Beste Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Für Ketogene Ernährung & Top 9 Reviews 2021

Beste Ergänzungen für ketogene Ernährung & TOP 9 Keto-Ergänzungsberichte 2020

Seien wir realistisch.

Pretty much everyone wants to get fit and healthy. Including me of course!

Some friends want it the gradual way, some are really into getting fast results by buying whatever seems necessary to them.

And of course, there are those who adhere to the Ketogenic diet and therefore are seeking the best keto supplements.

Aber hey!

Suchen Sie nicht weiter, denn genau dieser Artikel ist das, was Sie gesucht haben.

I swear that you’ll get the most out of your ketogenic diet by just having a glimpse of my favorite TOP 9 Ketogenic supplements that’s been giving me all of this vigorous and vibrant individuality for the past few years.



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Keto BHB-Salzzusatz
Perfekte Ergänzung zu Keto exogenen Ketonen
Keto treiben exogenen Leistungskomplex an

Sie glauben nicht daran?

Also, fangen wir damit an!

But first! Let’s try to show a little compassion for those who don’t have the slightest knowledge at all about the subject.

Was ist ketogene Ernährung – ein kleiner Rückblick

For lazy readers, it is a diet that aims to promote the metabolic formation of ketone bodies by making the body utilize fat instead of carbs as its main source of energy.

ketogenic food pyramidketogenic food pyramid

In layman’s term, it is simply a diet that doesn’t involve consuming a large amount of carbs in order to engage your body into a state called “ketosis.”

In fact, there’s close to none complications but full of benefits when you are doing the Ketogenic diet.

Einige Vorteile der ketogenen Diät

  • Minimizes your appetite, therefore making you eat less, particularly cheat meals, and lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Verstärkt die geistige Konzentration.
  • Lowers blood Triglycerides to avoid any risk factor for heart disease while increasing levels of Good Cholesterol.
  • Reduces blood sugar and insulin levels, therefore, making you less prone to type 2 Diabetes.
  • Ihr Blutdruck neigt dazu, zu sinken.
  • A very effective treatment for metabolic syndromes (such as obesity, high blood pressure).
  • Einige therapeutische Vorteile für verschiedene Hirnerkrankungen haben.
  • And for those who are acne conscious, getting into a ketogenic diet is actually good.
  • You might be surprised, but this diet is very good as an anti-aging method.
  • Verbessert die Ausdauer.

Das ist eine Menge, oder?

But there’s actually more, though that’s not really necessary at the moment since apparently they aren’t proven yet.

keto dietketo diet

Tauchen wir tiefer.

Nun, das ist nur ein Überblick für Anfänger.

Jetzt, why are we actually tackling the best supplements for keto diet in this article?

So sieht’s aus.

Ketose ” ist überhaupt nicht gesund.


Yup, perhaps you are already convinced that ketogenic diet is healthy as damn due to tons of articles about keto-diet being healthy or whatsoever.


Try to think of it, ketogenic is something like “starving” yourself by not eating the right and balanced amount of carbs, right?

You starve yourself, and you think that’s the very essence of a ketogenic diet.

You starve yourself (because you’re thinking that it’s healthy because it is KETO!), and you just eat all the cheese and other food that fills you after a long period of starvation.

Zum Teufel, wenn Sie Recht haben!

Und auf diese Weise würden Sie gottverdammte Ergebnisse und Vorteile erzielen!

Yes, that’s the reason why we are talking about the best supplements for ketogenic diet in this very article.

Jetzt wollen wir mehr herausfinden.

Oh, aber zuerst!

Was müssen Sie vor dem Kauf von Keto-Zusätzen beachten?

Well, if you want to buy the best ketone supplement, first you must see if those particular products have the best keto supplement reviews in the market.

And take note; make sure that those reviews are authentic and verified. Otherwise, you’ll be buying crap.

Keine Sorge, ich zeige Ihnen mein ketogenes Nahrungsergänzungsmittel aus der Vergangenheit ( eigentlich nehme ich bis jetzt einige ), dass ich seine Wirksamkeit bezeugen konnte.

Secondly, you might want to analyze the quality of the supplement you are planning to buy.

Aber wie?

Since ketogenic supplements have the majority ingredient of animal proteins, make sure that you pick those supplements that are free of rBGH (it’s a growth hormone) since they might pose some health risks.

