Las Mejores Alternativas De Curvatura De La Pierna – Cómo Mantenerse Libre De Lesiones

Las mejores alternativas para el rizo de la pierna – Cómo mantenerse libre de lesiones

Working the hamstrings is essential for athletic movement and dexterity. But isolating the hamstrings by using a seated or lying leg machine in the gym is a terrible idea.

Here we are going to show you some leg curl alternatives before your hamstrings snap on you!

You have probably performed a regular leg curl at the gym countless times. Perhaps you’ve sat using your phone or watching the TV while pumping out dozens of reps.

Pronto descubrirá que son una completa pérdida de tiempo.

Sigue leyendo.

¿Los rizos de las piernas son malos para ti?

Yes. Next time when you perform a seated leg curl on a machine, ask yourself “when have I ever used my legs this way in real life?”

La respuesta es, nunca.

Además, aislar la articulación de esta manera es un boleto de ida a la lesión.

Luckily, you have options. We have put together a handy guide to show you alternatives to this crazy exercise.

Pero antes de entrar en ello, hay algunas cosas extra que debes saber.

close up view gym seated leg extension machineclose up view gym seated leg extension machine

¿Para qué sirve un rizo de pierna?

When running, jumping, skiing or lifting the function of the hamstrings is to extend the hips.

The lower back, hamstrings and glutes form something called the posterior chain, and they like to work together. Conditioning in this area will improve posture, increase lower body strength and balance.

To train this area effectively, you need to perform most leg curl exercises with your foot placed firmly on the ground and not dangling in the air as you have seen in the gym on the machines.

¿Cómo protejo los tendones de la corva?

By doing functional training, you can expand and contract your muscles in the same way they are intended to be used in real-life.

For instance, your hamstrings don’t work in isolation, they work in tandem with your glutes in nearly every kind of movement. Train them together for increased stability and that will far less likely cause injury.

If you undertake eccentric and isometric strengthening of the legs, you will be able to lengthen the legs and hold the movement more effectively.

young woman working out in gymyoung woman working out in gym

Las mejores alternativas de curvatura de piernas para el entrenamiento en casa y el gimnasio

All of these exercises require minimal equipment and can be performed comfortably at home.

However, there are some fantastic options on the market if you’re considering purchasing a home gym. Check out our guide on the best all in one home gyms.

El Deadlift de piernas rígidas

One of the most popular alternatives is the stiff-legged deadlift. It incorporates the lower back and glutes; areas you just can’t train using a leg curl machine.

This exercise takes some practice to get right, so give yourself a chance by using a manageable weight in the beginning.


  • Par de tontos.


  • Coloque las mancuernas en el suelo en paralelo a los dedos de los pies.
  • Piernas separadas a lo ancho de los hombros.
  • Bend over at the hips. Reach for the dumbells and keep the back flat. Don’t arch the back.
  • Slightly bend at the knees. It’s important to be comfortable. Don’t lock out the knees but don’t bend them too much either, as this will defeat the purpose of the exercise.
  • Use the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings to lift the weight and try to keep the dumbells as close to the shins as possible.
  • Apriete los glúteos en la parte superior.
  • La clave es bajar lentamente el peso hacia el suelo y hacer una pausa en la parte inferior.

el jamón glúteo eleva

More often than not, people get hamstring injuries because they are trying to compensate for weak glutes. Perform this exercise to strengthen the posterior chain.


  • Pelota de ejercicio.
  • Alfombra de ejercicio.


  • Ponga la pelota de ejercicio delante de usted a unos 3 pies (1 metro) de distancia.
  • Arrodíllate en la alfombra.
  • Anclen sus pies con un banco.
  • Lentamente inclínese hacia adelante sobre la pelota y permita que ruede con usted.
  • Apriete los glúteos y tire hacia arriba por los tendones de la corva sin usar los brazos para ayudar.

There are alternatives to this exercise which can provide additional benefits. Check out our guide on glute-ham raise alternatives.

Patadas de burro

The purpose of this exercise is to warm up the backside to encourage and increase hip flexion as we know this is a critical component in the posterior chain.

As well as warming up the glutes, this exercise will isometrically train the hamstring.


  • Ninguno.


  • Con las manos y las rodillas, mantenga su columna vertebral en una posición neutral. No arquee la parte baja de la espalda.
  • Raise your leg into the air behind you until your body is parallel with the ground. Do not raise your thigh higher than your torso as this will compress the spine.
  • Maintain a bent knee at all times while performing the exercise as this is key to holding the tension.
  • Intente concentrarse en los movimientos lentos y aislar las nalgas.

Sentadilla dividida búlgara

The Bulgarian split squat is a single-leg exercise and is quite possibly the best leg exercise there is for total leg strength, functionality and athleticism.

It’s a challenging exercise to master, but once you have, it will become a staple of your daily routine.


  • Mancuernas.
  • El banco.


  • Prepare el seguimiento de la rodilla correctamente colocando una pierna en la parte trasera de un banco.
  • Keep the back straight and ensure that when you bend the knee, you are descending correctly by using the entire quad muscle.
  • Descend straight down and do not shift your weight over the knee as this will create stress on the tendon of the knee.
  • At the bottom of the exercise, the thigh should be parallel to the ground, and the back should be tight and straight.
  • Do not push back on the return upwards. People tend to drive away from the foot. Focus on keeping the knee exactly where it is. That action will invite the use of the hip and not the knee.
  • Practice without weight and then gradually increase it. Ensuring you have full balance and control throughout the exercise.

