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best running glovesbest running gloves

When it comes to running in weather that’s a bit more chilly, the hands are probably the last thing we consider. We always wear a hat to cover our head und ears, und the rest of our body is no question – except our hands!

Sure, you could opt for a jacket with the holes for your thumbs, but that’s nothing in comparison to wearing a pair of the best running gloves.

Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie könnten Ihre Finger tatsächlich fühlen und gleichzeitig Ihren Lauf genießen!

Beste Laufhandschuhe für Frauen

  TrailHeads Laufhandschuhe Warme Cevapro-Handschuhe für den Winter Unter Panzerung Kaltlaufhandschuhe
Werkstoff: Polatrec Pro Gewebe Vlies / TPU Zweischicht-Synthetisch
Touchscreen-kompatibel: Ja Ja Ja
Wasserdicht: Nein Ja Nein
Isoliert: Ja Ja Nein

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Schnelle Antwort: Die 7 besten Frauenlaufhandschuhe für 2020

  1. TrailHeads Laufhandschuhe für Frauen
  2. Warme Cevapro-Handschuhe für den Winter
  3. Under Armour Women’s Coldgear Run Liner Handschuhe
  4. Strapazierfähige Touchscreen-Laufhandschuhe für den Außenbereich
  5. Pearl iZUMi – Ride Women’s Thermal Conductive Handschuhe
  6. Saucony-Neinmaden-Laufhandschuh
  7. Finger Ten 3M Winterwarme Sportlaufhandschuhe

Wir haben die am besten bewerteten Laufhandschuhe überprüft, gefolgt von einem Vergleichstabelle und Einkaufsführer um Ihnen bei der Entscheidung für ein Paar Handschuhe zu helfen, das für Sie am besten geeignet ist.

Testberichte zu Laufhandschuhen

#1 TrailHeads Laufhandschuhe für Frauen

TrailHeads’ Power Stretch Women’s Touchscreen Laufhandschuhe sind der perfekte Begleiter beim Laufen, wenn die Temperaturen zu sinken beginnen.

They feature a wind-resistant outer layer, with a luxurious, moisture-wicking inner layer. This not only ensures your hands stay warm, but that they never get sweaty und muggy.

Sie sind nicht ideal für den Schnee, aber sie sind großartig an windigen, kühlen Tagen, an denen die Haut an den Händen trocknen und rissig werden kann.

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Combining both trendiness with functionality, you’ll love pairing these not only with your running outfits but any kind of clothes. The power stretch gloves are made to conform to the shape of your hands.

Being lightweight und flexible, you won’t have an issue grasping things like your water bottle or smartphone. Silicone palm grips in a snowflake pattern not only look adorable but improve dexterity.

As you could probably tell by the name of the model, it is touch compatible, allowing you to browse on your phone without having to remove your gloves.

The technology is in the tips of both the thumbs und forefingers of both gloves. Made of polyester, nylon, und Lycra, it’s stretchy, durable, und comfortable all in one.

Sie sind unsere Wahl für die besten Damenlaufhandschuhe und bieten eine lebenslange Garantie!


TrailHeads Laufhandschuhe auf einen Blick :

  • Werkstoff: Polatrec Power Stretch Pro Gewebe
  • Wasserdicht: Nein
  • Kompatibel berühren: Ja
  • Isoliert: Ja
  • Garantiert: Lebenszeit

#2 Warme Cevapro-Handschuhe für den Winter

The Warme Cevapro-Handschuhe für den Winter are yet another pair that we love for all weather conditions, but particularly in very low temperatures und snow.

They may be a bit too warm for you in the early fall/late spring seasons, but they’re definitely not going to leave you with frozen digits! The gloves are filled with thick, double-layered fleece.

Neint only does it provide a soft, warm place to keep your hands, but it wicks moisture away to keep your hands nice und dry. Despite being so thick, they have a great amount of breathability!

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The exterior is both water-resistant und windproof, thanks to the waterproof TPU that will keep your hands warm und dry even in snow or light rain.

The elastic wrist cuff also works to keep the cold wind und wetness out. The conductive fabric on the index finger und thumb makes it so you can even use these with your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, und much more.

As they are so thick, we were a bit worried about how flexible they’d be. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the superior dexterity they offered, making them perfect for grabbing onto things like the handlebars of a bike, a smartphone, or car keys.

They feature small silicone particles on the palm to firmly grip, making them the best winter running gloves, but good for climbing, driving, riding, und more.


Warme Cevapro-Winterhandschuhe auf einen Blick :

  • Werkstoff: Doppel-Vlies/TPU
  • Wasserdicht: Ja
  • Kompatibel berühren: Ja
  • Isoliert: Ja
  • Garantie: Garantie: k. A.

#3 Under Armour Women’s Coldgear Infrarot-Laufhandschuhe

Under Armour Women's Coldgear Infrared Run Liner GlovesUnder Armour Women's Coldgear Infrared Run Liner Gloves

Under Armour is unarguably one of the most well-known sportswear brands in the world. Known for keeping athletes warm, comfortable, und looking good, their Coldgear Infrared Run Liner Gloves are no exception.

Coming in either Black/Silver or True Heather Grey/Silver, both are stunning to look at, while still quite functional. The dual-layer fabric features a super warm, brushed interior which works to keep your hands warm und soft.

The ColdGear Infrared technology utilizes a supple, thermo-conductive coating that absorbs your body heat, und retains it so that there’s no chance of the heat escaping.

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If you’re worried about staying connected with these gloves on, don’t. The Tech Touch print on the thumbs und index fingers let you easily use touch screen devices, such as your smartphone or tablet without having to even remove them.

Spitz zulaufende Handgelenke bieten zusätzlichen Schutz vor den Elementen, halten Wind und Regen ab und sorgen für einen guten Sitz.

Reflective logos und taping makes sure you’re visible in any kind of lighting, the Cold Gear’s are our choice for the best lightweight winter gloves!


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