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Most healthy women strive to achieve a flat or flatter stomach (check out our abs workout for women at home). The image of a flat stomach, wrongly or rightly, has always been associated with words like “healthy”, “fit”, “in-shape”, “toned” and “sexy”. The pressure for women in today’s society to have the desired flat stomach , has always been strong.  When you hear females talk, especially those that have had children and seen their bodies change after childbirth, the common conversation theme seems to be that a flat stomach is the ultimate achievement. I’ve literally lost count of the number of drastic diet plans I’ve heard women undertaking to achieve the flat stomach status.

So …. should women really be as concerned about having their shapely bodies? Is it imperative that they exercise and diet to the point that their six pack abs show? Personally, I don’t think it is. In my opinion, society should reset its psychological goals. Instead of rewarding and celebrating females for achieving a size zero (US) or size 8 dress size (UK). Instead, why not promote the sexy desired goal to be fit, healthy and happy? If you are fit, healthy and happy, then, in my opinion you are already living the dream! This is a far healthier mindset to live by.

But what if you still cannot escape your desires for a flat stomach? You are not alone!

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout - Develop Abs

Check out my simple and quick Abs workout below, to discover a quick way to achieve the more defined abs and flatter stomach you crave…..

Watch my short video on how to perform the 30 second plank abs workout.

What are the benefits of the Plank Abs Workout?

Below are six reasons you should start performing a 30 second plank everyday. If you are not certain why you should follow my abs workout for women at home routine, keep reading!
1. Flat Stomach: Performing the 30 Second Plank Abs Workout everyday will strengthen your abdominal muscles. If you dream of developing abs and a dreamy flat stomach then the 30 Second Plank needs to be your ‘go to abs workout’ as it is an important part of developing your core body muscles. Planks are an amazing exercise for core strengthening as they engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
 Abs Workout For Women At Home: How to do a 30 second plank

2. Back Support: The 30 Second Plank Abs Workout will help strengthen your core abs muscles, which in turn helps support your spinal column and back. This helps to decrease the risk of injury to your back and spinal column.

3. Increased Movement: The 30 Second Plank Abs Workout helps to strengthen your core muscles (which are a series of muscles in your midsection). When you strengthen your core muscles, this helps you  move and exercise more, since without realising it you already use your core muscles in many forms of movement during daily life.
4. Mood Booster: Plank Abs Workout help to improve an individual’s overall mood! They have been proven to calm your brain and can help treat anxiety, and symptoms of depression if you perform the plank ab exercises on a daily basis. The reason for this is that the plank ab exercises stretch out muscle groups that contribute to tension and stress in your body.
5. Increased Flexibility: The benefits just keep coming! If you regularly perform plank abs workout on a daily basis then this fitness routine will help stretch your hamstrings, toes and arches of your feet, whilst also expanding and stretching all your posterior muscle groups e.g. your collarbone, shoulders and shoulder blades.
6. Improved Balance and Posture: Ab exercises are a great way to improve your balance because they strengthen your body’s core muscles, that support you. As your posture improves from this exercise, your joints and bones will also be in a more healthy condition. Improved posture helps decrease back pain too.

This simple abs workout for women at home routine will strengthen your ABS!

Dream of having a flat stomach? Six pack abs? or simply a flatter stomach?

Make your desire a reality!

Did you know that by performing the 30 second plank abs workout everyday will strengthen your core body muscles? No? … Well now you do! Strong inner core muscles are a key part of what makes a stomach flatter, as strong core muscles help to hold your stomach in tightly.

So how do we strengthen our core muscles? It’s time to learn how to complete a 30 second plank abs workout!

What equipment do you need to perform the 30 second plank abs workout?

Step 1: Buy a great quality yoga mat so you can complete your abs workout in comfort.

Have you read my Health Fad Challenge post? … It’s called Perform a 30 second plank everyday, for 30 days. If you have, then you already know I’m in love with my brand new Extra Thick TechFit Yoga Mat! It comes with handy carry straps and is 180x60cm. This yoga mat is the perfect size, even if you are taller than most. It has a non slip coating and is useful for so many more things than just performing 30 second plank ab exercises – it would also be great for camping, aerobics, pilates etc.

Here’s a picture of my fab yoga mat:

Abs Workout For Women At Home: 30 Second Plank Pose

If you do not have a yoga mat to practice your 30 second plank abs workout on then don’t worry, you can still complete the exercise without one. However, if you prefer to exercise in comfort (lets be fair, our bodies and bones are not getting any younger!! haha) then click here to purchase your mat straight away, and start your journey of achieving firmer, flatter stomach ab muscles 🙂

Step 2: Complete the plank abs workout everyday!

It only takes 30 seconds a day to perform the plank exercise. What could be easier?!

Still not certain how to perform a 30 Second Plank Abs Workout?

Watch my SHORT VIDEO: How to Perform a 30 Second Plank Abs Workout

Give these ab workouts for women at home a go. Let me know how you get on!

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