In this business, it is always better to be precautious. Actually no, you must “be” in every particular decision.

Deshalb müssen Sie die Qualität dessen, was Sie kaufen, analysieren.

For instance, just simply observing if the front label of a protein supplement whether it is 100% organic or natural or keto-friendly could make a big difference on picking if it’s either a genuine or bogus product.



  • Soja-Zutaten, weil sie hochgradig verarbeitet sind.
  • Künstliche Süßstoffe.
  • Dairy containing hormones; It is always better to seek hormone-free dairy products.

To sum it up just embed these two things in your mind before buying keto-supplements:

  • Authentische und verifizierte Überprüfung
  • Die Informationen (z.B. Inhaltsstoffe) des Produkts

Oh, but before I forget, do you want to know the most powerful method of verifying a keto-supplement for its effectiveness and authenticity (obviously, the price is given)?

Fragen Sie einfach Ihre Freunde oder vertrauenswürdigen Kollegen nach ihrer Meinung.

I tell you, it’s a fun way of getting that best keto supplements on the market!

Jetzt, we are near my top 9 all-time favorite keto-supplements. But before that!

Sie müssen wissen, was besser ist, Keto-Pillen oder Pulver?

Oh well, let’s not make things complicated here, after all, what matters here is your preference and taste.

If you feel like you are getting more out of pills, then stick to it. If not, get the powder supplement.

Just remember that what’s crucial here is that you know what you are buying. Always keep in mind what I told you earlier.

  • Holen Sie sich das authentische und verifizierte Produkt.
  • And use your common sense by reading the products’ content (such as the ingredients used).

Lassen Sie uns zum Punkt kommen.

TOP 9 All-time Favoriten Keto-Beilage mit Rückblicken 2020

KetoSports KetoForce Nahrungsergänzungsmittel


  • You can feel this particular product working promptly. In fact, I can feel my body devouring its own fat!
  • The taste is definitely an acquired taste and I highly recommend drinking it with an acidic drink such as lemon with water.
  • In the past, I’ve had an impossible time getting into ketosis and guess what? This product just worked wonders for me!
  • And if you happen to be fasting, this stuff will absolutely give you great energy while on your program.


  • Schnelle Ergebnisse.
  • Hilft, die Energie beim Fasten zu erhöhen.
  • Natürlicher Stoffwechsel-Booster.
  • Verbessert die ganztägige Leistung, auch wenn sie hungrig ist.
  • Es ist gut, den Hunger zu unterdrücken.
  • Empfohlen für diejenigen, die gerade mit der Keto-Diät beginnen.


  • Natürlicher Geschmack ist ziemlich hart.

Zum Mitnehmen

KETO FAST – Exogener Keton-Zusatz


  • I have wondered about Keto products from the past for a long time, but when I saw this product at such a great price I decided to give it a go. And I have to say that it has really got me going!
  • It has curbed my appetite and sweet cravings. I usually mix it with water and ice, then drink it. Normally, I prefer the lemon-lime flavor.
  • The powder is very fine and mixes with ease. Overall, it helps me stay in ketosis and lose a significant amount of weight. Very awesome!


  • Ein feines Pulver, das sich gut vermischt.
  • Toller Preis.
  • Großartig beim Abnehmen.
  • Ausgezeichnetes Sicherheitsprofil.
  • Natürlicher Stoffwechsel-Booster.
  • Verbessert den Schlaf.
  • Kann den Hunger sehr gut unterdrücken.


  • Manchen mag sein Geschmack nicht gefallen.

Zum Mitnehmen

Sometimes you just never know what products are going to taste like, but I am certain that you’d happily take this one especially for the price!

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel für Sheer KETONES BHB-Salze


  • Dieses Produkt funktioniert genauso wie beschrieben, wenn ein Keto-Diät-Programm durchgeführt wird.
  • I used this product in combination with intermittent fasting on a keto-diet and the weight I had slowly obtained after the previous months came off quickly!
  • In addition, the taste is quite pleasant and it tastes just as good mixed in 16 oz. of water as it does in 6 oz. water.
  • Drinking this in the morning seemed to help curb my appetite as well. It provides a lot of fuel to give you a high energy, focus, and fat burnings!


