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Katrina Stewardson, Online Fitness Coach and founder of  KGS Health and Fitness. This fitness blog has been featured in ‘It’s All You Boo’. Click here to see article.

Welcome to the KGS Health and Fitness website. Here’s your chance to find out ‘More About Katrina’! If you have a question, drop me a comment at the bottom.

Before we start, I just want to say that I’m crazily chuffed you found my health and fitness blog, as I honestly thought no one would ever read my posts!

If you’ve already had a little read of my website, you will see that the main areas of discussion include the following:

Now we’ve covered that, I will start …

What did I want to be, as a kid?

Well, I never thought I would end up being an online fitness coach, that’s for sure! haha.

I used to dream of transforming other people’s lives, for the better. How though? I just didn’t know!

The first thing I hope you learn from my ‘More About Katrina …’ page, is that I consider this website as my chance to achieve the dream I had as a child. This Health and Fitness Blog is my attempt to make a positive difference in other individuals lives. I’ve barely started, yet I already feel crazily excited about helping others live a healthier life! Achieving this goal is very important to me.

So, if my website helps make a positive difference to you (even a little bit), I’ve achieved my goal!

Why did I start a Online Fitness Trainer Blog?

KGS Health and Fitness - Healthy Food | Fitness Routines | Health Information - Logo

Health and Fitness are my passions in life.

I entered the Health and Fitness blogging world by complete chance though. Wow, what an adventure it has been! It was only meant to be a sideline business to stretch my mind, yet somehow it has transformed into a full time job that I am excited to work on each day.

It wasn’t always this way though …

Before having our two amazing children (Zachary, 7 and Aimee, 5) I had a conventional career. I spent many years working my way up the corporate ladder, yet constantly felt stressed by the corporate politics. Corporate companies aren’t interested in their employees (well, that was my personal experience anyhow). I’m sure there are people that have had great experiences, but for me personally, I was treated like a small fish in a big pot of fishes! The Corporate World wanted its targets hit and financial goals achieved, at any cost. I’m quite a sensitive individual, so felt like a lost soul inside an immense enterprise!

Zachary was born …

When my son Zachary was born I honestly didn’t realise my career had ended! I loved being a full time mummy, yet knew I still wanted a career. Due to various reasons it became clear my career had ended. This was sad time for me, yet strangely a relief too. The Corporate World was just too stressful. My husband and I were very fortunate, as we could choose what I should do next. I decided Zachary was more important than my career at this stage of his life, so opted to stay a full time mummy.

Initially …

I struggled with the culture shock of not working again. Having always been financially independent meant it took some time for me to adapt to being truly dependent on my husband. Somehow (without me really noticing), the weeks turned into months, then years. I had a second baby, and literally woke up one day and realised I had spent six years out of the Corporate World raising our two kids!!

Geez, that sounds pretty long when you write it down!

So, what changed? …

I love looking after my family, but my brain had become babified!! 

Six years off work is a pretty long time. At this point something in my head changed. I felt desperate to start challenging my brain again. I needed to be more in life than just “Mummy”. It became important to me that our kids saw me working hard to achieve my own goals too. I didn’t want our kids thinking only daddy financially provided for us.

That was the moment when KGS Health and Fitness was born.

8 things about Katrina

1. Quirky and crazy!

I’m really quirky and crazy!!

I do not pretend to be something I am not. My madness tends to show itself more at home though (my comfort zone). It is not uncommon for me to burst into crazy made up songs. Nor is it a surprise when I do silly dances in front of the kids in an attempt to encourage them to eat some more food!

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - 8 things about Katrina

2. My families massive!

I am mummy to two amazing children, Zachary (6 years old), Aimee (4 years old). I always thought I would have three kids in total, but my husband Charles already had two older kids when I met him (Ben, 18 and Fin, 16). Even I had to agree five kids was too much!!

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Katrina Stewardson's Healthy Kids

3. I married my soulmate

We didn’t meet each other when we were young (I was 28, he was 41). When we finally met though, it was like a whirlwind adventure where I played the princess role! Everything seemed to just ‘click’ and our relationship developed very fast. I knew he was the one for me straight away.

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Katrina and Charles Stewardson - small

Relationships used to be exhausting! …

Every relationship that I was in, before I met Charles, felt exhausting! I kept picking the wrong guys, and they all had these odd relationship rules! I was so bored of the game playing. Here are three examples:

    1. One boyfriend told me we couldn’t get engaged until we had lived together for two years.
    2. Another boyfriend said we had to date for two years before we could live together? 
    3. Or, my particular favourite: “I am busy all week long and can only see you for two hours each Saturday morning (in-between football and cricket club times), as I always see my mates on Saturday night after cricket”A two hour a week relationship? … Wow, thanks!

4. I like to get my own way!

I’m not spoilt, though my husband may say I am as he’s spent many years spoiling me!

