How Many Common Gym Lingo Phrases Do You Know?

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Common Gym Lingo

The day has come. You’ve mentally prepared yourself to start going to the gym (better late than never, huh?). You’re feeling kinda nervous and apprehensive as you’ve never been before, and don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of that expensive personal trainer you hired. You know you should swat up on the gym lingo common phrases, but you run out of time.

You know why physical fitness is important, but in the past, you’ve always hated places like the gym. They are so full of fitness freaks that look like they’ve got their s**t together! But have they? Anyhow, you’ve decided that today is going to be different. The start of a new fitness chapter in your life.

Determination to succeed
Determination to succeed

Gym Talk – Common Gym Lingo

As you step inside that intimidating gym full of exercise machines that seem to want to stretch your body in every angle, you start hearing the dreaded gym lingo. To a newbie, it sounds like a foreign language! And, to make matters worse, your instructor is speaking this mumbo jumbo language too!

Help to the rescue!! 

Fitness Tip:

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to ‘Common Gym Lingo’. Make sure to swat up on the terminology before you go. Voila! You now sound like one of those dedicated fitness freaks too!!

Gym Lingo Common phrases - Learn the phrases
Learn the phrases

Gym Slang Meaning

Whether you are a gym newbie, or just fancy freshening up your terminology. This beginners guide will make sense of all that gym talk.

Get in the know!

Light bulb moment
Light bulb moment

Gym Words List

Terminology that you need to know:

1. What is a ‘rep’?

This term is often mixed up with ‘sets’ (below). The word ‘rep‘ stands for repetition. When someone says “do 12 reps”, they are asking you to repeat the specific exercise 12 times i.e. 12 x dumbbell squats.

2. What is a ‘set’?

It is common for the word ‘sets’ and ‘reps’ to get mixed up by gym newbies, because they are used so closely together in the fitness world. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to remember!

Basically, when someone says “do 3 sets of that exercise” they are simply asking you to repeat your total number of repetitions, 3 times.

Example of a Set:

If you did 15 x kettlebell squats, then took a 30 second rest, then did a further 15 x kettlebell squats, rested, then did another 15 kettlebell squats, that would be 3 sets of one exercise.

3. What is HiiT cardio?

HiiT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

This form of exercise has become increasingly popular in recent years. Popularity has likely developed because HiiT workouts take far less time, than moderate workout sessions. They are also thought to burn fat faster, and get people fitter, faster.

In a HiiT session, the individual is required to have short periods of intensive exercise, where they give their maximum effort and energy, and their heart level is raised. This is followed by a short rest period of approximately 30 seconds, before the next blast of high intensity workout starts.

Example of HiiT

An example of a HiiT exercise would be do as many burpees as you possibly can in 1 minute. Give this exercise your maximum effort. Rest for 30 seconds. Then do another 1 minute of burpees as quickly as you can. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat. (Don’t forget to grab an exercise mat, to workout on first).

HiiT Workouts
Gym Lingo Common Phrases – HiiT

4. What Is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “a type of physical training in which you do a series of different exercises, each for a few minutes“. 

This form of training is very fast paced. The length of each exercise can vary from just 30 seconds, all the way up to 5 minutes. Users are not required to complete a certain number of reps, but instead to just do the exercise as many times as possible within the time slot given.

Benefits of circuit training are that it can be adapted to the individuals needs and abilities. For instance, if you are a newbie then you can lift lighter weights, or set your fitness deck on a lower setting.

Example of Circuit Training

Don’t forget to grab your exercise mat:

Exercise - Gym Lingo Common Phrases - Lunging

5. What Is DOMS?

This lingo sounds more obscure, but isn’t as baffling as it looks!

DOMS stands for “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”. This is basically the muscle stiffness and discomfort that is sometimes felt by people after a workout. It usually occurs if they have pushed their body more than usual, or simply haven’t exercised in a while. Muscle soreness can develop a few hours after the exercise, but is common between 1-3 days after exercise.

Example of DOMS

Weightlifting: Have you been trying to develop bigger muscles?  If so, it is likely that you have increased the weight of your dumbbells or kettlebells. Increasing your weights will place more strain on your muscles, initially. Depending upon the weight you picked, this may result in mild DOMS after the exercise is completed.

Kettlebell Lift
Kettlebell Lift

6. What Is BMI?

Otherwise known as Body Mass Index

This is where a person’s body weight (in kilograms) is divided by their height (in meters), squared. The BMI figure achieved is used to establish if an individual’s weight is healthy, or not.

A really easy way to check your BMI is healthy, is to use a set of Kamtron Bluetooth Body Fat BMI Scales. These scales are amazing. They operate as a normal set of scales, and can also calculate your BMI within seconds. In addition, they also come with a useful mobile app to track your weight and body statistics.

10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout In Winter
10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout In Winter

7. What Are Free Weights?

If you hear people talking about “Free Weights“, they are simply referring to using workout equipment that is not connected to a machine or cable. When working with free weights, the resistance comes from a dumbbell, barbell, or any other free moving object.

Free weight exercises can be practised as part of home workouts, or gym workouts.

Examples of Free Weights

  1. Hexa Rubber Dumbbells or JLL Neoprene Lined Dumbbells
  2. Poiron Barbells and Poiron Plates
  3. DKN Vinyl Kettlebells
  4. Body Rip Medicine Slam Ball (Filled with sand. No Bounce)
KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 15 Minute Workout - Dumbbell Weightlifting
Dumbbell Weightlifting

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