  • Angenehmer Geschmack.
  • Sie liefern eine ausreichende Menge an Energie und Konzentration.
  • Hilft bei Entzündungen.
  • Leicht zu mischen.
  • Es ist ganz natürlich und glutenfrei.
  • Stimmungsaufheller.


  • Für manche Menschen zu säuerlich im Geschmack.

Zum Mitnehmen

With this product in your hands, you are essentially buying BHB in its purest form, in other words, it will be absorbed rapidly into your bloodstream, promoting a quicker state of ketosis.

Keto BHB-Salz-Ergänzung mit goBHB


  • The flavor actually tastes like real lemonade. It doesn’t have any particular weird salty aftertaste just like with the other brands. In addition, the taste doesn’t linger at all.
  • It fit right into my diet with no carbs and no caffeine. It mixes very easily and it dissolves very well.
  • Meiner Meinung nach ist dies eine der besten Nahrungsergänzungen für die Keto-Diät.
  • I drink it before working out and I just feel like a new person. My energy levels go up and I have a burst of energy every time I drink this.
  • It really seems to help me focus on my workout and toward meeting my goals.
  • If I could just rate this product, I would give it an A+++ mark! Very satisfied!


  • Toller Geschmack.
  • Bringt Sie leicht wieder in Ketose.
  • Erhöhtes Energieniveau, auch wenn gefastet wird.
  • Schneller Gewichtsverlust.
  • Geistige Klarheit.
  • Reduziert signifikant die Entzündung.
  • Unterdrückt Hunger.
  • Ankurbelung des Stoffwechsels.


  • Ziemlich teuer.

Zum Mitnehmen

Its flavoring is made up of entirely natural ingredients, making it a great option for those looking to steer completely clear of anything that is not organic.

Keto Drive Exogener Keton-Leistungskomplex


  • This tastes incredibly great! Easily mixes with anything you like, and makes a great combo with MCT powder for a pre or post workout drink.
  • It has certainly helped me in my first week of full keto. I am taking it simply to aid me to get over the carb flu and hump of ditching sugars, and so far it works wonders.
  • I definitely dropped cravings and felt great. No heart burn, slept well, and stick to my programs.
  • Overall, excellent results and the weight and other measurements are particularly dropping. It is also one of my best supplements for ketogenic diet.


  • Bringt Ihren Stoffwechsel in Schwung.
  • Kein schlechter Geschmack.
  • Funktioniert nach meinen eigenen Erfahrungen sehr gut.
  • Erschwinglich.
  • Wirksam für intensive Trainingseinheiten.
  • Verbessert das Energieniveau.
  • Unterdrückt wirksam den Hunger.
  • Hilft bei der Konzentration.


  • Hält aufgrund der empfohlenen Portionsgröße nicht so lange.

Zum Mitnehmen

It is very advisable to take this before you participate in any kind of physical activity as it possesses enormous effects.

Lebensverlängerung Magnesium Vegetarische Kapseln


  • If you didn’t know, this supplement is a top-notch in terms of magnesium supplement in quality and most likely the best for aiding ketogenic diet.
  • I really love this one. My leg cramps went away permitting me to stretch further.
  • It’s just a very good supplement. I could feel its effect just after consistently taking it within a week.
  • It is aiding me a lot on my ketogenic diet due to the magnesium benefits on my overall health. I highly recommend this for those who are seeking the best magnesium supplement for keto.


  • Erstklassiges Produkt und vertrauenswürdige Marke.
  • Fördert guten Schlaf.
  • Verhindert Muskelkrämpfe.
  • Hilft, einen besseren Stoffwechsel zu haben.
  • Verbessert die Konzentration.
  • Erschwinglich.
  • Wirkt auf die Entzündung.
  • Unverzichtbar für die kardiovaskuläre Gesundheit.


  • Aufgrund des Schlafeffekts nicht empfehlenswert für diejenigen, die sehr aktiv sind.

Zum Mitnehmen

It is vital for our bodies to maintain balanced magnesium levels to help us relax the muscles especially when we are on the state of ketosis.

