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Best Mini SteppersBest Mini Steppers

Using the best mini stepper can offer a great workout without taking up a lot of space in your home. A mini stepper machine can also come with a lot of additional options that can make your workout unique.

While mini steppers have been around for a long time it is only recently they have become more popular as people have realized that they can be used while sitting – some models, anyway – und you can still burn calories while sitting at a desk at work.

The only question is; which one is best for you? That’s where this guide is going to help you out.

Beste Mini-Stepper

  Xiser Kommerzieller Mini-StairMaster Gold’s Gym Mini-Stepper jfit Mini-Ellipsen-Stepper
Gewichtskapazität: 400 Pfund 250 Pfund 250 Pfund
LCD-Monitor: Nein Ja: misst Zeit, verbrannte Kalorien und Schrittzahl Nein
Lenker: Nein Nein Nein
Gewicht: 13,5 Pfund 12 Pfund 4 Pfund

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Mini Steppers For 2020

  1. Xiser Kommerzieller Mini-StairMaster
  2. jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical / Stepper
  3. Ausdauer in Bewegung Ellipsentrainer
  4. Gold’s Gym Mini-Stepper
  5. Waggon TECH-Drehgelenk-Ministepper 
  6. Sonnige Gesundheit & Fitness Twister Stepper
  7. Ausdauer-Spacemate Klappstepper

Our reviews of the top rated mini steppers with our Vergleichstabelle und Leitfaden für Käufer to steppers will help you choose the right one for you.


#1 Xiser Kommerzieller Mini Stairmaster-Rückblick

Xiser Commercial Mini StairmasterXiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

The Xiser Kommerzieller Mini-StairMaster is great for High Intensity Training, or HIT, und that makes it perfect for training for the fitness trends like crossfit und tabata .

Using the mini stepper can even help you get a better night’s sleep und make sure you are getting proper sleep hygiene.

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In fact, regular use of a stepper exercise machine such as this can improve memory, posture, und metabolism as well as improve your physical und mental health.

I found that when I really pushed this machine, it was able to keep up with me und I felt completely stable on it. You’re meant to go fast, und do that high intensity training so you get your heart pumping und that is exactly what I was able to do.

The textured grips on the steps really helped my trainers grip so I didn’t feel as if I was going to slide off while I was pushing the speed.

This mini stepper may not look like much but it is a quality-made piece of machinery that is made in the USA. I think the Xiser is the best stepper exercise machine.


Xiser Commercial Mini Stairaster auf einen Blick :

  • Gewicht Kapazität : 400 Pfund
  • Falzen : Yes
  • Fitness-Anzeige : Nein
  • Stepper-Gewicht : 13.5 Pfund

#2  jfit Under Desk Mini-Elliptical Stepper

jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Stepperjfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Stepper

The great thing about this jfit portable stepper is that you can use it sitting down with it under a desk – comfortably – or you can use it standing up because you can adjust the angle at which the pedals sit.

I tried it both ways und was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to use both ways und also as to how easy it was to switch from one to the other.

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Its easy to move around since it has handles to carry it from one place to another, und if you have to slide it out from under the desk, it has wheels! How awesome is that!

You can burn up to 300 calories just by sitting down at a desk, or even on your couch while watching TV or talking on the phone. I don’t think I’ve ever burned 300 calories so easily in my life, und that is really, really amazing!


jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Stepper auf einen Blick :

  • Gewicht Kapazität : 250 Pfund
  • Falzen : Nein
  • Fitness-Anzeige : Yes
  • Stepper-Gewicht 32 Pfund

#3 Ausdauer in Bewegung Ellipsentrainer Rückblick

The Stamina In-Motion is another mini stepper that can be used either sitting or standing. Of course, if you use it standing you burn a lot more calories, und I found that I did so quite easily by adjusting the tension knob.

Even with the tension quite high it was very quiet so I was able to listen to my music at my desk und I was able to hear the TV. I tried it while standing at the TV with the tension up und it was still fairly quiet.

The monitor screen tracks your progress so you can keep an eye on how well you are doing with your workout.

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While it didn’t track everything that the Sunny machine did, it still did a very good job at giving me the information I needed.

I loved the fact that I could pedal either forward or backward on this machine. When going in reverse, you use different muscle groups und I definitely felt that when I used this feature.

Video: See the Stamina mini stepper/elliptical in action.

Stamina® InMotion® Compact Elliptical Trainer w/ Upper Body Cords.mp4

Stamina® InMotion® Compact Elliptical Trainer w/ Upper Body Cords.mp4
Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen

Oh, und it also comes in three different colors! You can get it in the traditional black, or you can choose lime green or bright orange. Show off your personality und make it fun to work out!


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