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best rebounderbest rebounder

Exercising with a rebounder has a lot of health benefits, such as increased circulation, boosting your immune system and faster healing. Using the best rebounder will also increase oxygen flow to tissues all around the body.

Rebounding has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and stimulate the metabolism to boost weight loss. The act of rebounding can also improve your coordination.

You can do all of this on a mini-trampoline or rebounder right in your own home and with very low impact on your joints.

Let’s get started!

Best Rebounder Trampolines

  FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder MaXimus Life Folding Trampoline Ancheer Rebounder Trampoline
Weight Limit: 330 Pounds 300 Pounds 220 Pounds
Springs: Elastic bungee cords Coiled metal springs Coiled metal springs
Width: 39 inches 40 inches 38 & 40 inches
Frame: Half-folding frame Folds into a quarter of unfolded size Folds in half

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Rebounders For 2020

  1. FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder
  2. MaXimus Life Bounce Folding Mini Trampoline
  3. Ancheer Rebounder Trampoline
  4. GARTIO Exercise Trampoline
  5. Stamina 36-inch Folding Mini Trampoline
  6. MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder
  7. JumpSport 370 Fitness Trampoline Model

We’ve reviewed the top rated rebounders, followed by a comparison table and buying guide to help you decide on a exercise trampoline that will work best for you.

Rebounder Reviews

#1 FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder

Fit Bounce has thought of everything in this bungee rebounder bundle.

The Fit Bounce Pro II bungee rebounder is designed for safety, durability, and maximum results. Whether you are rebounding for fun, fitness, or therapy, this is a quiet and sturdy option.

The mat is held in place by 60 elastic bungees. Most other bungee rebounders use 30, or even less depending on size. The mat surface provides over 2 feet of space for whatever exercises and movements you like.

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You’ll receive a free exercise DVD and bounce counter with the FIT BOUNCE PRO II, as well as a three-month membership to the online workout streaming service with access to hundreds more exercises.

The full size of the rebounder, which is 40″, folds in half to fit into a handy storage bag that zips up. When you need it out of the way or are transporting it, just fold, zip and carry. Setting it up is just as easy.

Setting up the Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampolines- from Rebound Fitness

Setting up the Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampolines- from Rebound Fitness
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This small trampoline is one of those preferred by gyms, instructors, and athletes worldwide for a reason. We tested this one specifically because of the hype and found that it really isn’t hype.

There is a reason why so many people love the FIT BOUNCE PRO II and is the best mini trampoline on Amazon!


FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder at a Glance :

  • Weight Limit: 33 0 Pounds
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Springs:  60 elastic bungees
  • Frame: Half-folding frame
  • Stability Bar : Available Separately

#2 MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline

MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline RebounderMaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Keep it out of sight when not in use or take it with you to the gym or while traveling. Built to last, this mini trampoline can support a user up to 300 pounds.

It is made of durable components with safety features as well, such as the stability bar.

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You also receive a workout DVD that has a workout for each fitness level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

When you purchase your MaXimus Life Bounce Mini Trampoline you will also receive 3 months membership to their online fitness videos.

When tested, we found we got a very low impact experience and the rebounder was also very quiet, which was nice. The mat is sturdy as well.

It came with sand weights that helped to increase the efficacy of the workout for some of us that were more advanced in rebounding exercising.

The rubber on the bottom of the feet also left no marks on the floor – another great feature. We found the Maximus to be one of the best rounders on Amazon.


MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder at a Glance :

  • Weight Limit: 300 Pounds
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Springs:  Coiled metal springs
  • Frame: Folding frame
  • Stability Bar : No

#3 Ancheer Rebounder Trampoline

Ancheer Rebounder TrampolineAncheer Rebounder Trampoline

The Ancheer Rebounder Trampoline offers users many choices. You can choose a rebounder that is fixed and does not fold at all, you can choose one that only folds once, or choose one that folds twice so it is even smaller.

You also have a choice in size, either 38” or 40”. Some models have 6 legs and some have 8 depending on the size and foldability.

The mat of the mini rebounder is made of a sturdy PP material and the legs are covered with a slip-resistant and non-marking covering that also helps to reduce noise.

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The Ancheer rebounder comes with quiet and rust-resistant springs that are covered with a safety shield made of thick PVC-type material.

It only took us about 15 minutes to assemble this mini rebounder and then we were off and bouncing. It was fairly quiet and definitely sturdy. The Ancheer has a max weight limit of 220 pounds and is recommended for anyone ages 10 and up.

It is also available in two sizes of 38″ across and 40″ across. For less than a $100 it’s the best fitness trampoline on our list!


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