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best under desk ellipticalsbest under desk ellipticals
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Many of us spend the vast majority of our day at our desks, whether we want to or not. Now, more than ever, we are sedentary and are struggling to find time to keep active.

Sure, you can head to the gym before or after work, but many of us are looking for something more. Why not work and burn calories simultaneously with an under desk elliptical?

We’ve tried out and reviewed the best trainers on the market today, bringing you the top of the top. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to moving!

Las mejores elípticas bajo el escritorio

  FitDesk bajo el escritorio Entrenador elíptico Bicicleta de escritorio Bicicleta de ejercicio bajo el escritorio Cubii Pro bajo el escritorio elíptico
Escriba: Elíptica Pedalea Elíptica
Se necesita la altura del escritorio: 25″ 27″ 27″
Resistencia: 8 Niveles magnéticos 8 Niveles magnéticos 8 Niveles magnéticos
Peso del ejercitador: 13 libras 23 libras 27 libras

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Respuesta rápida: Las 7 elípticas y bicicletas bajo el escritorio mejor clasificadas

  1. FitDesk bajo el escritorio Entrenador elíptico
  2. Bicicleta de escritorio bajo el escritorio de ejercicio Bicicleta y pedalera de ejercicio
  3. Cubii Pro bajo el escritorio elíptico
  4. Ciclo de FitDesk bajo el ciclo de escritorio
  5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnético bajo el escritorio elíptico
  6. FitDesk bajo el escritorio blanco elíptico
  7. Escritorio Cubii Jr. Elíptico

Hemos revisado las elípticas de escritorio más valoradas (en nuestra humilde opinión), seguidas por un tabla de comparación and guía de compra para ayudarte a decidir sobre la cuerda de entrenamiento que mejor se adapte a ti.

Reseñas de bicicletas elípticas y de pedales bajo el escritorio

#1 FitDesk bajo el escritorio Entrenador elíptico

The FitDesk bajo el escritorio Entrenador elíptico is a great substitution or addition to a full-sized elliptical machine or treadmill and our Editors Choice for the best under desk elliptical.

We know that most don’t have the luxury of being able to work from the gym, and even those who do, most likely don’t due to it being downright difficult or inconvenient.

This one is highly compact and portable, making it easy to take to-and-from the office as you please. You can also stand up to use this compact machine which gives you even more variation in your workout.

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The handy display shows you how far you’ve traveled, the number of revolutions, the length of time you’ve been pedaling, and even the approximate number of calories you’ve burned.

The intensity is controlled by a foot shifter so you don’t have to reach under the desk. It doesn’t make any obnoxious cranking noises, either. Operation is extremely quiet, and perfect for work settings.

The textured surface of the pedals keeps your feet in place, so you don’t feel limited in how fast you go. The pedals are over-sized so you can feel confident in your grip no matter how fast you pedal.

The sturdy steel construction lasts surprisingly long despite being so lightweight, and overall, is an excellent way to improve stamina, muscle tone, and overall health.


FitDesk bajo el escritorio Entrenador elíptico de un vistazo :

  • La altura más baja del escritorio: 25″
  • Resistencia: 8 Posición resistencia magnética
  • El peso: 13 libras.
  • Ruido: Silencio
  • La pantalla: Tiempo, Cuenta, Distancia, Calorías

#2 Bicicleta de escritorio bajo el escritorio de ejercicio Bicicleta y pedalera de ejercicio

The DeskCycle is an ultra-convenient machine designed to help keep you in shape or improve it, while staying perfectly quiet for use in office settings, and maintaining a certain level of quality few can compare to.

La altura mínima del pedal es de menos de 9,5 pulgadas, funcionando perfectamente para la mayoría de las personas en escritorios de hasta 27 pulgadas.

El volante de inercia equilibrado, con una transmisión de doble correa, no sólo proporciona un funcionamiento silencioso, sino un rendimiento raramente visto en los productos de la competencia.

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Large pedals will make sure you’re not searching around trying to get your feet in the right place, and are also comfortable to just rest your feet on while not in use.

The no-reach easy foot shifter also means you don’t have to uncomfortably lean down each time you want to change the resistance. Overall, there’s not much more you could want from the best under desk bike!


Bicicleta Estática de escritorio de un vistazo :

  • La altura más baja del escritorio: 27 pulgadas
  • Resistencia: 8 posiciones de resistencia magnética
  • El peso: 24 libras.
  • Ruido: susurro-calma
  • La pantalla: Velocidad, distancia, calorías quemadas, y escaneo

#3 Cubii Pro bajo el escritorio elíptico

Incluido en los Regalos Favoritos de TIME de 2017, no es sorprendente que esta máquina elíptica bajo el escritorio esté equipada con características no vistas en ningún otro lugar.

Designed for optimal comfort, the patented elliptical angles are made to give you ergonomic, comfortable posture. Made of high-quality parts and materials, along with top-of-the-line construction, it will last you well beyond your office time.

As the only Bluetooth-enabled under desk Elíptica, it lets you connect to the mobile app to let you track your calories burned, strides, distance, RPM, and time.

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In addition, it connects to a mobile app, Fitbit, and Apple HealthKit to make sure every aspect of your fitness journey can be tracked, improved upon, and even shared.

Having trouble staying motivated? It happens to the best of us. Stay on-track and motivated with groups and the ability to compete with other Cubii-ers worldwide.

Designed specifically for use while sitting, you’ll find that your posture will actually improve as a result of using it. The product design is compact and beautiful, fitting perfectly in most work spaces.

No tendrá que preocuparse de que se caiga a pedazos, porque está hecha para ser robusta y resistir cualquier desgaste que le pueda arrojar.

susurro-calma operation keeps you on task, and also prevents drawing any unwanted or unnecessary attention to the fact that you’re keeping active. Without a doubt one of the best pedal exercisers available!


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