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best running rain jacketbest running rain jacket

If you’re a regular runner, then you know how addictive it can be. However, sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate for your running.

Sure, you may be able to stand the temperature, but rain can literally put a damper on your time outdoors.

Entonces, ¿qué hacer?

Well, you could start running with an umbrella and see where that gets you, or you could opt for one of the top running rain jackets for women. We’re thinking the latter is probably the more convenient option!

Las mejores chaquetas para correr para mujeres

  Chaqueta de refugio de tormenta para mujeres de ASICS Chaqueta con capucha ligera para mujeres Nike Chaqueta ligera para correr, animando
cáscara: Poliéster Tejido Storm-FIT 5 Poliéster
A prueba de agua: no
Capucha: Sí, extraíble Sí, extraíble Sí, ajustable
Ventilación: Ventilación corporal con cremallera Ventilación trasera y ventilaciones de cremallera en la axila Ninguno

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Respuesta rápida: Las 7 mejores chaquetas para correr de mujeres para el 2020

  1. Chaqueta de refugio de tormenta para mujeres de ASICS
  2. Chaqueta ligera para correr para mujeres NIKE
  3. Alegre chaqueta ligera para correr de las mujeres
  4. pearl izumi w elite barrier jkt
  5. La última dirección de las mujeres en el diluvio de la cáscara
  6. Chaqueta Salomon Women’s Lightning WP
  7. Chaqueta impermeable Arcadia Ii para mujeres de Columbia

We’ve reviewed the top rated women’s running jackets, followed by a tabla de comparación and guía de compra para ayudarte a decidir la chaqueta que mejor te vaya.

Revisiones de las chaquetas…

#1 Chaqueta de refugio de tormenta para mujeres de ASICS

ASICS Women's Storm Shelter JacketASICS Women's Storm Shelter Jacket

As is consistent with ASICS, their Women’s Storm Shelter Rain Running Jacket knocks it out of the park.

The water-resistant product is not only excellent at keeping you dry, it’s also comfy, breathable, and ensures you’re visible no matter where you go.

Featuring a mesh inner lining and a bit of polyester lining, it’s not all that “plush”, save the felt lining on the two-inch collar, which keeps your neck nice and warm – a feature often missing in these.

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The polyester outer with a laminate layer has a rating of 10k wp/10k br, which is essentially rain-and-waterproof under medium pressure.

The mesh works well to prevent the polyester from clinging to the skin, and thanks to the zippered openings also covered with mesh, you won’t get all hot and sweaty underneath.

The hood is great, as it zips on/off, complete with pull cords to cinch the hood and keep out any water, as well as buttons right under the chin for complete protection.

Finish that off with the 360-degree 3M reflectivity lines running along the length of the jacket, and you’re all set for your next run in the rain with the best waterproof running jacket!


Chaqueta de refugio de tormenta para mujeres de ASICS de un vistazo :

  • material: Malla de revestimiento interior / poliéster exterior / capa superior de laminado
  • Clasificación de impermeabilidad/transpirabilidad: 10k wp/10k br
  • Ventilación: Ventilación corporal con cremallera
  • Visibilidad: Reflexión de 360 grados 3M
  • Capucha: Sí, extraíble

#2 Chaqueta cortaviento ligera con capucha para mujeres Nike

The Nike Lighweightt Running jacket is one of our favorites from Nike, in terms of protective material.

It can be used in all types of weather conditions, as well as various kinds of sporting activities, such as soccer, golf, basketball, and of course, running!

The lightweight, minimal jacket is the “light” version of the regular Shield, and allows for a bit more breathability, and is perfect for wearing over warmer layers.

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The hood is a “scuba” hood, which gives you a solid amount of protection, while giving a bit more warmth thanks to the knit lining.

The visibility isn’t the greatest, but along the length of the sleeves, you’ll find a thin, reflective strip. Overall, we prefer this one for lighter rainfall, or someone looking for the best windproof running jacket.


La chaqueta cortaviento ligera con capucha de Nike de un vistazo :

  • material: Tejido Storm-FIT 5
  • Clasificación de impermeabilidad/transpirabilidad: Hasta 5000mm de presión de agua
  • Ventilación: Ba ventilación de ck y ventilaciones de cremallera en la axila
  • Visibilidad: Reflexión sobre la longitud de las mangas
  • Capucha:  Sí, extraíble

#3 Alegre chaqueta ligera para correr de las mujeres

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget product that can still keep you dry during a rainy run, then check out the Cheering Lightweight Waterproof Windbreaker.

It may not have a ton of bells and whistles, but it will keep you dry and looking and feeling good, and that’s all many of us are looking for in a jacket.

The 100% polyester jacket works in just about any weather. It features UPF 40+ protection, and is antifouling, windproof, quick-dry, and has adequate airflow/ventilation.

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The hood does adjust with a pull cord, but we’ll be honest – isn’t the warmest. The windbreaker is extremely lightweight, however, and is even packable, down to the size of a soft drink can. If you’re looking to travel with it, you’d hardly notice the added size or weight.

We were a bit disappointed in terms of visibility, due to the fact that there aren’t any reflective materials included. While they do come in bright colors that could help with that, it’s just not the same.

However, it’s effective in what it says it does, and is the best running rain jacket that comes at an extremely affordable price.


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