado para servir mejor a un propósito ligeramente diferente.

It’s important to understand the difference and make sure you choose to use the one, that best fits your body and needs. Therefore you can be sure to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

bodyblade pro kit

As the title suggests this version comes packed with best features and provides for the greatest number of uses. It might seem that most of the features are equal to those of Bodyblade Classic. But it serves a lot better for the elderly users when in rehabilitation setting by frequency enhancing the position sense.

It is also strongly recommended for users with bigger body weight. Plus, it still can be used by those with a relatively smaller body weight.

Sin embargo, es mejor para aquellos que tienen alguna experiencia en fitness, que son capaces de trabajar con mayor resistencia sin dañar su cuerpo.

La otra opción que tienes es el clásico Bodyblade

bodyblade classic kit

La versión clásica de Bodyblade es adecuada para aquellos que son nuevos en el mundo del fitness y están en bastante buena forma.

It has less resistance, therefore makes for a good transition from only going into fitness and getting your muscles used to being active. After you feel like Bodyblade classic can no longer give you the desired results, its time to upgrade to the Pro version.

Al igual que las versiones Pro y CXT, este también es súper ligero y portátil.

It provides for 1 to 22 lbs of resistance which varies by how it’s used. This is why its great for both adult rehab and power training giving you some additional resistance.

Y luego está la tercera opción que es el CXT

Kit CXT de Bodyblade

Providing a 1 to 8 lbs of active resistance, the Bodyblade CXT is the perfect choice for seniors, beginners and kids, which can be used in rehab, functional training and group exercises.

La resistencia activa significa que se ajusta al usuario y a su nivel de condición física.

Just like Bodyblade classic and Bodyblade Pro, the CXT comes with an exercise chart and a DVD which guides you thru the workout process with this amazing piece of equipment. A complete workout with the CXT can be done in just around 10 minutes. Which makes it a must-have at every home!

¿Qué piensas del Bodyblade? ¿Es tan bueno como la gente dice y se mantendrá?

Háganos saber en los comentarios o contáctenos directamente para decirnos lo que piensa.

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