30 Minute Fat Burning Workout That Changed My Life!

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout - Burn fat fast!

Give our 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home a go, and start watching your fat burn away fast! You will be surprised how effective a 30 minute exercise routine can be at blasting calories, and speeding up your metabolism. Keep the routine up, and you will not only build lean muscle, but will also feel fitter, stronger, and healthier too.

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Do I need home workout equipment?

Our 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home Routine has been designed to require limited home gym equipment. It is up to you, to decide how hard you wish to make your workout! The benefit of including weights within your daily workout, is that you are pushing your body harder, thus burning more calories and building leaner body muscle.

If you do not have the mat, dumbbell or kettlebell seen in the video, you can still complete the exercises, without them. As you progress on your fitness journey, you may wish to purchase the equipment to give your body a more intense workout.

Equipment used in video

  1. Dumbbells – Ergonomic neoprene hand weights that are soft, durable and easy to grip.
  2. Techfit Yoga Mat – This non-slip eco friendly yoga mat is extra thick, and comes with carry straps.
  3. Kettlebells – Buy a kettlebell with an easy grip handle, and a neoprene covering.

30 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home: Instructions

Burn fat fast with our 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home!

Click here to watch the video

(See a demonstration of the 30 Minute Fat Burning Workout At Home)

Or, follow the workout routine instructions below.

How many sets you can complete within 30 minutes? Aim to do 3 sets of each exercise:

Ab Workout – Leg lift, with dumbbells: 15 reps

Lie on your back, with your arms fully extended. You should do the following actions, at the same time:

  1. Lift your legs up as high up as you can, ideally pointing up to the ceiling
  2. Hold the dumbbell tightly, and lift your arms up towards your legs.

This exercise helps to develop your lower abs.

Rest – 2 Minutes


KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout - Develop Abs

Leg Cycle: 1 Minute

Lay on your back. Lift your legs up, and pretend you are cycling a bike. Cycle your legs for one minute without stopping.

Rest – 1 Minute

Scissor Legs: 30 Seconds 

Lay on your back. Lift both legs off the floor slightly. Lift your right leg slightly higher than your left leg, then swap your legs over by lifting your left leg higher than your right leg. Keep your legs close to the floor as you do this, and do not let your legs or feet touch the floor. Alternate your legs as quickly as you can for 30 seconds.

Rest – 1 Minute


Reverse Press Up, with Leg Scissor: 15 reps

Lay flat on your back with your hands down by your sides. Make sure you have your palms facing the floor. Lift both your legs into the air, then open and close your legs like a set of scissors. Pull your legs towards you, and then lift them above your hips, pushing your legs towards the ceiling. As you do this, lift your hips off the floor.

Rest – 2 Minutes

Kettlebell Hip Push Up: 15 reps

Lie on your back. Rest a kettlebell, or dumbbell on your groin region. Make sure you the weight in place to ensure that it does not fall off you during the exercise. Lift your weighted hips up to the ceiling, then relax. Repeat.

Rest – 1 Minute

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout

Sit-Ups: 15 reps

Lie on your back, with your hands touching your head. Complete a sit-up, whereby you sit-up and twist to the right  Lay back down. Sit up, and twist to the left, then lay back down. 15 Reps.

Rest – 2 Minutes

KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout - Burn Fat Fast

Push Up: 10 reps

The push up can be done anywhere, and is a great way to build upper body, and core strength.

  1. Get on the floor, on all fours.
  2. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  3. Stretch your legs out, and balance on your hands and toes. Your feet should be together.
  4. Keep your entire body rigid, so that your body is in a straight line from head to toe. Do not arch your back, or sag your belly.
  5. Slowly bend your elbows, and lower yourself down towards the ground under your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  6. Carefully push your body back up so that your arms are straight.

Rest – 1 Minute

Plank Taps: 15 reps

Perform a plank. Carefully lift one of your hands, and tap your shoulder/chest. Put your hand down, and then repeat with the other hand.

Rest – 1 Minute

Please note:

If you are new to weightlifting, use the lighter 2kg weights only. Gradually increase the weight sizes you are lifting, according to your needs. Never lift weights that are beyond your level of fitness and strength. Improper use of weights, or lifting weights beyond your ability level can be very dangerous. You may cause yourself serious damage.

The exercises shown in the video are harder than they look, so:

  • Don’t rush: It is not a race! It takes months to build strength, core muscles, and stamina.
  • Warm up: Make sure you warm up before starting this 30 minute fat burning workout at home routine. Follow our easy 4 minute warm up routine.
  • Healthcare Provider: Check with your healthcare provider first, that the workout routine is suitable for you.
  • Positive Mind: Keep a positive mind, and do not be disheartened if at first the exercises seem impossible. It takes time to build core strength and lean muscle.
KGS Health and Fitness - Fitness Routines - 30 Minute Workout Routine - Dumbbell
KGS Health and Fitness – Fitness Routines – 30 Minute Workout Routine – Dumbbell

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