Jetzt Flohsamenschalen-Kapseln


  • Excellent for bowels and wonderful to keep snacking at bay so you don’t overload on unnecessary calories and undo your exercise programs.
  • In addition, you drink more water too and it significantly lowers bad cholesterol which is really good when you are doing keto.
  • I really like the price and it is good that I can avoid sugar by taking this supplement.
  • As the sole recommended fiber supplement in this article, obviously, this is the best fiber supplement for keto, in my opinion.
  • Well, I’m just glad that I bought them, I take them twice a day around lunch and dinner, but not really on breakfast since I don’t want it to inhibit absorption rate of my morning vitamins.


  • Fördert einen gesunden Stuhlgang.
  • Behandelt Verstopfung.
  • Natürlich löslich.
  • Erschwinglich.
  • Fördert den guten Stoffwechsel.
  • Hilft Ihnen, sich satt zu fühlen.
  • Verbessert die gastrointestinale Gesundheit.
  • Fördert einen gesunden Stuhlgang.


  • Die Einnahme von etwa 3 Tabletten jeden Morgen ist ziemlich hart.

Zum Mitnehmen

When it comes to any extra supplements, carbs are normally the main issue for keto dieters.

At only 1.3g per serving, we would feel confident in saying that this product will not interfere with our keto-diet at all.

Evolution Nutrition Omega-3-Fischöl


  • This product is one great deal! This one doesn’t leave you feeling awkward after burping.
  • Well, on the serious note, it is obviously one of the most recommended fish oil for ketogenic diet since it is made from a prominent company that sells quality fish oil.
  • It offers you various benefits when you are doing keto at a very affordable price.
  • In addition, it will certainly give you a lot of flexibility such as in my case on where I can effectively do my work out programs without really worrying about any risk that ketosis could bring upon me.
  • Overall, this is the sole fish oil supplement that I would recommend for your ketogenic diet.


  • Gut für Ihr Herz.
  • Verbessert Ihr Sehvermögen.
  • Sehr ideal für die Gesundheit der Gelenke.
  • Sehr gut für den Stoffwechsel.
  • Erschwinglich.
  • Hergestellt von einem bekannten Unternehmen.


  • Enthält ein winziges bisschen Quecksilber.

Zum Mitnehmen

If you are seeking a fish oil but avoid it because of weird burp taste, then this product is best for you!

Perfekte Ergänzung zu Keto exogenen Ketonen


  • This is the best tasting keto-supplement for me! It raises my ketone levels fast and isn’t extra gross like the other products that I’ve used.
  • I put this in my coffee with cream to cut the sweetness a little. Well, I like black coffee.
  • I keep to a little carb keto diet with frequent activity. And guess what, I find myself not hungry in the morning until late afternoon by taking this up.
  • I get almost a month per container and surprisingly lost nearly 50 pounds over the past 4 and half months.
  • Overall, I just wish it was a little cheaper in a larger size for an affordable serving cost. But besides the cost, this product is perfect!


  • Kein merkwürdiger Geschmack.
  • Vermischt sich sehr gut.
  • Fördert den Stoffwechsel in hohem Maße.
  • Erheblich erhöhte Ketonwerte.
  • Unterdrückt den Hunger sehr gut.
  • Hergestellt von einem bekannten Unternehmen.
  • Sehr bequem.


  • Ziemlich teuer im Verhältnis zu seiner Serviergröße.

Zum Mitnehmen

If you want a taste-friendly keto-supplement and want to quit carbs for a healthier diet, this product is just for you because it offers various benefits with great tasting experience compared to other keto-supplements out there.

Meine Abschiedsworte

Well, if you aren’t still convinced with the reviews that I wrote about the products that are personally chosen and used by me based on my ketogenic program and experience, then I don’t know what to do anymore.

Perhaps, I’ll bet a thousand bucks to show how confident I am with their performance and quality.

Es könnte sein, dass Ihnen die Worte, die Sie hier verwenden, nicht helfen, Ihr Ziel zu erreichen.

Aber lassen Sie mich Ihnen Folgendes sagen.

Just try picking one of my favorite recommended supplements for keto diet, and you’ll see for certain what I’m trying to imply.

Look no further, because what you’re seeking is right before your very own eyes!


If you have any concern or particular interests in the article about choosing the best keto supplements and my keto supplement reviews, please feel free to leave a comment and we will surely try to response ASAP!

Also, you might want to subscribe to additional updates especially about the discussion on this article.

Lassen Sie uns Spaß am Austausch von Ideen und Erfahrungen haben. Profist!

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