I like to get my own way. Maybe that is because I am the youngest of four kids? Or, maybe I just like everything to be perfectly organised and controlled in life as it reduces my stress levels. Who knows!

Anyhow, as long as I’m getting my own way things are just fine!! hehe.

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Katrina Stewardson's health and fitness passion

5. BA Honours Degree in Sociology and Politics

OMG!! I look so young in my graduation picture:

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Katrina's graduation - small

I achieved a 2:1 BA Honours in Major Sociology and Minor Politics, at the University Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

It was a great course. Looking back, my degrees sole purpose has been to open career doors at a higher level. So, rather than starting my Procurement career at 16 years old, I basically skipped 6 years of working by simply showing my university qualification!

I am very proud to be MCIPS Chartered in Purchasing and Supply. I completed the course whilst working full time, so things were crazy busy for a few years. The qualification was worth the effort though, as it helped me get taken seriously within the Procurement industry.

6. Emergency surgery at 2 years old

I was a very poorly little girl and cannot thank my mum enough for fighting for me. She is the reason I survived.

I got sick. I hadn’t eaten properly for weeks. Despite this, my doctor wouldn’t take my mums repeated concerns seriously when she tried to get help for me. Thankfully, she didn’t take no for an answer. She rushed me straight to hospital, and within minutes the hospital had me prepped for emergency surgery. The surgeon told my parents I only had 4 hours left to live if they didn’t operate straight away, so into the operating theatre I went. I can’t even comprehend how my parents must have felt hearing those words.

I do not know the official name, but basically my bowels were twisted? They were pushing into each other and I needed to have a large amount of my intestines removed (I do not recommend this as a weight loss strategy!!). The surgeons also removed my appendix whilst they were fixing me, despite there not being anything wrong with it!! They wanted to remove any possible future issues. That was a real 2 for the price of 1 offer!!

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Katrina Stewardson's Health and Fitness Journey

7. I love to decorate my home

One of the first things I do when I buy a house, is start decorating it. For me, it is important to put my own stamp on a property, so it feels like my home.

I simply love the Dulux ‘Enchanted Eden’ green accent wall I painted in our playroom. We live in the countryside, so I wanted to bring the green colours that surrounded us, into our home. 

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Birth of Zachary - small

8. I’ve had two C-Sections

I’m not “too posh to push”!

In an ideal world I would have had a water birth. Unfortunately the doctors said I was too high risk for that method of labour. During my first labour I was induced multiple times at 37 weeks pregnant because Zachary was losing weight inside me. My placenta had stopped providing our baby with essential healthy nutrients from my body. Our baby was basically getting smaller and smaller inside me, so the doctors wanted to get him out quickly.

Inducing me multiple times distressed Zachary, so I had an emergency C-Section.

He weighed just 4lb 12 ounces!! He was the most gorgeous little baby I had ever seen.

KGS Health and Fitness - About Me - Birth of Zachary - small

During my second pregnancy, I was told my baby was at risk if I had a normal vaginal birth. Doctors warned that my first c-section scar may tear open whilst I was gave birth naturally. I was horrified! My odds of a successful vaginal birth were 75% – pretty good odds I guess, but not high enough for me! Within the 25% failure rate there was a 6% chance the failure would be FATAL. I literally did not need to hear another word, the word “FATAL” made me immediately opt for a second c-section.

I booked the c-section, yet Aimee was always going to be Little Miss Independent! Instead of avoiding labour pains, Aimee decided to come out on the morning of my c-section.

About Me - Birth of Aimee

Two c-sections meant for two long recovery sessions, and a big scar across my belly.  Can you spot my scars in my Fitness Videos and Pictures? No? That’s because I found an amazing product that helps to reduce scar appearance!

Scar Reduction Miracle

The miracle cure for reducing my scar lines was Bio oil. Without it, I really don’t believe my scars would be so faint.

Bio Oil is amazing!

When I first fell pregnant I purchased a Bio-Oil 200ml bottle. The trick was to use this all over my body on a daily basis to limit the dreaded stretch marks. At first I was skeptical, but then I discovered that Bio Oil really does work. I can honestly say that I barely have any stretch marks now, which is amazing! As you can imagine, I got through a lot of bottles! After a few months use I started buying twin packs of Bio-Oil, to save money. If I had known how well Bio Oil worked, I would have just started purchased twin packs of 200ml Bio Oil from the start!


Pregnancy Vitamins …

Another great pregnancy healthcare product I used was Pregnacare Original, 90 Tablets. I would recommend Pregnacare Original Tablets to all pregnant ladies, whether in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Pregnacare Original Tablets are amazing because they are “Packed full of the nutrients and vitamins your baby needs to grow”. Another great alternative are the Pregnacare Max Omega 3 Pregnancy Tablets as they offer even more nutrients to your growing baby. Finally, Pregnacare Vitabiotics Plus, 60 Tablets include Omega 3, and can be purchased in packs of 3 to save money.



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