Ejercitar el rizo del tendón de la corva de la pelota

The hip extension leg curl is an excellent exercise because it trains both functions of this muscle group: knee flexion and hip extension.


  • Pelota de ejercicio.


  • Coloque sus talones en la pelota.
  • Aprieta los abdominales, aprieta los glúteos y tira de los hombros hacia el suelo.
  • Pull the belly button upwards to perform the posterior pelvic tilt and raise the torso from the ground. Avoid hyperextension of the lower back.
  • Mantenga la altura de la extensión de la cadera y tire de los talones hacia las nalgas.
  • You can make this exercise easier or harder, depending on the positioning of the arms.
  • Put your arms out to the side to provide extra stability in the core. That will make the exercise easier.
  • Retire los brazos del suelo, y esto tendrá el efecto contrario.

Extensión de cadera de una sola pierna

A fantastic bodyweight exercise to train the hamstrings and glutes, the single-leg hip extension can be either a warm-up movement or intense training exercise.


  • Ninguno.


  • Acuéstese en el suelo con los pies apoyados en el suelo y separados a la anchura de los hombros.
  • Dobla las rodillas y acerca los pies a la parte inferior.
  • Fuerza los hombros hacia el suelo con los brazos a los lados.
  • Sujetad el núcleo y levantad una pierna.
  • Pull the belly button upwards and raise the torso from the ground. Avoid hyperextension of the lower back.
  • Aprieta las nalgas.

Rizo excéntrico de una sola pierna deslizante

This exercise is one of the best activities you can do when trying to avoid injuries and strains. It’s a bodyweight resistance exercise and can be performed anywhere.

This exercise is also called the slick floor bridge curl and bodyweight hamstring curl.


  • Algo que ayude a tus pies a deslizarse por el suelo.


  • Place your feet flat on the discs to minimize friction between your feet and the floor.
  • Pull the belly button upwards to perform the posterior pelvic tilt and raise the torso from the ground. Avoid hyperextension of the lower back.
  • Aplasten los abdominales y levanten una pierna hacia el pecho. Empuje sus hombros hacia el suelo.
  • Lentamente extiende tu pierna completamente. Mantén el núcleo y los glúteos apretados.
  • Suelta el ejercicio e intercambia las piernas.
  • To make the exercise more challenging, you can also perform the reverse of the exercise by pulling the leg in under tension and changing legs at the start position.

However, if you do have access to the gym, there are many variations of this exercise like standing cable leg curls. Check out our guide on cable crossover alternatives if you want to know more.

Columpios Kettlebell

The key here is to focus on the squeeze of the buttocks, and the momentum felt throughout the whole posterior chain. It’s a very versatile exercise and can also work the core and improve conditioning.


  • Campana o mancuerna.


  • Stand shoulder width with the kettlebell in between your legs. Just like picking up any weight, ensure you bend at the knees and not the lower back.
  • Balancea el peso apretando las nalgas y empujando hacia afuera a través del núcleo.
  • Raise the weight to about eye level and let gravity return the kettlebell between the legs. Always maintain a neutral spine.
  • Each time the kettlebell is in between the legs, you need to push through the core and legs to keep the momentum flowing.
  • The power comes from the legs so ensure you aren’t relying on the arms and don’t hold on too tightly to the kettlebell.

Buenos días

A good exercise for the lower back which incorporates the hamstrings. It’s a useful alternative to the leg curl machine.


  • Barra de peso.


  • When performing this exercise, it is essential not to choose too heavy a weight. The glutes and lower back can be notoriously weak for a beginner. To begin with, select an appropriate weight, to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Planta tus pies a lo ancho de los hombros.
  • Place the bar over your shoulder and rest it across the trap area just like you would with a regular squat exercise.
  • Bend over at the hip while keeping the knees bent slightly. That will activate the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings.
  • Flexiona las caderas en un movimiento de inclinación, y evita doblar las piernas en cuclillas.
  • No rodees la columna vertebral. Mantén el núcleo contraído y la espalda recta.
  • Intenta que el núcleo esté paralelo al suelo.

Desaceleración de los columpios de piernas

This exercise will give a good burn throughout the entire posterior chain. The hips will flex, and you will get a good hamstring stretch.

Este ejercicio aumentará la estabilidad y la flexibilidad.


  • Banda de resistencia.


  • Enganche la banda de resistencia alrededor de un punto de anclaje seguro.
  • Ponga un pie dentro de la banda.
  • Inicialmente, tu pierna levantada debe estar paralela al suelo.
  • Tira tu pie hacia el suelo y lucha contra la resistencia de la banda.
  • On the return part of the exercise, it’s crucial to decelerate to prolong the time your muscles spend under tension.
  • Mantén los glúteos activados e intenta quedarte lo más quieto posible para mejorar la estabilidad.
  • Eventualmente, podrás ver mejoras en tu flexibilidad.

Palabras finales

No te recomiendo que te vuelvas loco y uses todos estos ejercicios en una sola rutina.

Comienza sin peso y acumula hasta llegar a esos días de piernas grandes.

However, if you’re a seasoned athlete, you can really push yourself on all of these exercises to give yourself that perfect workout.

Todos estos ejercicios fomentan los movimientos naturales del cuerpo y no aíslan las articulaciones débiles.

It’s always essential to train in the direction your body is naturally trying to move in. If you fight against it, things will break.

Diviértete. Mantente a salvo.

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